Chemical astronomers nu group of Star Wars it is not scientific

By Beatrice Bennett,2015-10-12 03:54
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Chemical astronomers nu group of Star Wars it is not scientific

    Chemical astronomers nu group of Star Wars: it is not


    In the movie "Star Wars: the force awakening at the release of some chemist and astronomers released a video on the Internet, to the science behind this series of movies and fiction props for" things ".These scientists do not pay attention to the script and the special effects, but the death star, the original force field and laser sword, their conclusion is: this series of film is not scientific "fantasy".

    Published in the American chemical society in this video, the chemist Rachel 'stressed that the Star Wars series there are a number of key technology in the movie are unable to realize.On the death star, for example, to destroy the planet laser cannons, her power, is likely to destroy the planet ord before melt death star itself.

    At present on earth laser appeared in Japan, the most powerful strength up to 2 watts.Even if the volume of oda blue planet only half of the earth, but the death star still need one quadrillion times the strength of the laser can destroy them."So, when all the energy produced, usually also can produce a large amount of heat. This heat is enough at the time of death star laser to melt," 'said, "the death star laser has a more serious problem, remember it open together eight laser code? Light not. Each beam of light through one another, according to its own direction."

    The principle of laser is amplified by the gas or crystal of light, the use of electric or chemical reaction to "activate" light on energy.'also pointed out that the laser sword is also faced with the heating problem.A physicist, said such signature weapon is more likely to be used in jedi with plasma system, rather than using a laser beam.

    "Their sword with plasma system into, this is the fourth state of matter. Increase the heat can make the solid into a liquid, liquid into a gas, the gas can be converted to plasma," 'said, "if you continue to heat the gas, it obtained enough energy, some electronic will from atoms, forming an ion - known as the plasma cloud. Because is electrically charged ions (electronic) and, therefore, plasma can be controlled electric magnetic force."

    However, Harvard University and MIT physicists discovered recently that they photons can be fixed together, which we can look forward to one day might be able to create real "sword".

    According to the laws of physics, the Star Wars films in the spacecraft shield, there are some scientific problems.However, 'said scientists have achieved many breakthroughs in the field.Boeing, for example, has achieved a technology's vision of a patent, the content is made using a laser plasma, to resist shock wave produced by explosion.Despite the shock wave may not be able to prevent the collision of object, but also can cause almost equally serious damage.

    Some critics pointed out that the film is easier to be found in the hole, such as Han Solo (Han Solo) in describing the falcon one thousand a how fast the speed of operation, the misuse of the term "parsecs".Second gap is a distance, rather than the unit of time, 1 second gap is equivalent to 3.26 light years away.

    In the Star Wars: episode 1, "also appeared a new form of life.This fictional microbial life is present in all living cells, without them, life can't exist ".

    The series of films, also appeared a lot of the elements of violation of the laws of physics.A group of astronomy at the university of California, Berkeley student when watching movies, found many scientifically inaccurate.Space shuttle, for instance, when hit by laser appear to fall, and the effect of no gravity in space, the spacecraft should be along the impact direction forward, rather than falling like a stone.In addition, the falcon one thousand and other ships in the movie use of superluminal cannot achieve.Although in star trek, qu engine attempts to use general relativity to curved spacetime, but superluminal would need to enter another dimension.

    At the university of California, Santa Barbara, an astrophysicist at Andy howell also pointed out that the "Star Wars" early in the film the iconic asteroid belt chase scene appeared unlikely.In fact, the asteroid belt should be much more scattered, unless the asteroid is formed in the process of the planet.

    Of course, there are some aspects of the film is possible.Astronomers have discovered the planets that move around two stars, this with Luke skywalker's home planet - tatooine is similar.TIE fighters use double ion engine is also possible, currently on NASA's dawn spacecraft have used the ion thruster.However, the propeller thrust than fiction in the movie is still a far cry from what engine.

    Dr Howell said he hopes the "Star Wars: the force awakening can have new

    breakthrough in the application of science and technology."Science fiction fans know something much more than before. This part is the" Star Wars "own reason," he said, "I still want to see part of fantastic - I want to see something crazy - but I hope these things can be explained by our existing knowledge."

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