How to seduce a millions of dollars worth of code in silicon valley farming

By Ruby Watson,2015-10-07 16:37
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How to seduce a millions of dollars worth of code in silicon valley farming

    How to seduce a millions of dollars worth

    of code in silicon valley farming?

    In silicon valley, although FLAG (Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple, Google) is still leading the coquettish, but with the rise of the unicorn, worth millions of dollars in yards farming has sprung up, is a good target to girls to take off the list!

    So, how to duplicate in bay area farmers to select single and expensive yards?

    First, secretly tell you oh, spy bay area lovely girls ~ ~ I am programmer encourage teacher skills MAX, now to share secrets.

    Capture code agriculture strategy 1


    Unicorn concerns that the company's employees (reality, Uber, Pinterest, etc.), on which more promising please mitbbs and huaren query).Not only guaranteed income, and employee base, geography has focused on the city of San Francisco, is beneficial to everyone in the process of line to reduce costs, improve efficiency.

    Recommend a site 1: Henry 's Hunan (Bryant Street)

    Henery 's Hunan as close to the reality and Pinterest headquarters, and is a real delicious Hunan food, can become a reality and Pinterest staff canteen, and long serving time, more to be accosted unicorn company employees the best place.

    Yet, this is the look very small Chinese restaurant.The boss, will you give me a free single ah, ha ha.

    In addition, eat a lot of things can be observed.Most general boy alone or go to eat, not single is beyond (gay please tell, appearance and straight men farmers should be difference big yard.Because the two companies expand rapidly recently, one or two years ago to join staff more easily millionaire, how to identify whether they more early employee?In general, so daring to talk about the interview today, even to discuss their interview question, is early employees may be greater.

    Give you a small tips:

    Because Henry 's Hunan alleles of time is very long, often see like a code farmer, so you can throw at the appropriate time is similar to "Twitter layoffs recently many people have jumped to an" and "difficult" an interview, "Uber recruiter good arrogance" and "Dropbox no quick, but still good to eat meal" such remarks to strike up a conversation.If you are shy, then go to a few times more, especially at noon, also afraid of couldn't find chance?

    , of course, if you want to use the traditional "oh, how my computer recently crashed every day ah", "watching video always kaka," such routines may be code farmer brother see through oh, because they all know on each big secret website, of course, they would not rule out like this, when his master.

    Although Henery 's Hunan a lot of advantages, such as contact time is long, but the drawback is near company limited.For some girl like other companies make up the larger challenge, so here I will focus on 2 recommended site.

    Recommend a place 2: San Francisco museum, such as DE Young museum nearby

    Farmers mostly lives in seclusion, in addition to the life needs to go to the supermarket, not much like shopping.What?You say around Westfield Mall shopping malls, that didn't have the object code, is forced to ok!

    Code and farmers are feelings, like the following abstract local farmers in the circle of friends is most suitable for code secretly reveal their pretend bility.

    The most suitable places: San Francisco museum, such as DE Young museum.A new generation of unicorn company (such as reality,

    Pinterset, Lyft) designer culture began to rise, and a new code of farmers also stained with artistic breath, go to the museum is becoming a hobby for many highlights pretend bility of code, especially in the first week of each month weekends, Bank of America card holders can visit free, often people mountain people sea.

    And museum was accosted the holy land, imagine, solitary man few female, staring at the same picture, eyes suddenly meet moment, if you smile to him, is to let each other be elated!

    Someone said the response to the other party not to do, ah, really want to make you wake up?You can talk to him, alas, the painting is good, naturally create a buzz., or literally throw your mobile phone, even lost his wallet fell beside him the into anyway.He took the is bound to pay you back.Still afraid of no chance to contact?

    In the museum, the girls can show their own ignorance and then greatly to strike up a conversation and inspire their "bear hug desire"!Don't behave better than they know?So somebody else than directly find the stylist of company of good?

    Recommend a site 3: various delicious Chinese restaurant near Sunset

    A bunch of code farmer meals, looks very clear!From their topic is easy to recognize what company is, because our goal is worth millions of farmers, in general, at least, they worked for a year or two, so everyone please pay attention to watch.They like to talk about the business model, o2o, sharing economy, business and other topics code farmer work is often just little fresh meat, and a proud heart, and we just ignore them.We don't need to pipe the discussion

    how to take her out to play at the weekend, how newly bought a second set of school district room decorate yards farmers have family room.

    To, Google will give you the address of the well, take good oh:

    Ah, don't ask me why the guitar shop, want to know in this code farming the land go to silicon valley, millions of farmers are worth of code change the figure looking for differentiation.Alongside Chinese supermarket, points minutes caught alone supermarket bloodline.

    We can focus on those who like to talk about the company what snacks, free at noon meal how bad, how can India colleague, eason chan concert again, such as company new female colleague program with topic, general just they have certain work experience, not impetuous, began to care about the actual problem:).If they also talked about the fitness such as topic, it is really very good, is that it might be worth abs millions of farmers, hurriedly laid hands on him.

    Capture agriculture strategy 2 yards

    Extreme attack!!!!!!

    Often listen to why some people make fun girl being plain but attract excellent code farming, and some conditions are good sister is old as a the elder brothers old life, well, that I to summarize the related strategy.

    Code blank farmers basic emotional experience, usually only the call what lot gay dating site, is it difficult to hook up with zero:

    1 how to strike up a conversation unfamiliar code farmers?Is absolutely not take the initiative to go up to the phone, can't you must have dropped this brick ran to ask classmates, so it is easy to become a buddy spare tire was even people think is crazy.That let them in vain?Of course not.Want to!Use!Eye!God!Amorous looked at him, until he see you, immediately panic lowered his eyes.Like a frightened deer.

    On this basic seconds to kill 99% of the farmers.

    2. Code farmer's favorite is soft girl!Multi-purpose particles are so speak, why?How are you hate!Just don't.Beat you!Good oh.So even if said refused to also appear in that whine.Some people say that this is not green tea Biao?No!Also can be green tea taste good girl!

    3. Chat with code farmers don't try to be brave, even, also can not understand it.Hear bad jokes can smile again, after all the other party may also be nervous.Don't always feel each other is very arrogant, sometimes he is eager to express themselves, there is no need to throw cold water on.Can feel the other party say good praise, "you're great ah," "hello" severe ah (please pay attention to the back of the particles)

    4. How to participate in various activities, but also not is anxious to show their social talent, affinity is the beginning of conquer all things.Don't rob to pay for the dinner, you want to pay, code farmers small pure and fresh and will think you have no interest in him, if you want to invite you to dinner, you just let it be good, feel sorry can come back, please.

    5. Strike up a conversation these tricks are farmers see through?Answer: the code farmers even could not tell the difference between you no makeup, do you think they will be able to see you belly black heart?Farmers in acting, this code is far from the woman.

    Capture code agriculture strategy 3


    This is what I collected from the Internet strategy, think good?

    Farmers, especially graduate of that kind of, aesthetic view is very simple, just two words, pure.

    1. The long hair, skirt - and the man open distance

    2. The gash on the face painted white - and local ABC distance

    3. The light make-up - the farmers eyesight, basic thought you is without makeup.

    4. Never!Never!Don't back designer bags.This is not accident, don't think back a LV own class will go up, you can find a more elegant!Code farmers are very simple?Ha ha, don't frighten simple code farmers.Although our goal is to strike up a conversation a millionaire yards of the agriculture, but advertising have no direct use of expensive price scare people away, right?

    5. Be sure to keep in mind not big thick makeup, also not bright color of nail polish, makeup is not turn show girlfriends!To know the affinity is the beginning of conquer all things.

    Then again, code the aesthetic view of farmers is very simple.

    Well think of so much, hope you to add.Also hope that we can success ha ha.

    Bay: okay, I admit, I'm not really a lovely girl, I was in fact a code farmer little elder brother, is there a millionaire, you don't hook-up how do you know?

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