About the house, five super lies

By Kathryn Sims,2015-10-11 23:35
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About the house, five super lies

    About the house, five super lies

    More than a decade, house is China's largest business.China's house, it is one of the largest thing in the world.

    In crazy prices rising period, China's property market to drive the global surge in commodity prices, then Australia a iron mine workers, annual income can reach millions of RMB.So the economy resource exporters, currency appreciation.China's economy is also realized in the property market, driven by high under the base of high growth, created a miracle in the world.

    But when the Chinese real estate turning points, plus $interest rates, commodity prices, shipping price is falling, not only the resource countries than it, the whole world economic growth.

    Because of China's property market is extremely important, enormous benefit, therefore also controversial.Some widespread, actually reflects the house brings to the Chinese "class divisions", "split".

    These claims are unleashing a lot of people, but it's outright lies.You indulge, will only make yourself more thoroughly abandoned by train of the era.

    1, not just a house, and poetry and distant

    This is gao an article title, to be honest, very provocative, also very widespread.But unfortunately, the consequences of this sentence is enough to "kill".Gao princeling, is a celebrity, fans are economic support, and the United States green card is said to have family villa, so people are not afraid of no house.

    Let me tell you about Chinese history most qualified to talk about "poetry and the distance of four people.They are li bai, bai juyi, su shi and xin qiji.Li bai's idea about gao, he can be called "the first person of poetry and the distance" in China, express industry, roaming the world all his life, but often check-in dignitaries villas, luxury, such as hua qing dynasty palace), incidentally also had two former prime ministers inserted down the door granddaughter's husband.Young adults age rich life, but later from yelang returned from exile, poor, no fixed abode, finally die in relative Li Yangbing home.Soon after his death, his children in poverty, and doesn't even have a chance to receive education.A grandson, missing two granddaughter married to farmers.

    Bai juyi and xin qiji is to have a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, this two poets has always attached great importance to economic income, bai juyi poetry often bask in payroll.East in seclusion luoyang, home in the heart of the city (ludaoli), there is a huge garden,

    there is a lake, all day with these songs JiHangZhou FanSu, small pretty lakes.His mansion if now in the same location in Beijing, Shanghai, lane is bad to worth billions of its location, area is roughly equivalent to Beijing dongdan park).Zhu xi has been to xin qiji shangrao a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, its luxury buildings, glaring "private art ensemble", and then in a letter to a friend.He also hinted, xin qiji alleged use of soldiers to smuggle military material profit (zhu xi had seized by xin qiji suspected of smuggling).

    The poet su shi is the broad-minded, but somebody else has also been has a strong sense of buying property.To his for the first time, they look around the house, watch.The famous "don't listen to wear a Lin and Ye Sheng, what YinXiao and crawl" (storm), written in him to buy a farm land on the way.Later on, buy have evidence in yixing, jiangsu province.And third during the second time, has built the record of the house.In huizhou since the building is located in Bai Heling, it is quite spacious.

    As for du fu, tao yuanming, although often fall into poverty, but most of the time have their own fields and houses.Otherwise, where his YuanJu?

    Therefore, the conflict between poetry and the distance with the house without any money.On the contrary, feed the horses don't have a

    house where you are chopping wood?Where is spring?Even the haizi said "I have a house," even though he really didn't have.

    In China, no house, all the youth and love is like the dew on a lotus leaf, evaporation, a trace at any time.

    2, N years later to buy a house, 10 years (20 years)

    This is a few years ago a slogan, widely circulated on the Internet.Time is the best referee, we have not refute it.

    Why are China's house kept up?Because our broad money M2 growth, remained in twice GDP.In recent three years gap down, also faster than GDP by 5%.In 2009, the year M2 rose by 27.7%, is three times that of GDP.What is the meaning of this?Inflation is!

    In my article analyzed many times, over the past 10 years is the "age of printing money," money than pushing urbanization run.Buy a house wealth growth quickly, he will buy a second, the third house.No social class down to buy a house, abandoned by time.

    Now the country estate appeared inflection point, is preparing to switch into the "printing stock age".But that doesn't mean no inflation, real inflation rate is still far higher than the developed countries.Due to the lack of credit, financial assets (stocks, P2P, trust and fund) risk in

    China is huge.Therefore, in the city with a population growth, house prices still rising.First-tier cities and some second-tier cities, its central area of the residence will be increasingly asset-like, become the national people's investment.If you live in a city like, just need to, or want to buy a house.

    , of course, the population loss region of small and medium-sized cities, prices it is difficult to run than inflation, because the house of excess.

    3 and when to sell fry

    This is a slogan of popular this year.Estimated that up to now, a lot of retail investors have been at a loss.If he lives in first-tier cities, really sell fry, jump off a building heart all have now.

    In my previous article analyzed, China is about to enter "printing stock age", the Chinese asset allocation will be reversed, house proportion will decline.But the premise is to reform to be successful, really establish a market economy, rule of law society.For ordinary people, otherwise, the house is still the safest assets.

    If you want to sell to buy stocks, to sell the house should be suburbs, new district, it is difficult to rent, live in a house.Buy "shares" not fired high in the secondary market shares, but the equity of primitive.Of

    course, the equity risk is very big also.One thousand such entrepreneurial enterprises go bankrupt?

    4, B city, A city work

    Live in dongguan, shenzhen work;Live in suzhou, Shanghai;Langfang living and working in Beijing.A lot of real estate agent to sketch this blueprint for us.They also tell you, save the house prices, enough to buy two cars.But they didn't tell you, what is the overhead costs of two cars, how much do you value in the way the cost of youth, when property prices, A town house is how far more than in the city of B.

    Under normal circumstances, we still don't do such a choice.Because your life will become very mess, and the long commuting time, will make you like living in hell.

    5, the property tax will significantly reduce prices

    This is a popular view in the last two years, those who hold this view, their subconscious is: the government wanted to destroy the property market at any time, destruction of the original price system.So, they're basically the childish, no brain.

    Any government will not against property, the property market is not only a majority of the population of assets, or assets in the whole

society.As the collateral for bank loans, mostly land and

    houses.Destroyed house prices, is destroyed the financial system, is dead.No government will be stupid enough to this level.On the contrary, they need real estate boom, and then in the process stability of taxes.

    Today, the majority of small and medium-sized cities of the government, the biggest wish is more than the people buy a house.In some places in tax breaks, and even to give subsidies.So, the future real estate tax must be gentle taxes.But the tax rate of first-tier cities may be slightly higher.The United States, Britain would have a property tax, New York, Los Angeles to fresh record highs, London house prices are not kept?


    Readers often have to consult with me to buy a house.For just need, my answer is always: of course, want to buy, if economic conditions allow, this weekend will go to buy!

    Two or three years, you may buy expensive.But 10 years, 20 years later, you will find this price difference don't have much meaning.The key question is, did you buy.

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