We will get free communication era

By Melissa Rose,2015-10-12 04:20
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We will get free communication era

    We will get free communication era

    Forgive me for fake zhao director of the film title, actually I meant to have a chat, as a young man, I have experienced or are experiencing the contact form.

    Three times, changed the lives of young Chinese

    As an after 80, a young man once, I feel significant three communication times, respectively is the era of letters, telephone era, network communication era.You may wish to follow my memory simple review:

    Letters: too slow risks for life

    I still remember a thing about letters, junior high school, girls love your neighbor, during the summer vacation, miss nothing wrote a love

    letter to her, but because the post office efficiency is too low, her reply until after the summer vacation.

    As a result, I tragedy.My letter opened by parents saw, was found to early love is then beating a meal, also forced to cut off the emotions and thoughts.

    Up to now I still can't let go, if it is now, literally, in a way of contact, won't make my puppy love die young.

    Phone: phone chat is too expensive

    Then, in college, computers and mobile phones are popular.But I keep in touch with long distance girlfriend the most commonly used is text, followed by a call.Because the mobile phone is too expensive, at that time in order to make a phone call to a phone booth in front of the queue.

    Even if the rows for a long time, finally, because love money but as a prick silk students also dare not too open to chat, is often a few words of greeting each other in a hurry to hang out.The only time, to talk about a time over the weekend, then go to Internet cafes to chat QQ.

    If it is in now, can chat at any time, where have so many acacia.

    The Internet age: want to just chat anytime and anywhere

    Later, graduated from university, the Internet is more and more developed, especially the advent of the era of 3 g, we walk together into the mobile Internet era.With the help of mobile IM tool, such as mobile phone QQ can basically achieve chat anytime and anywhere.

    Especially recently launched a new mobile phone QQ function: voice calls.In the case of WIFI, through the mobile phone QQ can call their own QQ friends free, also can use 3 g network environment, only need to spend a little traffic fees, probably in a three or four cents per minute.

    For young people, this feeling is more wonderful.This means that the time has come for a free instant voice calls.

    In the future, we will how to communication?

    There is little doubt that upgrading of communication technologies will continue changing the way young people's lives.1 g era, we can hear each other;2 g era, we can use words, pictures, voice communication, 3 g era, audio video real-time communication has become a reality.

    But not too far in the future, 00 after 10 even after the young people, life will have what kind of communication?The author dared anticipation:

    A, immediacy

    The realization of the function of mobile phone QQ voice calls, perhaps will release im conversations, including students, young group of demand, because QQ friends relationship almost include all the acquaintance of the young people, call them little rummaging through the address book, you just need to log in mobile phone QQ.

    I may as well assert that in the future, open the QQ on the phone may become a kind of popular young people's way of life.In fact, in some countries, such as South Korea, Japan, anytime, anywhere to voice and video instant communication is implemented.

    Second, the terminal

    In the future, people's communication is no longer limited on the phone, call terminal may be more broad.

    In more advanced under the network environment, a variety of intelligent devices can be an instant communication tool.Not use mobile phones.PAD, smart watches, smart hand ring, smart TV...Even the intelligent glasses, can be used for instant communication, can be used to make a phone call.

    Third, beyond the limits

    Communication technology is still in progress, next to the age of 4 g, 5 g, we as if there is no limit of modern communication technology, whether in exotic locales, Mars or the moon, with more and more developed communication technology, we can through mobile phones or other equipment installed the IM chat software intelligent Internet access, to achieve real-time voice and video chat.

    In the future, the communication between people may no longer limited to time and space, will be more breakthroughs in our imagination.

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