The volcano mstching game come wind baked wheat cake

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The volcano mstching game come wind baked wheat cake

    The volcano mstching game: come wind baked wheat cake

    Since saw a "escaped",The FrenchThey give me a tease than impressed.Especially in the chatter of Louis thin bernays, more let me feel the French are safe, very can say, best wishes every day is the best wishes, best wishes!! Forever, so it is no wonder that girls - are the strengths of the French.And, of course, the French romantic love, so love is easy, divorce is estimated certainly is not difficult, such as 9 in the domestic release of a FrenchcomedyDrama"The volcano mstching game", tells the story of a pair of French divorced couples together to Greece for a daughter's wedding wonderful work experience.

    To say the couple divorced couples, that's a really wonderful work.Male, the female vet, a split leg, a love affair, don't always see each other when gas.But as for a daughter wedding, the couple comedy duo sat on a plane, open the "come" reunion tour.On the way, Iceland's

    volcanic eruptionflightOnly landed inGermany.Helpless man rented porsche to go to Greece, but for stealing took the woman's dress do not want to let her go to the wedding and by women catch up.So have to two people together to drive to the destination.At this moment, walk path in countryside, although not in both belong to the old cow company, but the blue sky with the sun, colorful clouds, forest, continental Europe the charming scenery in sight, everything looks harmonious and natural.Unfortunately, this pair of two couples but turn a blind eye to each other not pleasing to the eye.

    Is not as won't die.This pair of comedy duo in the process of each other to undermine women out of the car to pick upMobile phoneDidn't shake handshandle brake, slide the rented car was hit by a truck breaking up.As a result, the man's driver's license revoked, two people have to transfer to a bus.Women again by men left, on the "mobile" church of a madman driving car.Men also because irritated with car fans fled, the tie is on the car...Next, a crazy journey began.The couple steal truck, to steal a police car, finally be compelled helpless, and even stole a small plane to Greece.Thoroughly feel a handful of "the general feeling".Some people,

    however, they each time one step of success.However, they finally caught up with her daughter's wedding, sent his daughter the warmth of family and a wonderful blessing.

    In the film, the hero star Danny byrne has the same effect with Louis fe bernays, no big skill, some are great, but what you pass, always speaks with chatter.What is called the illness, his destruction, because that mouth he persuaded the airport staff let the final internal reserved car to him, also encountered on the road he offended because that mouth almost all the people, from crazy to fans, from fishermen to the police, thus caused the people in the town of road journey of bad luck.So, the film also makes us a taste of the finest French style SB completely, taste authentic "method of wind baked wheat cake"!

     Couple to attend the daughter's wedding at all, only want to get rid of each other, if two people not so don't cooperate, maybe would not have happened so many surprises, oolong and made so manyjoke.Is not afraid of god the same opponents fear of pigs like teammates, so the film also

    contains the cooperation had a vital role in their life.For the forest, when both of them have choutaibaichu, no, and always in "savior" to give them help.

    "Well, perhaps, no way, away from her" this truth must have French is self-taught.Is due to the affection of, two people from confrontation to cooperation, from to undermine each other to take care of each other, this is what they will eventually catch up with the wedding for his daughter chorus song of blessing.In front of the family affection, misunderstanding and contradiction, all seem so small.Final resting in the filmfamilyWarm, also let the wulitou funny comedy passed out of the family positive energy.

    Such a filmThe plotEasy set is closed.Unfortunately she only unattractive, male master not tough guy, both of them are chattering noisy, even at the end of the film is still not a "perfect ending.And these forChinaThe audience to accept a bit difficult to estimate.But anyway, to be able to see such a French comedy, feel the humor of the French, enjoy the beauty of the French, eat one mouthful tunnel "method of wind baked wheat cake", in this HollywoodlargeThe transverseThe United StatesEra, also need the alternative of come!!!!

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