The immortal legend of Garnett- garnett totti

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The immortal legend of Garnett- garnett totti

    The immortal legend of Garnett- garnett +


    In May 76 of the United States of South Carolina, a baby born black skin. In September the same year, Rome City, Italy City, a white color baby born. 39 years ago no one had thought of two dolls for 76 years has born in the US and Europe will be in the near future 40 years for us to write under paragraph two is different in the legend ".

    Kevin Garnett:

    Born in May 19, 1976 in South Carolina, NBA players, our city striker, career started in the Minnesota Timberwolves, wolves is the greatest player in history, hence the name "wolf king".

    Francesco totti.

    On September 27, 1976, was born in Rome, Italy, the Italian football league's king, department job forward, playmaker, career has been played for the club of Rome, due to the stadium, iron, domineering, thus named "Wolf king".

    At around two Wolf king have years, are still roam in the fray, are so bloody, in their respective fields express the next leg of their own Wang Chuanji Wolf.Here let's just say Kevin garnett for the Wolf king, francesco totti for the Wolf king.

    The Wolf king garnett: is a children growing up in a single-parent family, his parents divorced, follow mother grew up together, said Kevin garnett's father, there are rumors that the elder Kevin garnett was a talented basketball player, but did not play in the NBA, only basketball team for the troops.Garnett despite failing to and father live together, but still inherited his father's basketball talent and physical quality, as the saying goes, early take charge of poor children, 13 small garnett to fill household begin to work part-time, perhaps this discipline is made from garnett gameness that son and the spirit of bear hardships.It is relying on this share indomitable spirit, attitude and hard training, only 18 of 94 - year - old Mr Kevin garnett was elected south Carolina basketball, and in that year's all-star game MVP elected the McDonald's.Brilliant garnett

    decided to jump on the NCAA 95, as a senior high school students for the NBA draft, and was no. 5 in the first round of the Minnesota timberwolves, it has been opened for more than 20 years of his career, also opened a Wolf Wang Chuanji belongs to his.Since 95-96 season as the youngest player in NBA history for the timberwolves come up, and then 12 seasons, garnett basketball career is spent in the timberwolves, he wrote down the scene Wang Chengchang Wolf down here, from the NBA's most came on as a young player growing for a generation of stars to become timberwolves totem.

    Ou Wolf king francesco totti, garnett in 4 months old continental Europe was born a belongs to the city of Rome small Wolf, he is the European Wolf king francesco totti.89 the little totti only 13 years old of year after year to join the club of Rome and Kevin garnett, francesco totti from beginning up to now has been played for the club of Rome has been for 26 years.Francesco totti as early as 92, 16 garnett became professional athletes joined roma in two senior team, and since then more than 20 years for Rome, for the peninsula, for the whole Europa, and even for the whole world compose a belong to his Wolf king march.Francesco totti families are loyal fan of roma at AC milan is interested in buying has yet to become famous young francesco totti, francesco totti's mother refused the acquisition of the milan, because she is the Roman fans.Francesco totti was Roman first team in 93 and

    completed in that year at the age of 16 serie a debut, as the club of Rome in the history of the third young contestants serie a.

    12 years life of Minnesota, garnett from the young pups gradually grow to dominate the Wolf king of one party, become the pronoun of his iron, persistence, hard, thirst for victory near to obsession with state, regardless of the opponent is strong is weak, chatter of junk words will never stop transfer into the ears of counterpoint, as long as he is he is the man to get on the pitch against the head at all costs for the victory of paranoia.Iron and spoiled the tents of the flowing water of soldiers, 7 years as a blockbuster deal in early August Wolf king out of the den, in pursuit of more success and honor garnett turn green, the celtics, the green unlined upper garment army sent out almost half the team and draft picks and cash for the 10 th all-star forest Wolf totem Kevin garnett.Review the timberwolves for 12 years, garnett compose the timberwolves history's most brilliant all glory, one MVP;1 AMVP;10 all-star (eight starts, two substitute);Four times the regular season best;Eight all-defensive team (6 times a, 2 times 2 array);Eight team (3 a, 3 times two array array), two of.

    Since joining the green unlined upper garment army although has been away from the timberwolves, but it never disappears, the Wolf king's name in the green unlined upper garment army six during the

    spring and autumn garnett although lost the timberwolves personal data, but it won a seat in 07-08 has long coveted o 'brien cup, and return to double a best lineup, all-defensive team, was elected the DPOY, become the season's winner in life.

    After six years of 13 ~ 14 season determined to rebuild the green unlined upper garment army has become a Wolf king's Kevin garnett to the brooklyn nets, then past yi yong of Kevin garnett has long gone, after one and a half seasons nets garnett choose twilight pleasantly surprised, in the middle of the 14 ~ 15 season return to the timberwolves, returned to his dream the place to start, continue to compose the timberwolves and his own Wang Chuanji Wolf.Garnett at this time even though the super giant heart still, hemorrhagic and remained, but have to say that the years trace has eroded his fighting capacity.Return after the timberwolves, off the function and meaning is greater than its role in the field and garnett's mission is to shift from a city village became the inheritance, the Wolf king of hemorrhagic inheritance to nephew BeiEr were born - newly crowned champions downs.

    21 years since the NBA career, Kevin garnett played 1400 + games of the regular season, according to the total score 26000 +, 14600 + rebounds, assists, + 5400, block 2000 +, steals 1800 +.

    Leisurely 21 years, time flies, change the Wolf king's appearance but had never changed his qualities, he is Kevin garnett, flows the blood of the Wolf king Kevin garnett.

    27 the Romans, francesco totti has become a club of Rome's totem, even become Rome's totem, won the "prince" of Rome.Mid - 89, only 13, francesco totti, join the club of Rome youth began to express a belong to his Roman legends.In Italy a farcical event has happened before.Is Italy's parliament in 2000, President of the secret ballot elections for parliament, fill out the name of the francesco totti had the voters on the ballot.Although just a prank, but also reflects francesco totti power in the eyes of the Italian people.

    On October 10, 98, francesco totti with the Italian national team shirt for the first time to open the francesco totti journey of the Italian national team, composed of not only belongs to Rome but to the whole Italy's legendary life.06 francesco totti has reached the peak of life, the Roman prince with Italy won top honors in the field of football lift the trophy, and in the season with 26 gold goals in serie a top scorer, and won the European golden boot 07.As early as 7 years francesco totti has become in the history of the club of Rome in the serie a appearances most players.2010 golden foot award ceremony roma captain francesco

    totti pressure with Beckham, Steven gerrard, didier drogba, gianluigi buffon, raul star.

    On September 20, 2013 roma captain francesco totti has officially with roma signing of the new testament, adumbrative francesco totti will stay at roma until the summer of 2016, when the Wolf king will be over the age of 40.

    Now that francesco totti is already no longer is the Roman team's core, but the spiritual leader's position remains no one can shake.Signing for the club of Rome francesco totti is a subsidiary of giant player, but for the whole city, francesco totti had become a totem like characters, the prince of Rome title can reveal the Wolf king francesco totti place in Rome.Now that most people when it comes to roma in the first reaction is totti, francesco totti will all his career dedicated to the city of Rome, and roma have been integrated.

    Intercontinental, different country, different color of skin, different arena.

    The greatness of the same age, the same, the same legend, the same immortal.

    KG + totti for us write down two seemingly different but the same basket full Wang Chuanqi Wolf.

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