this round of inflation is the winner of savings for the poor

By Esther Hunt,2015-10-05 19:11
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this round of inflation is the winner of savings for the poor

    this round of inflation is the winner of

    savings for the poor

    The wheel: this round of inflation is the winner of savings for the poor

    -- the 19th of the economics of the people's livelihood gossip

Among the poor rich inflation, deflation, I made a

    comprehensive analysis of China's poor groups, it should be said that engel's coefficient is used to define group has lagged, rich and poor is China's national conditions, as long as the family, their loans in the bank didn't basically is the poor, regardless of how many deposits for the family, because this deposit will shrink more vain, only loans to investment, loans, the more the more rich.

    Ferocious this round of inflation in China, and China's duration insufficient consideration of the degree of social impact on inflation, the government macro policy makers all day dreaming, thought that can solve a problem by administrative means, thought at the top of the CPI meeting in November, just yesterday and economists to walk the fallacy, said in

    November's CPI is this round of inflation at the top, they have no preparation, no CPI will be more than a month in 2011 in November this year, in 2011 in June, will surge in food prices, the CPI will be closer to 10%.

    We can imagine, another month, officials routinely go to some of the low-income families, hug a child, give a red envelope, even the two drops of tears, newspapers reported on TV, this is not conducive to solve the problem of the poor.The Chinese government had the successful experience of solving the problem of the poor, for example, in 2009, the first industry investment growth as high as 51.8%, growth in spite of the high, actual spending only 200 billion, which would make a peasant family in 200 billion.Because this 200 billion without province, city, county and township level 4, but the money directly to the bank card transfer to a peasant family, avoid the administrative agencies of the four layers of exploitation.

    In fact, during the period of inflation, the government of all low-income families in no bank loans, goes on living subsidies, to patch up all life rising commodity prices, poor groups can help the real through the most difficult time.The subsidies come

    the sooner the better, can't drag, actually has a lot of family life difficult, the price of daily necessities at fist striking, eating into their little income.In the best years ago, will benefit all transfer to their bank card.

    In addition to this part of the family, there are two big groups, in this age of inflation, should also take extraordinary measures to relief.At the university of student loan is a big group, graduate, has yet to pay off the loan in one year, should be relieved from their loans, the amount is not big, only less than 20 billion, but involves 1.8 million college graduates, some of them work haven't landing, some salaries are very low, so still can't afford to loan, the government had a duty to revoke their loans.

    Part of this is unemployed migrant workers, some in sleep little tunnel.This part of relief is very difficult, because they are far from home, a special case, spreading is very wide, should find relief together.Chinese society should also initiate their public welfare relief, do something for them.

    The three groups are currently living difficult class has already

    happened.As the inflation is more and more serious, their life is more and more difficult., from the perspective of monetary subsidies should they are completely.Because their income, entirely by the hard labor in, they worked so hard to save a little money, is for the sake of their own physical security, however, an inflation, the inflation rate is more than 10% in real terms, but cruel plunder their savings, lead to more and more difficult, so that life is unsustainable.The government is not in subsidies, but their real labor income, return to them.

    If the government can't to subsidies and rescue in time, they just satisfy individual poor family holidays to hug a child, give a red envelope, tears flow, so the surface of the article can be done at ordinary times, now don't do it, it will kill people.We should have some real relief behavior, help our compatriots, through the hardships of life.Inflation is fierce in tiger also.

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