Kim ki-duk empty room reviews live in the world behind

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Kim ki-duk empty room reviews live in the world behind

    Kim ki-duk empty room reviews: live in the world


    The 61th Venice film festival, Kim ki-duk relies on "the empty room" won the best director silver lion prize.He felt, like the actor in the movie, with the hand heart drew one eye left hand greet reporters around the world.Some say gold guide, the meaning of this action is: south Korean films is a third eye to see the world.And I guess, that's not a third eye, just a common eyes, perhaps the director just convey a meaning: in the movie and see the world behind.

    Eyes - from the right side of the left eye the most on the left to the right eye -- is 180 degrees.It seems destined to our life will be split in two - visible was known as the "in front of the world", while the invisible is referred to as "behind the world".Maybe it's because of the invisible things always have a strange sense, so most people choose to live in front of the world.No matter how bad the world, after all, the visual range, everything is not easy to lose control.I don't know whether this reason, the gold guide to Thai stone (the actor in the "room") to take us into the world behind the are always unknown.

    This is a film walk between two worlds.And Thai stone is a live in the world behind the man, can't imagine that he was once encountered anything in front of the world, was born and live there.Film, as the Thai stone first open an empty house, we also saw the world behind for the first time - children cluttered room has a broken toy gun, the phone call record the machine of the sitting room is master when you travel to the blessings of relatives and friends.Then just know, originally the world has not imagined fear behind.Thai stone to take a bath, then wash his clothes, and eat, repair a toy gun, watching TV, rest, in addition to a little lonely, also did not think his life and what's the difference between us.Until his master, Thai stone will leave after everything restorable.Movie this is from the world behind the back in front of the world: the return of the men and women host a face of displeasure, her husband think already meet the

    requirements of the wife to travel but still can't see his wife's good face, but his wife is constantly complained about this travel...Contrast emerged: the same room, and master came back of the room is filled with fidgety, not the master's room to be warm a lot of, or, in fact this is two different world.Originally, the world is behind the quiet, peaceful and comfortable.

    Film continues to be, Thai stone deep in the beautiful courtyard met and scar good abused by her husband, I do not know whether it is because love, he rescued a good China, take her away from the cruel.And good in front of China also followed him to leave the world, came to the world behind the life.Thai stone actually understand: only here, good pain can be cured.

    Film still wandering between two worlds, but I don't want to face the film described out in front of the world -- because only the beast in the world with her husband's abnormal behavior, seemingly "sweet" suspicion between lover, abandoned the old man's son's hypocrisy and unscrupulous police to sell.By contrast, live in another world, Thai stone kind China is happy, in here, they take love dependency, cure the pain of body and mind, good China and Thai stone also surrounded by lonely no longer.But two of the world is always linked, fine and warm, the world is not isolated behind the xanadu.Hypocrisy, the son of the Thai stone sent to prison, but also good to China was forced to go back to that hell house.Film here, give a "desperate".

    But the film immediately blocked this unpleasant taste, and spread the "hope".After all, if the heart is warm, cold won't because of the harsh reality.Back to "hell" good Chinese believe tai stone will come back, she was no longer at the beginning of that be ravaged frail woman.Her strong to live in the house, and began to brave to face alone the devil's husband, and then quietly waiting for.And prison Thai stone also finally found love and living method, since in front of the world without the place where they can live in the radical left, live in the world behind.Then appeared in the movie that was painted in the eyes of the heart."Third eye", it wasn't just a normal eyes -- a can't see behind the eyes of the world.

    Thai stone came back, but it is only used to live in the world behind good huaneng against it.When stupid husband will be good to China's "I love you", and the good China is behind in his world, and the stone kiss when we see the complete victory of their love.At the end, the husband to go out, and in the room rang with Thai stone is good for the first time to China to play music.Good China know, at this moment, Thai stone is behind the world.She spread her arms, push the lover to the wall, and then turned.This is the last scene, the film is also the only one in front of the world and the world behind the complete combination of moment.In the entire world, only love a pair of lover - the picture is so beautiful.

    This is a good and ideal film.Good because film can give people a warm feeling.The ideal because we can never be like Thai stone thoroughly live in the world behind.But I think, at least in our lock on the door to leave, leaving behind the empty room, we can often look back, and see the world behind.There, there will be have been us warm discarded in silently waiting for.

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