Microsoft to buy nokia mobile phone business trade conference call records

By Dana Walker,2015-10-08 02:00
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Microsoft to buy nokia mobile phone business trade conference call records

    Microsoft to buy nokia mobile phone business trade conference call records

    Microsoft announced that the $7.2 billion deal to buy nokia mobile phone business, and a large number of authorized patent portfolio.Two companies followed in 8 a.m. local time on September 3, 45 (Beijing time) on September 3, 20 points 45) conference calls, detailed content, and accept the analysts and the media to ask questions.Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (), the CFO Amy Wood (Amy Wood), operating system, department, executive vice President Terry Myerson (Terry Myerson) and executive vice President of nokia devices and mobile department Stephen Elop (Steven Elop) and other executives took part in the conference call.

    The following is a conference call the q&a records:

    During the Christmas shopping season will have a series of new tablet

    Q: on tablets.The Microsoft to buy nokia mobile phone business transactions, for Microsoft's future in the tablet business strategy has what effect?Microsoft will further increase in the tablet market has its own hardware efforts?

    Meyerson: mobile phones and tablets, we need to continue.We see that the screen of mobile phone product is bigger, now our experience of mobile phone products use can also be implemented on the Windows tablets.Our application platform, mobile phones and tablet computers together.I think, our customers hope that we can launch a possess excellent tablet phone experience, our strategy will continue to play in this direction.

    Mr. Ballmer: as you know, we do have its own tablet, we see the opportunity, will continue to efforts in this respect.In this field, we have very tight between the OEM and project cooperation, especially in the Intel Atom (Atom) processor based products such as, I think that people will benefit.During the Christmas shopping season, there will be a series of new products.

    Cheap mobile phones is very strategic

    Q: with the nokia has a strong low-end functional mobile phone business, Windows have extended space?Microsoft has reduced the

    parameters of the Windows phone specifications, make Windows in cheap equipment running.Whether Microsoft plans to further deepen the huge market for its cheap cell phone?

    Meyerson: our primary goal is to make the world more users as soon as possible using the Windows, a new Windows phone launched from the point of view, cheap mobile phones very strategic significance, but for now we won't say too much.

    Q: the transaction have any impact on Microsoft's restructuring?In view of hardware and software are two different areas, so the nokia mobile phone business will be combined, in which department hardware equipment business business or hardware/content?

    Mr. Ballmer: restructuring plan remain unchanged.Hardware division has a larger and new opportunities, Julie Lawson - Green (Julie Larson - Green) in go all out to run, in the next few months we have a lot of work to do, Julie and her team will be responsible for the planning and integration of work, to be responsible for the equipment, Julie was very excited.However, the acquisition of most of the groups is mobile, elop will be responsible for running the parts, and will take appropriate measures.Julie will join elop find appropriate integration scheme.

    Q: what percentage of future in OEM for Windows Phone if you have any expectations?

    Mr. Ballmer: at present, 80% of nokia products are Windows Phone, in the short term, I don't think that great changes will happen.However, as the market growth, proportion of Windows Phone in the OEM will increase, it's too early to forecast.

    As a business operation will be better

    Q: about cost rationalization, nokia has 32000 employees, and Microsoft's 99000 employees, in this regard, Microsoft do you have any plans?

    Mr. Ballmer: I want to stress is that many hardware vendors are often outsourced production, but nokia belongs to the endogenous, and the relevant strategy nokia, and they performed very well.

    Wood: in 32000 employees, has about 18000 employees directly affiliated production business, I think, the scale and nokia have opportunity is not here.In terms of integration, I think, Mr. Ballmer and elop did well, after a thoughtful, also very careful in rationalization, let we can finally be one who has a better performance and efficiency of the brand and the team.

    Q: the management of partnership and with good products, so, through the deal, Microsoft which partners can't achieve things can do?Can you illustrate?Or the key is to strengthen Microsoft in smartphones?Whether Microsoft in the smartphone market in order to ensure the long term development?

    Mr. Ballmer: behind the problem entirely correct.We believe that as a business rather than the two companies run better, for three reasons: first, we say to a brand and unified into the market.I think, compared with the company nokia Windows Phone 1020 such brand name, we can do better.Because of nokia and Microsoft are completely different in terms of business, for the brand name of this we can do.Through this deal, we can simplify the cooperation pattern with operators, let consumer brand consumption information more concise.

    In innovation, we have done a lot of work, but as two independent companies, in innovation will still exist some different points of view.1020 in shooting and imaging of the company is very good, but I think, if as a business, we will increase investment in this aspect, to develop more excellent software and applications, invest in core hardware platform.

    Third, I believe that our business become flexible.As two companies, we are in different countries have different decision-maker, price and the objectives of investment decision, from my point of view, this reduces operational efficiency, business lack of flexibility.Above all, I think, we can achieve remarkable progress.

    Promote the application number

    Q: achieve 15% market share in the next few years is a very ambitious goals, to achieve this goal, will go to support the developers, and

    developers have the iOS and Android platform, Microsoft has been said, HTML 5 will grow in the coming years.Microsoft will be how to persuade developers to develop applications for Windows Phone?

    Meyerson: for developers, provides a lot of Windows installation platform, from PC to mobile phone to tablet, and Xbox One, development of HTML 5 application developers or native applications will be installed in all of these devices, allow developers to access to more users, such as enterprise users and game consoles, etc., provides a unique platform for developers to commercialization.

    Mr. Ballmer: increase in the number one key is applied.We have differentiated products, now we store application number to 160000.However, I know we have a long way to go.Most of all, with our own application and its own hardware, let consumers to buy, promote the increase of sales, and attract more developers to the ecosystem.The properties of the HTML 5 is neutral, I hope all platform can be compatible.

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