IS really want to do

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IS really want to do

    IS really want to do?In this paper, a very long, but IS really want to do?In this paper, a very long, but worth


    The islamic countries come from?Want to do it?These questions seem simple, but easy to go astray, does not seem to be several western leaders know the answer.Last December, the New York times published U.S. Middle East special operations commander Michael k. naga tower (MichaelK. Nagata) major general comments in private, to admit that you lost the aspirations of the islamic countries."We didn't beat this idea," he said."We don't even understand the idea."In the past year, President Obama is changing, for a moment for "non-muslim organization" islamic countries, for a while is referred to as al qaeda "reserve" echelon, these arguments reflect, on the understanding of the organization is likely to cause a serious strategic miscalculation.

    Last June, the group seized the Iraqi city of mosul, now its ruling area has more than Britain's.Since May 2010, ABU bakr al-baghdadi (AbuBakral - Baghdadi) has been the group's leaders.Until last summer, however, is just a piece of his latest image during the American occupation of Iraq captive in a blurred pictures taken during the burqa camp.On July 5, last year, he went into the big mosque in mosul al's pulpit, as generations since the first attack harry Ramadan sermons - the definition of image

    from the snowflake point to hd, he also from hunted guerrillas into all Muslim leaders.Then, jihadists in all parts of the world into an unprecedented speed and scale, and is still going on.

    To a certain extent, we the islamic state of ignorance is understandable: it is a closed kingdom;To the people there few people come

    back.Baghdad di only said a words for cameras.His speech, however, and countless other islamic countries propaganda video, filled with the Internet, the islamic countries supporters have been making great efforts in promoting their career.We all know that the so-called countries refuse to peace principle;They are eager to slaughter, the religious point of view in the system cannot determine the form of any change, even if this change can ensure survival;They see themselves as world soon perish of the prophet, and is the main driving force.

    Islamic state, also called of the islamic state of Iraq and the levant, follow Islam is a unique, including beliefs about the end of the world the way is very important to its strategy, also helps to know your enemy and predict its behavior in the west., the rise of the islamic countries, like Egypt's Muslim brotherhood (islamic nations believe the group leader for the apostate), rather than trying to implement dystopian alternative reality, David cowley assorted or Jim Jones had been living in this other reality, they are wielding absolute power, not only dominated in front of hundreds of people, but also affects about 8 million people around the


    Our wrong understanding in at least two aspects of the nature of the islamic state.First of all, we used to think jihad is an integral whole, and the application of the logic of al qaeda a decisively beyond the it organization.I spoke to supporters of the islamic state is still called osama bin laden "osama, heads of families," this is a title of honor.However, from al qaeda heyday (about from 1998 to 2003), the jihad, has evolved many jihadists contempt for the organization and the organization's current leadership.

    Bin laden terrorism as a prelude to realize caliph islamic countries, but he won't see the caliphate is expected in the course of his life.His organization is flexible, it is scattered in different regional autonomous organization of the network.Islamic countries, by contrast, are required to maintain legal domain, a set of governance structure from the top down.(divided into two parts, civil and military, its bureaucracy. Its territory is divided into the provinces)

    Second, we are a kind but dishonest actions of misleading, refused to recognize the nature of the islamic medieval religious.In 1997 the first interview Peter bergen osama bin laden (PeterBergen) named his the first book "jihad co., LTD.", partially admitted that bin laden is a modern secular world figure.Bin laden terrorist corporate, and through the chain form.He asked specific political concessions, such as the United States

    troops from Saudi Arabia, his soldiers walk with confidence in the modern world.At the end of the life of a whole day, a 911 assault Mohammed atta once wal-mart shopping, also with the dinner in pizza hut.

    Almost all islamic countries decided to follow their claim on billboards, license plate and coin "prophet"

    People tend to repeat the idea that jihadists are modern, secular people, has a modern political concerns, is covered with a camouflage of medieval religious, and attempt to make this idea applies to isla.In fact, unless it is based on a devotion and undying faith after careful thinking, the organization of many things seem to be all the absurd.Islamic countries to believe is to let civilization back to the 7th century legal environment, and ultimately bring the world.

    This position is the most clear voice islamic state officials and their supporters.They taunted the so-called "modern".In conversation, they insisted that not - it is impossible to shake the prophet muhammad and the early followers of grounding management concept.They often said the non-muslims feel strange or old laws and allusions, can apply traditional concrete and Muslim early text.

    In September last year, for example, the islamic countries o main spokesman ABU mohammad Dana's emirates (SheikhAbuMuhammadal - Adnani) is called on western countries such as France, Canada muslims

    find out the infidels, "stone smash his head," kill him, with the car run over and killed him, or "trashed his harvest."For western audiences, such as described in the bible's punishment, with rocks batter to death and destroy crops, and he sounded more modern vehicles suicide call with the odd.(as if to show that only by the imagination can be intimidating, Adnani said secretary of state John kerry as "had not been circumcised strange old man.")

    But he is not just nonsense.His speech with theology and law on the meaning, he urged destroy crops directly reflects the Mohammed's orders to don't invade Wells and crops - unless the Muslim army on the defensive, in this case the infidel (kuffar) muslims should not have compassion on the land, should go to poisoning.

    In fact, the islamic countries belong to muslims, and a Muslim.Yes, it attracted a psycho and adventurers, most of these people's dissatisfaction with the Middle East and Europe.But its most faithful believers often preach religion that stems from a Muslim consistent, even is proficient in reading.

    In fact, the islamic countries to make all the big decisions and implementation of the law, persist in their news and announcements, advertising, plates, stationery and claims on the COINS "prophet", namely the meticulously follow muhammad predicted with an example.Muslims can reject islamic state;Almost everyone to do

    so.However, maintain that it does not have religious, not a one thousand to the organization, not to want to fight with the theology, this kind of practice in the United States to underestimate the ability of the organization, and support plan against the group of foolish.If we take measures to make it not strengthen, and let it in their excessive enthusiasm burning themselves, we must be familiar with the knowledge of the islamic state of inheritance.

    In the eyes of supporters, islamic state authority to control territory is a necessary prerequisite.Adapted from institute of "war" research results map until January 15, said the caliph kingdom under the control of territory, as well as the region they attack.Where to power, the islamic countries to impose taxes, price management, set up the court, and management from the medical insurance, education and communication services.

    1. The pious

    Last November, the islamic countries issued similar television advertising propaganda, it traces the origin of bin laden.Islamic countries admit, from about 2003 until 2006, was killed and the brutality of the leader of al-qaida in Iraq ABU musab al-zarqawi (AbuMusa 'balZarqawi) for its more direct pioneer.Then took the other two guerrilla leader, followed by

    caliph of Baghdad.Remarkably, osama bin laden's successor, unsmiling zawahiri (AymanalZawahiri) is not mentioned.The incumbent al-qaeda leaders in Egypt eye doctors did not allegiance al-baghdadi, more and more get the mujahideen colleagues to jealousy.Zawahiri's lack of charm will not help him isolated;He squint and impatient on video.Al qaeda and islamic countries, though, the division has been around since at the beginning of the formation, at least partially explain the latter have an unprecedented bloodlust.

    With a zawahiri lonely is a man named ABU mohammad al Ma Kedi west (AbuMuhammadalMaqdisi) priest, Jordan, now 55, an al-qaeda knowledge of designers and most important jihadists, but ordinary readers read the newspaper did not know.In the vast majority of doctrine, agree Ma Kedi west and the islamic countries.Both are with known as Salafism (Salafism) branch of the sunni sect doctrines jihad close pie.Salafism alsalafalsalih derived from Arabic and means "devout ancestor".The ancestors are the prophet himself and his earliest followers, Sara who will they advocate for all action model, these actions include war, clothing, family life, even the dentistry.

    Wait for the arrival of the "Roman army" islamic countries, they are in Syria big monk defeat "" Roman army, then start the end of the countdown.

    Ma Kedi west was zarqawi's mentor, he took the elders tutor taught to combat in Iraq.Over time, however, Mr Ravi frenzy over the tutor, and eventually denounced by mentor.The problem is that in ABU musab al-zarqawi bloodthirsty crazy - and, as a kind of creed, he hated (wing) other muslims, to expel and killed them.In Islam, phil tuck (takfir), or out of the church, tell from the theology is dangerous."If a man said to his brother, 'you are infidels," the prophet said, "only the one that's right."If the plaintiff error, can apostasy sin because of false accusation. Punish apostasy sin is death. However, ABU musab al-zarqawi freely on expanding our scope of behavior may make the Muslim heretics. Write Ma Kedi west warned students need to be careful before, "don't announced large-scale tucker phil" or "declared the apostate as guilty of sin."Apostate and the difference between sin may be more subtle, but it has become the fundamental differences between al qaeda and the islamic countries.

    Deny the Koran or holy Mohammed prophecy is directly apostasy.But ABU musab al-zarqawi and cultivate the islamic state of position is that many other behavior can also be a muslims expelled from Islam.These behaviors including, in some cases to sell alcohol or drugs, wear a suit or shave, elections -- even vote for Muslim candidate -- and don't want to call others casually apostate.Most arabs is a Shiite, and also to meet these standards, because the islamic countries think shia for innovation,

    and innovation in the Koran is to deny the original perfection.(islamic countries claim that shia imam (imams) usually practices such as worship the grave and open era, the lack of the Koran or prophets model according to.)This means that about 200 million shia heart should be put to death.As a result, the head of all the islamic countries should also be put to death, because running for office or execution of laws, Allah has artificial above sharia law.

    According to phil tuck creed, the islamic countries by massacre to clean up the world.Because of a lack of people from the area is the objective of the report, don't know the real situation of the holocaust, but from the area of social media, according to the article almost constantly a man be put to death, and every few weeks to mass action of

    execution.Victims of the most common is the Muslim "apostate.It seems that no saving throw against the new government of christians can be executed automatically.As long as they pay treasure called ji's (jizya) tax, admit to give in to them, al-baghdadi will allow them to survive.The Koran is not authorized by the controversial.

    Moussa crane tonio imam (MusaCerantonio) is an Australian, is said to be one of the most influential islamic countries recruiters.Musa believe that prophet foretold caliphs ransacked, Istanbul, later will be the saviour

    led troops routed, and anti Christ died, and only thousands of jihadists still alive - will hit the end of the world.(PaulJeffers/FairfaxMedia) European wars of religion has ceased for hundreds of years, people no longer because of difficult theological controversy and do a lot of sacrifice.So maybe westerners about theology and practice of islamic state news skepticism and negative attitude.Many people do not believe that this organization will as it claimed pious, do not believe it will be like the action and statement shows conservative or believe in the end of the battle.

    The suspect is understandable.In the past, those who blame muslims follow ancient scripture westerners was criticized by the scholar should have - especially the late Edward [" old "- he said muslims usually vilified them another kind of form.On the contrary, these scholars call for attention form the ideological conditions - misgovernment, social moral decline and live in just because contain oil and valued humiliation suffered by the people of the land.

    To recognize these factors, cannot fully explain the rise of the islamic countries.However, only pay attention to these factors and exclusive ideology reflects another kind of western bias: if religion thought did not have much influence in Washington or Berlin, so must draw CARDS (Raqqa) or mosul and it doesn't matter.The masked executioners beheaded in the apostate Allahuakbar (allahu akbar), sometimes he was

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