Developers should to Microsoft Windows Phone to say goodbye

By Russell Hayes,2015-10-11 22:49
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Developers should to Microsoft Windows Phone to say goodbye

    Developers should to Microsoft Windows Phone to say goodbye

    The global mobile Internet presents the high speed development, in terms of its most basic platform architecture, basic is apple's ios and Google (weibo) android parallel world.We don't lack of innovators, with Microsoft's Windows phone (WP) and BlackBerry BlackBerry OS brings new competition.Mobile Internet revolution all over the world in the platform are formed on the ecology, brings us the convenience of life and habits change, also give practitioners open huge gold mine and infinite possibility.

    It is for the sake of the mobile Internet platform layout, nokia as early as in 2011 decided to exclude choosing Android, WP as preferred the company of intelligent mobile phone system.For more than 2 years, now the global handset market share has been close to 80% WP platform by

    nokia.Nokia has a moratorium on the basic earnings decline implementation.

    Today, however until we feel about nokia is still like a company only sell hardware.WP platform is disconnected with other ecological market performance: their own applications, always cold rice keeps Microsoft;Popular application developers, always delay on the sidelines or forced maintenance;Have bought WP platform terminal users, there is demand is not met.It gradually progressive to a platform ecological serious bottlenecks.We can't control the development of ecological and exists, but it can from problem identification, thinking and judging.I think this is the time.

    Identification: WP fragmented market performance

    According to market research firm Gartner data, in terms of sales in the first quarter of 2013 global mobile terminals, apple's iOS accounted for 18.2%, Google Android was 74.4%, Microsoft WP market share accounted for only 2.9%.As of June, according to the company nokia shipments has more than 27 million units, China's domestic WP terminal equipment total was $7.2 million, so far still is to keep the growth of small and medium-sized market.

    APP, according to Microsoft, according to official figures now WP stores more than 140000 applications, WP average user downloads to 55.In these applications, there is also a us and European market and

    Asian market application development to the different differences: popular applications in the us and Europe market, Asian market popular application updates and lag;The widespread lack of quality applications.Microsoft and nokia has said, you also need to give them some more time.Terminal sales, nokia use high low open terminal marketing strategy: more flagship lumia1020, more affordable price of WP product into the market.Microsoft in order to solve the developer enthusiasm, improve the Windows kernel makes it easy to application development, for doing and developers incentives WP add millions of dollars.

    Here you can find a bipolar contradiction: WP terminal equipment sales, application market but it is by no means to keep up with.Microsoft and nokia this pair of good partners divided obviously, although nokia said repeatedly to select the WP is the right way, but today I think nokia WP front more for their own brand and user overdraft, in exchange for today's market situation.This blocked, samsung and HTC in WP end development planning their development system before the same - the global trend of mobile Internet platform truth, WP behind Microsoft seems to be left behind.

    Thinking: not enough marketization, WP stuck in a dilemma

    Said the basis of WP left behind from the reality to see, you just open a WP application comments section, you will find disaffection:

    developers anticipation profit difficult after product launch, so will be whether can get Microsoft development incentive as the first condition, which caused a lot of popular market application, design defects, and even delay loss;Application of the user experience, poor, WP try paid apps users less and less, waiting for the update.If the former is worried about its energies earnings may, after the latter is pay for sin.From this point, compared with apple's app store and android market WP platform ecological is relatively poor, and shows the tendency of

    deterioration.The problem is who?Or, after the data representation, who has the responsibility to solve these problems?

    I think the problem may be more at Microsoft: for each brand terminal using WP platform, compared with the previous platform, really have the operation experience of obvious difference.But on the mobile end on the open market, WP almost useless except for XBOX

    game.Importantly, WP and nokia will take photos, maps, these important plate firmly grasp in his own hands, few networking mode innovation support, it lead to it is basically a developer dispensable third option.This most WP user empathy: the basic function and hardware experience, WP terminal obvious advantages;But as long as you use networking applications, immediately will be a lot shorter than apple android.

    This is a good understanding of nokia HTC these WP terminal manufacturers still like only sell hardware.The roots here, may be a

    Microsoft WP never understand the mobile Internet market opening: building a sustainable ecological platform, and then let the networking application changed the user's life and habits.As for the competition between platforms, is necessary in the first place to attract developers online, and in the platform to develop unique competitiveness.Let us both WP obviously disappointed, it does not account for any one.

    Judge: Microsoft club mentality, wrongfully accused the mobile Internet market

    As a WP user experience point of view, doing and WP gave me the feeling is Microsoft from PC Internet thinking to move the copied at a time.Developer belatedly have user scarce factors exist, but if when developers gradually escape, escape from the user is a must for the next step.Compared with apple android thrives in China, many domestic developers said, "now the WP system distribution platform in burn money tomorrow".In fact developers don't want to deep WP platform, in the final analysis of the reason is worried they calculate, also the heart of the operating platform, WP is not a mature market, and developers is a need to mature conditions management behavior.The truth is, most developers want to "wait until the WP sell for $80 million, I'm out", and WP and nokia wants to "wait until I sell for 80 million".While the user market will only said "the original good better".

    So, the mobile Internet era, a company must to the market and users the idea of pure and fresh and transparent about their plans.Foreign media has also have criticised Microsoft: compared with apple, for example, the iOS developers and users can rest assured basic platform upgrade experience of adaptation problem;But when Microsoft launched WP8, it announced publicly run WP7 devices will not be able to support and upgrade to the next version.From the point of view of product operation, which is confident of their business models and the respect user market.We from behind the WP frequent adjustment, can also can peek at Microsoft and developers for WP don't confident or blind confidence.Numbered, as the rising more developers to escape with the user bitterness, WP change really is imminent.

    Skip the view behind the growth of the size of the market appearance, must be a business model and the initial positioning problem: the mobile Internet era of WP, or more like the PC bosses.What bosses want to firmly grasp the in hand, the communication between developers and users will be unfavorable.Microsoft actually more immature representation: doing tepid, surface version controversy, overpriced and suddenly reduce the price.This enough reaction the immature on the giant in the mobile Internet.Mobile Internet is a multi-party cooperation, now has gradually between Microsoft and developers on cooling.This from the point of view of looking forward to mobile Internet overall

    prosperity, on the one hand, we look forward to, look forward to Microsoft's powerful shift change as soon as possible.On the other hand we sigh sigh of Microsoft and the pride of the WP, let the rest of the world a little more likely.

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