Economics godzilla a monster

By Jay Ward,2015-10-05 01:51
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Economics godzilla a monster

    Economics "godzilla" : a monster

     Summer movie, has always been businesslargeIn the world.This year alone, there is a"The United StatesCaptain 2 ", "out of shapeKing kong4 ","The x-men: reverse in the future》《Sleeping curse"And so on

    more than 10 Hollywood film.Investing hundreds of millions of these films, was sold on the basis of large scenes and big star, or adaptation of the novel, or a sequel to blockbusters, are heading for hundreds of millions of dollars in hundreds of countries around the world market.Although there is a literary film fans for this type of PG - 13 "no

    brain popcorn", but for the vast majority of ordinary viewers, sorching summer to two hours in the cinema blowing air conditioning feelings of visual shock, it is the first priority;Walk not to walk, the heart is no longer important.

    In the summer of this year, there is a film is more special, this is what's the hit of the domesticgodzilla".Talking about"godzilla"This name, maybe after 80 audience will be the impression - that is a big, nuclear radiation, loves to destroy the city and looks a bit like a ugly monster version of the dinosaurs. The monsterJapanOriginal works, for the first time in 1954, it was born in Japan after the war, with a strong sense of Japanese worry: the monster is not an accident of birth, it comes from the radiation of the nuclear bomb.Just to Hiroshima and Nagasaki suffered bomb attacks in Japan, to alert the world with the monster, is justified.

    godzilla"The launch is welcomed by the audience, so has been taken down and smell business opportunities in the company conveniently also introduced all kinds of toys, and other special radiography for grafting, for example, had" altman Xgodzilla"This combination; andgodzillaThe identity and world view began to constantly deepen, myths, nuclear background from the start, startScience fictionTaste, it is also becoming more and more invincible, to later, has become a "god" level of god beast, no weapons on earth

    would destroy it.Children will, of course, the cult, the toy is becoming more and more popular.

    Development to this point, godzilla's influence is also not only in Japan, more extended to all over the world.Just finished filming "independence day" in 1998, Roland emmerich's accepted the godzilla Hollywood version of the remake task, ready to build a version of the monster destruction in New York "disaster movies".But unfortunately the much-anticipated production because Roland personal, unique taste anyway: he seems to be more shooting is a happened in New

    York"Jurassic park, "spielberg in almost all the design classic scene in the movie by Roland handbook;The most ridiculous is that originally invincible, the envy of all atoms monster, unexpectedly turned into a can easily be human weapons to eliminate big lizard.Although the end of the film the north American box office, but the commentary ruchao evil, a sequel to "godzilla" plan has run aground, this only big monster came close to say goodbye and audience.Finally, in 2013"The Pacific rim"Renewed the enthusiasm of the audience monster movie, the new version of godzilla also meet with the audience.

    The new version, for the sake of both the original version, modified, and Hollywood version of the three versions of fans, integrate the three versions of its good qualities and from it, its shortcomings are to be no.Retain the original version of the nuclear bomb were, and in recent

    fukushima nuclear leak grafting;Improved version of godzilla is successful to wash white, become a monster, defend the human has kept this setting, in the new villain into a suspected large mosquitoes "he";Hollywood version of the battle happened in the city, a new version of the same, just from New York to San Francisco.

    This more than a decade, CG technology constantly development of the film, the audience was "transformers" "The avengers alliance

    "Avatar"The city and other large take turns to baptism, screen blown scarred has not surprising."Godzilla" if it's flagship "monster destruction city" stunt, obviously can't compete with the above this kind of super large.The director to do subtraction films wisely: first of all, is a large number of class BthrillerNarratives, most of the time aim the perspective of the human face of fear, let the audience to wait in dark monsters appear on the screen;Second, do enough foreplay, through various experts dignified expression and dark tone, the audience into the concept of "godzilla terrible";Finally, one and a half hour before all let godzilla pious covered surface, and only in the last 20 minutes, played out much fewer but better, even the godzilla for stunts "breath" nuclear power (or you call little monster foo) also took only twice.

    Director do subtraction, let the large tracts of way of doing things have different temperament.Nuclear breath, for one,The trailer, didn't appear in the main picture for the front did not mention, but when the

    development of the film's climax, godzilla suddenly back at blu-ray, trick, full applause, the scene is quite stunning, really majestic demeanor.Go out as a result, the audience shouted "godzilla invincible", make the film in the United States has achieved so far this year the best evaluation of commercial blockbuster box office also easily run in two hundred million.

     Domestic audience, however, don't think so. After all, most of the audience like the transformers of this kind of from beginning to end, "godzilla" crazy do subtraction, let you want to cool down all the way to the cinema audiences feel not enough, so the evaluation of the film, in douban has six points out.Well, if you want to pleaseChinaAudience, seems a sequel by a domestic special edition, the bits in the first episode, only appeared in the TV news in the movie monsters vs lens, all positive on the big screen, so as not to lose the second China constituency.Of

    course, if you can make "godzilla" like "transformers" 4 in the storyHong KongAnd chongqing is better.Let the monster came to China to take a walk to have a look, spray flame licksFloor of a building, there is no doubt that more will Dally going up!

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