Thai version of both a kiss although a demonic But a high standard of appearance ah

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Thai version of both a kiss although a demonic But a high standard of appearance ah

Thai version of "both a kiss" : although a

demonic But a high standard of appearance


    With today's hottest industry jargon to describe many Tian Xun teacher "a kiss promise", that is a real classic "IP", countless fans, and faithful degree is even stronger than before, remake version, edition were sold, also let a person have to exclamation girl heart really tenacious vitality.Then, in the Japanese version of "both a kiss, warm, and the film version of casting just the dust settles, the movie, starring about Thailand screen gold partner Aom and Mike, full of amorous feelings of southeast Asia's version of" a kiss promise "and to again.In in Thai version of the "romantic houseful" later, the officer with IP and challenge a classic.

    Since the show dare in the trademark of "both a kiss", it had to face were compared with previous versions of the pressure, by selective adaptation, plot by poking fun at casting, this is the fate of the TV escapes but it may also be because before remake version too much, Thai version if don't feel pressure, so it is so boldly radical adaptation of the original plot, after the first set, stare blankly is not let a person find any the shadow of "both a kiss".

    1996 version of "both a kiss" contribution to the audience the century American teenager another world, he lived in aloof cruel, character and naive somewhat awkward in jiang zhi shu, Taiwan "prank kiss" is the sublimation of the cartoon theme, the film adaptation of the reasonable at the same time, more exquisite and shows the straight tree and xiang qin love why moving, 2013 edition of "both a kiss a" aroused the audience's sleep girl of heart, and let the "standard English pronunciation" Japanese actor turned into a big point, and the purpose of Thai version seems to be more simple direct, just want to let the audience see a pair of official calls high CP second cooperation can make

    sweet plot to what extent, of course, the premise is two people's level of appearance is enough to make people ignore the ubiquitous bugs.

    So "a kiss powder" in the face of "recognition" plot, also need not surprised, as a new work to see, and possibly windfall.Second cooperation sweetness to N, for example, "plus", spark was still Aom&Mike combination of extraordinary."All the way from the Thai version of the" romantic houseful "abuse of single wang" abuse of the experience of two people, once again, cooperation is also ready to not abuse the death is not ready to give up, put on high school uniforms they although acosmia slightly, but opposite of chemical reactions that nots allow to ignore, the first stars in the play are just men and women protagonist first met, but when two eyes meet the sizzle of current but let a person get pins and needles don't know if thought they're already loving each other for several years, in the plot, the two interactive sweet value all too clear.

    As a TV, if the single from the traditional "to follow the original" standard to measure, the Thai version of "both a kiss really fail, male leading role is not high, as expected, cold, the heroine is not looking forward to the dull and lovely, in addition to Mike and Aom appearance level very faithfully with the original, the difference of the character set in expressing ideas is turned upside down, Mike who named Ten Ten

    (although I do not know what is the name of the Thai meaning, but it sounds really sprouting, with" tree "sense of contrast please make your own comprehension) of the actor turned into a transfer student, I come back from Japan and he's a head of white hair is more like a" love empty "cast across from Japan, in the original jean son love for straight trees from the genius of the IQ200 students with excellent grades of worship (handsome is also very important, of course, one of the reasons), and the Thai version, the heroine is because male leading role, and she saved a cat together and depend on him, rather than" a kiss promise ", the title "a meow promise" is more appropriate.And writers also very capricious ground to add to the scenes of childhood sweethearts, male leading actress when I was a child, let the hero resentment for many years, his return, it seems, are still with another purpose, there are the stem, high cold facial paralysis students with excellent performance and increased abdominal black properties, and the adaptation is good or bad temporarily also can't see effect, but the writers really let a person admire courage.Fortunately, the classic of the original segment, jean son send love letter, was saved, but Aom hands than the "book" is more like a "diary" of content, prompted speculation that Thai shows since version estimation is no Ten Ten recite the plot of the love letter, even if the IQ200 also hold you for a couple of pages long, and also among this lala miscellaneous miscellaneous clip with the heroine of her father and good

    friend ah kin detailed introduction, this kind of don't know where the foothold is, let a person touched not pure mind way of adaptation can only be explained by a "Thai shows".

    Actually "a kiss promise" is not the first time that Thai shows remake works of Japan and South Korea, "blue love", "full house" (good coincidence, the heroine is Aom) have antecedents, although there are a lot of acknowledgment, each a trough points, but the audience tolerance of Thai shows there is a kind of innate, although Thai shows procrastination plot, rhythm is slow, but actor appearance level is high, although the Thai shows adapted willfulness, the punchline, but actor appearance level is high, although the Thai shows good people good, the bad guys bad typical, but actor appearance level is high, so, even though according to the current developing trend of the plot, the "kiss promise" the next likely become a high school student's version of the

full house ", and there are N like gas canisters upstage "supporting role",

the chase will chase ah, why you don't need to say.

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