Secure email system to know how much

By Carlos Foster,2015-10-05 03:32
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Secure email system to know how much

    Secure email system to know how much

    At this stage as the embodiment of public office, business of constantly updated and progress, information transmission between each enterprise or enterprise must rely on the email to send and receive and transmit.According to incomplete statistics, the Internet transfer of billions of copies of E-mail every day, and if these emails in the form of plaintext spread on the Internet, personal privacy and company secrets will there be intercepted at any time and the risk of browsing.In order to avoid these risks, and so the concept of secure email.

    Secure email to know how much?

    As one of core enterprise network application, E-mail information communication provides strong support for the enterprise.While brings people convenience, E-mail also brought, such as spam, password been

    deciphered, mail is security issues such as monitoring, with the development of the secure email technology, by E-mail security issues are being gradually resolved.

    With numerous manufacturers in the field of secure email related research and exploration, a few in the market now is given below email encryption software.

    Zeeman mail angel

    Zeeman mail angel, is a based on RSA encryption algorithm of elliptic curve systems designed to encrypt e-mails, safe and reliable guarantee letter.The system use user public email address as the email encryption public key.The sender USES the recipient's public key to encrypt for mail, the receiver to receive encrypted email, with a trusted center according to its own private key to decrypt the generated email address, the whole process without the participation of the third party.


    PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), is based on the RSA encryption algorithm of elliptic curve mail encryption software.The system could be used for mail encryption and access control, prevent the grantee to read, also can to mail with digital signature so that the recipient can confirm the mail sender, and can be sure that email has not been tampered with.It

    provides a safe way of communication, and implementation does not require any confidential channels used to transmit the key.

    Ann systems designed to encrypt e-mails

    Ann EBPS (Even Better Privacy and Signature) E-mail encryption system, can be used to mail confidential in order to prevent the grantee reading software system.It can for mail with digital signature which can make the reader to determine the mail sender, satisfy the user's network information security, and do not require any confidential channels used to transmit secret key.In addition, it also can be the file is encrypted, support security of office automation, security of network file transfer, and security of E-mail.

    Above three security email system, basic technical to RSA elliptic curve encryption algorithm to encrypt E-mail, but as the state password administration in constantly update and change password algorithm, for this kind of simple encryption protection over the normal mail, has been completely unable to meet the future trend of development.

    In combination with the user habits, in terms of access control and the classification of the flow also does not have the appropriate solution, but for enterprise users demand is relatively simple, basic can satisfy the using demand.

    Age million letter SecureMail security enhancements email system

    Age million letter SecureMail security enhancements E-mail system from mail itself, mail transfer, storage, access control, according to the need of enterprise, the agency handling classified mail, for government departments and enterprises and institutions to provide a safe, controllable, convenient information transmission function, meet the internal security work data transfer, storage and communication needs.Compared to other encrypted mail system, SecureMail to mail network transmission and physical storage to take the whole encryption, strictly follow the national secret codes, both user habits, more suitable for government and military unit business office.

    To sum up, with each big manufacturer continuously explore in the field of secure E-mail, the prevention technology also has the very good application in the field of and improve.But standing in the user level, users themselves also need to strengthen a sense of email confidential.

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