What are people in the United States especially want to get rich

By Rita Wagner,2015-10-06 16:18
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What are people in the United States especially want to get rich

    What are people in the United States

    especially want to get rich?

    Can estimate this world very few people don't want to get rich, but many americans do not get rich as a goal in life.The pew company did a poll, found that those surveyed, only 13% of people become rich as the most valuable things in life, with 67% of people think that the most valuable thing in life is you have enough time to do what I love.43% of respondents think become rich some important, while 33% of people think become rich is not that important, 10% of people don't care he is rich or poor.

    In the United States as the threshold of the rich is not low.In 2014, according to the irs data, 1% of americans earn an average of 380000 dollars a year, these people could be called the rich;5% of americans earn $160000 a year on average and over the years can be allowed the rich;10% of americans earn an average of 114000 dollars a year, at best, these people is the upper middle class.According to the census bureau's survey, about 2.5% of households earning more than $250000 in the United States, even there is not really rich people, the real rich men are annual household income in more than $400000 of so-called top 1% of the rich, which is shown in those who occupy Wall Street.

    The pew survey found that 20% of adults who make less than $twenty thousand of people want to be rich, and in earning more than $100000 dollars, 10% of people want to be rich in the crowd.According to the age distribution, 30 years old the following has the highest percentage of people want to be rich, is 20%.In the people around the age of 50, want to become rich ratio fell to 10%.Blacks in the United States with 26% of people want to become rich, 21% latino want to become rich, 9% of whites want to become rich.The first generation of immigrants in the United States[microblogging]25% of people want to be rich.The poor people want to get rich, the rich look pale and more people to become rich, it sounds like the smack of sata malsatan ne povas kompreni, but it is a reality.Want to be rich and not so easy to earn

    a salary of more than us $300000, for the poor, always hoped one day turnaround, but for a well-off life of people, I just don't do that kind of "fantasy".

    Of course there are many people in the United States is to inherit family property nature become rich, but most people get rich by their struggle.From the United States to the investigation of the rich and the poor can be found that two people have very different view of life.

    First is the rich more to believe in yourself to take control of your own destiny, not by heaven fell pie, more positive and optimistic attitude towards life.90% of the rich man said his own fate, only 10% of the poor people think so.The benefit themselves to blame the poor, life is not

    good, no rich dad, and many of the rich is self-made, they believe that wealth must depend on oneself to create.63% of the rich said he dares to take risks, only 6% of the poor man agreed with rich risk-taking.In fact, the United States has more than a quarter of the rich in the entrepreneurial process at least experienced a major failure.Had difficult venture experience the rich are not hoped to get rich, the poor are longing for luck.Said 77% of the poor will often buy lottery tickets, compared with 6% the number of rich people often buy a lottery ticket.87% of the rich people believe the American dream, only 2% of the poor people think the American dream can be realized.

    Secondly the rich pay more attention to relationships and making friends.Where are all the same, actually connections is wealth, more friends road.88% of wealthy americans think connections is very important to be rich, while only 17% take this view of the poor.68% of the wealthy say they like to make new friends, while only 11% of poor people like to make new friends.

    The third is the rich more dedication and good at play to creativity.Survey found that 85% of wealthy americans say they love their work, for your own business, more pay not surprisingly, 86% of the wealthy work 50 hours a week on average.And how is work for the poor is only 2% said their work.75% of the rich creativity as vital to become rich, the poor in the 11% of people think that is so.The Internet and high-tech magnate is a typical example.

    The fourth is wealth of rich people have better life habits.62% of clear goal in life, the rich will even to do list every day down, one to be realized, and the poor are more likely to indignities.67% of the time watching TV every day not more than an hour, watching TV is mainly to obtain the rich information, poor people more is to look at the entertainment.Rich people like to read books, said rich people like to read books, basically be to see for yourself useful book, but rarely read a novel, read an occasional book.The rich will pay more attention to saving and

investment, rather than the racket, living, and many of the poor have no

money, but live in there now if not tomorrow, tomorrow's things when

the time comes.

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