Loyal dog eight male story

By Dan Austin,2015-10-11 06:55
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Loyal dog eight male story

    Loyal dog eight male story

    Today cry after reading the loyal dog eight male story, must get the story out, let's legendary exclamation this only loyal dog.

    Little akita dog eight male migrating from Japan came to the United States in a small town, transport workers accidentally left my cage containing small eight male, at the train station, providence, lonely and

    helpless little eight male before many hurried footsteps, chose a paused, and professor Parker also smiled at it.As if is a pair of lovers in love at first sight.

     In the arms of his little eight male was professor Parker, it's eyes full of trust and rely on, lost in the crowd small eight male don't have to worry about what, professor Parker will it be the world.

They use the same basin eat popcorn.

They are watching a baseball game

Professor of small eight is enough

    Thus they shuffle when couples spend everyday shuffle when couples spend together

    Is in the beautiful big house, day by day, small eight male grew up and became a beautiful young, eight male

    In this beautiful house, eight male still learn to deliver the newspapers

    In this beautiful house, eight male professor also took part in the daughter's wedding

    Eight male looking to go to the railway station to catch the train to go to work, a professor of full of to want to go to work with professor

    Professor to go by train, eight male still reluctant to go to watch the train on the platform

    In the evening, eight male would wait at the station, a professor at the back

    Come out from the railway station at the sight of him, and eight male happy to jump up,

The two began a warm hug

Professor day to go to work by train, eight male still clung to the

professor, professor don't want to let go

    The professor took the ball to play with eight male

    Professor finally with eight announcement don't, No one thought that this is their farewell The professor in class, died of a heart attack.

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