Mandela black skin to his meaning

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Mandela black skin to his meaning

    "Mandela" : black skin to his meaning

    Also because of race and the cause of peace and black President barack Obama won the Nobel peace prize, as President, poor economic success its democratic former Clinton lot, foreign policy is a serious, can be a mediocre President.And slightly zhuo of aung SAN suu kyi and because the country is too small, the penetration is too weak to become a global leader.Great discrepancy exists anymore, and academic circles also exist a fewThe masterScholars have left, but the great man.As theNelson mandela,And gabriel Garcia marquez's death, or the world politics and the literary academia, no great man.

    According to theNelson mandela,I wrote the film"Nelson mandela,: the long walk, on the day of the release date (on December 6, 2013), nelson mandela, who died aged 95.While we are in the eight months later, to see the film.Ok, however, throughout the yearChinaRelease date was on July 18, which happens to be mandela's birthday, also calculate some significance.

    However, in theThe little timeAfter 3: the golden age "and" life "of the cracks," nelson mandela "live in the market is not so easy, this is also a lack of topicbiographyMust face the reality of the problem.

    Go to the cinema to see the movie, it seems that has never been a pure enjoyment, but has some obvious social.When friends are talking

    about, the film will be life after yourself if you don't go to see, there is a feeling of can't blend in.This kind of abandoned feeling, make people rushing off to the cinema, then directly select topics, so that in the later discussion can plug in the mouth, and the lack of subject's works, even itself is very good, often will also be ignored intentionally or unintentionally.This is the essential subject of marketing.So, to find out some star presence, even if is a scandal, is also very happy to hype.It is also a great man often too dignified, not into the watchful eye of entertainment era, because not be attention and influence, finally can't become one of the reasons for the great man.

    In terms of marketing, simply put "mandela" in July 18, release is not enough.Because this day as nelson mandela'sbirthday, there is no too many people know, few people will remember, even know topic obviously inadequate.Actually the best release period or at the time of the nelson mandela had just died, built in the flood as the memory of the boom, apparently able to attract people's attention.Literary masterpieces to the hype, is very helpless, also have to face the reality.Many works of fire and no fire, usually is a line between, appropriate time suitable topic, enough to make a dull work.Otherwise, it is a good work also can because there is no attention and become a tragedy.This is the movie in front of the market of choice, as a market-oriented products, must want to get the attention of people in order to be successful.This point, no

    matter is announcing the mandela or mark zuckerberg or jobs, all without exception.Weinstein brothers is capable of that, many literary masterpieces scrambled to become the best selling goods.

    In fact, in "mandela," actorThe driver, el pasoLived largely on nelson mandela, he was a bit heavy meaning imitation of nelson mandela, unique way of walking, and gravitate to mandela's body language as much as possible, let a person in several moments, think that is clearly mandela, instead of al in play.In fact, a good biography movies should be like this, not to play, you let yourself become the one to play.Daniel lewis, as Lincoln, meryl streep plays Margaret thatcher, michelleWilliamAs Monroe that has this kind of feeling, let a person feel it wasn't in play, is announcing the in your voice.Iraq, at el paso, obviously a lot of effort to nelson mandela and a few moments that make people almost deceived into thinking that he is nelson mandela.However, apparently he did is not enough, because on the whole aura, his performance is still insufficient to act as a great man of mandela's temperament and charm, also is not only the instant alike.

    The whole journal mandela is a work of average is first class.But due to the great juicy gossip, and great sex.After all, it depicts the mandela from youth to old age, for the abolition of racial discrimination and paid most of the time, as it isThe documentaryAs transfer, to reconstruct the

    announcing the better part of a scene in life, makes any interest mandela, cannot bypass the existence of the film.

    Moreover, another advantage of nelson mandela, is restore a mandela became an ordinary person, although the overall plastic god's intention is very obvious.But the driver, el paso weak aura, also makes the film became an process from otaku become great.Therefore, has a great deal of self-help.A bit likeSouth Korea"Defenders,", Mr Mandela from an ordinary law, how to become a streetmovementThus became a famous opinion leader, the leader of the people, and further to become a great man."Mandela" shows the announcing the transformation from an ordinary person to great man, also showed the other side of the great man mandela as an ordinary person.

    "Mandela," from what impressed me most, is he trying to struggle with the jailer, do but in order to let oneself with fellow inmates can wear pants.Can let inmates from shorts to wear trousers, such a small goal, nelson mandela and his cellmate made elaborate preparation, from the great strategy to the struggle, with time and finally won.Long 27 years in prison, nelson mandela, is like this from a and a small.He always keep optimistic attitude, insist to take exercise the body, and make all he can do as much as possible.Insist, insist on, hold on.Victory will eventually come.

    , of course, in order to goal, mandela in jail or made a lot of compromise, sacrifice some personal power, but no matter from the perspective of human nature, or from winning the ultimate goal of apartheid, mandela had never been stuck in the past, but in order to close to the target, adjust strategy, and eventually won the victory.

    Perseverance, in order to target and perseverance, and around the target, to decompose, concessions, and even compromise, even sacrifice, step and step, finally a dark day seem bright, obtained remarkable achievement."Mandela's spirit is also great and inspire future generations to follow his footsteps, to make their own life goals, and work hard.So, enough pep can see.

    Not only that, "nelson mandela has largely played mandela what is in your life, in which he and his wife, winnieloveEntanglements accounted for a large amount of space.From two people hand in hand, struggle together, to finally break up without any retain.Once, when results breakup, infuriating.And, in fact, it is because of winnie unremitting struggle outside the prison, the world learned that mandela, it gradually and prompted the mandela will wear on bottom sit.Spent at the beginning period of struggle, but winnie for power desire to hurt her, also hurt the affection between them, mandela had to very reluctantly give up what one favours, split decision, thus make oneself in the struggle on the road to go further.From this story we see mandela is

    immortal, not only his wife, winnie, and daughter also made immortal contribution to eliminate segregation.Mandela for racial segregation and racial discrimination, he not only contributed his whole life, also contributed to hisfamily

    In fact, in the film, but also worth pondering, is the introduction, "nelson mandela" in China itself to think it is a miracle.Since 18 large, public opinion is the caliber of the more the more tight, this context have introduced and released nelson mandela, many of themlinesFor the present China, really.Looking from this Angle, will also be able to see more realistic meaning to, many words I don't say, of course, not sensitive.

    So, while it is still not fully rolled off the production line, can see people still go to the cinema to see.

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