Google and ford car in research and development support gestures to control function

By Pamela Harrison,2015-10-04 18:21
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Google and ford car in research and development support gestures to control function

    Google and ford car in research and development support gestures to control


    At present, the Internet giant Google and auto makers ford car both in research and development support gestures control function.May soon, drivers need to wave only, can open a window or air conditioning at will, like the movie "Minority Report" (Tom in Minority Report).

    BusinessInsider information website quoted The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Telegraph) reports that such cars on-board camera to identify

    specific gestures, to replace The car all kinds of knobs and buttons on The dashboard.

    From Google and ford respectively issued patent application can tell the driver how to use gestures to operate, how to make use of the wave action switch Windows, etc.For example, took place near the wheel will start wiper or light;In front of the instrument panel twisting hand can open air conditioning or car radio;It is able to open the skylight with finger, etc.

    Has been developed the Google driverless cars, but also to put forward another vision, that is, the passengers can use gestures to bearing for on-board computer instructions.However, Google said, in an age of still need the driver to control the vehicle steering, gesture recognition is the most useful, because it can let the driver while driving buttons will not be distracted.

    Google is explained in the patent on wrote, "the user is in when operating a motor vehicle, able to perform some additional features, such as, site navigation, adjust the temperature inside the car, or adjust the music volume, etc.

    Users can to gesture in certain areas in the car.For example, the steering wheel, air-conditioning outlet and so on.Default gestures may

    include, the car passengers by hand, fingers, arms, legs and head and other parts to make any gesture.Default gestures or including, esau's hands, gently pat, point to, grab, gathered or wave, etc."

    Google is put forward, in the car loaded 3 d vertical video cameras, in order to identify gestures, and by voice or display to confirm the selected function.Google lists the gestures can be control list of functions, including, adjust the size or single faster car audio sound into or adjust the air conditioning wind speed and temperature, etc.

    Google has also proposed that gestures can also change the cruise control system (cruise control system, CCS) speed, adjust the seat position, etc.

    As to how this gesture recognition system will work, Google is described like this: "if the user area near the window to sweep hand movements, motor vehicle will determine the movement range, and then according to the signal amplitude to determine the degree of lathe open."

    In addition to Google, ford also issued a similar patent

    statement.They gesture recognition of auto control system is also use the camera, in order to get the driver intention of relevant information, and instructions for identification.By ford's patent, users can pull a virtual

    window to open the skylight, or use gestures to control windscreen head-up display, etc.Drivers can through a thumbs up or thumbs toward the lower action to confirm the gesture.

    In addition, the system will also be able to tell the ford drivers pay attention to the road conditions ahead or even identify the owner's identity.

    Ford, however, are not the first development of loading of gesture recognition system of car manufacturers.In last year's Consumer Electronics Show (Consumer Electronics Show, CES), Mercedes Benz has presented a basic gesture control system.

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