The phantom lr revenge of the bollywood and passion

By Robert Allen,2015-10-11 12:49
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The phantom lr revenge of the bollywood and passion

    "The phantom lr" : revenge of the bollywood and passion

    Bollywood films is a unique scenery in the movie world, on the one hand is for local audience "immune" in the form of singing and dancing, while constant reference to the type of Hollywood's contemporary high concept, elements and to the world, such as "bollywood robot of love", "brave heart", etc., among them a few years ago the "3 idiots" is hugely successful at home, also in North America has made more than $650 at the box office, and the hero amir khan did not satisfied with the success of "3 idiots", instead of learning from Hollywood, starring in the bollywood stylelove, singing and dancing, and Hollywood car chase,action, saving elements such as action movie "the phantom lr", a

    few days ago, geothermal, also became the protection months of a unique and beautiful scenery.

    Revenge, taken is more typical Hollywood narrative pattern, about amir khan, grew up in a circus, childhood witnessed her father committed suicide because of the balance of bank and tough, he returned to Chicago after growing up, stole the Chicago in the west bank in broad daylight, and even constantly relying on their own ingenuity, agility and get success for many times, Interpol abramovich scheck, strong back to examine the case and vowed to bring criminals to justice, and quickly locked the suspect on circus owner amir khan...

     Years ago in warm and cool the world, and the flame of revenge makes amir khan would have becomeChinaFamiliar to the

    audienceIndiaStar, even though he had 50 but remains one of India's most lively star, his changes in the world, "India's past and young audience known as the" three idiot "and so on, are often mingled with the grey reality to discuss issues to the society, but" the phantom lr

    "more pure made a bollywood entertainment close to Hollywood, trace both the typical Indian films (such as the disparity between the rich and the poor, singing and dancing scenes), there is also a Hollywood action movie exciting feeling.Film interspersed with many different musical or acrobatic performance, such as the opening soon in childhood hero in acrobatic troupe performances, and as adult his tap dance performances, between him and Lena heroine carter's fu dance performance with the jazz style and so on, enables the more traditional bollywood dance scene is no longer so drab, let alone these acrobatics mixed with ornamental, similar to thebatmanAnd robin Hollywood action movie."

    Action is also an integral part of the film.In the past, action movies or Hong Kong action movies, or out of HollywoodScience fictionAction movies or tough action movies, but in recent years is not only in Thailand,South KoreaAction rise gradually became the undercurrent of thick, India action also looks good, take, for instance, the "phantom lr" action includes a car chase (crew specially for BMW's top two vehicles, constantly with lead from the front), the boat on the rampage, climbing (this also related with the main character comes from the circus set), etc., can also see a lot of similarJackie chanThe simple task of "police story",Christopher Nolan"batman: the shadow of the dark knight "and other films, and reflects the Indian filmmakers in learning and reference.

    Recent mainland market because of a temporary lack of Hollywood sci-fi action movie comes out, and the movie, starring about amir khan, "the phantom lr" is definitely a good choice of fan of action movies, because the movie has both amir khan, the collocation of men of the heroine and pretty girl, but also full of love, singing and dancing, and entertainment elements such as car chase.

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