Economics godzilla a monster

By Jay Ward,2015-10-05 01:51
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Economics godzilla a monster

    Economics "godzilla" : a monster

     Summer movie, has always been businesslargeIn the world.This year alone, there is a"The United StatesCaptain 2 ", "out of shapeKing kong4 ","The x-men: reverse in the future》《Sleeping curse"And so on

    more than 10 Hollywood film.Investing hundreds of millions of these films, was sold on the basis of large scenes and big star, or adaptation of the novel, or a sequel to blockbusters, are heading for hundreds of millions of dollars in hundreds of countries around the world market.Although there is a literary film fans for this type of PG - 13 "no

    brain popcorn", but for the vast majority of ordinary viewers, sorching summer to two hours in the cinema blowing air conditioning feelings of visual shock, it is the first priority;Walk not to walk, the heart is no longer important.

    In the summer of this year, there is a film is more special, this is what's the hit of the domesticgodzilla".Talking about"godzilla"This name, maybe after 80 audience will be the impression - that is a big, nuclear radiation, loves to destroy the city and looks a bit like a ugly monster version of the dinosaurs. The monsterJapanOriginal works, for the first time in 1954, it was born in Japan after the war, with a strong sense of Japanese worry: the monster is not an accident of birth, it comes from the radiation of the nuclear bomb.Just to Hiroshima and Nagasaki suffered bomb attacks in Japan, to alert the world with the monster, is justified.

    godzilla"The launch is welcomed by the audience, so has been taken down and smell business opportunities in the company conveniently also introduced all kinds of toys, and other special radiography for grafting, for example, had" altman Xgodzilla"This </