what hold up the aura of a 85 - year - old aged

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what hold up the aura of a 85 - year - old aged

what hold up the aura of a 85 - year - old aged

    11:30 PM Beijing time on December 10, Sweden Stockholm concert hall is the most important day of the year.The annual Nobel Prize award ceremonies will take place here.Chinese scientists tu a purple dress dress, his chest with a shiny brooch, she sat on the chair on stage of no. 8.Tu won the 2015 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, it is also the Chinese mainland for the first time, scientists won the Nobel science prizes nature, this is an historic moment for China's scientific community.

    For an upcoming celebrated their 85th birthday, the Nobel Zhou Zhihang is a test of physical strength.But our tu, grandma stood still asked myself to go to the podium award, on behalf of the state to feel the moment of glory.Yes, we tu grandma did it.Awards in the music of Mozart in the open, the awards ceremony begin from physics, when tu the podium, from the hand of the king of Sweden Nobel MEDALS and certificates, pingsha warm applause.

    Stir than the annual Nobel awards ceremony of the world, we tu grandma's appearance, and more let us and even the attention of the world.That is tu grandma's chest that chic unique brooch.

    A brooch it props up a 85 - year - old woman's aura

    In the Swedish capital Stockholm concert hall, the 85 - year - old tu presence undoubtedly became the focus of the world, dressed in bright purple dress, meaning "sabingga sukdun dergici jimbi", all show the east women's noble and elegant.A highlight of the whole dress up, of course, is that has a unique meaning brooch is wearing.

    According to reliable sources, this pin is a blend of the phoenix tail, bat's wings and various elements of the female body, professor tu English abbreviation T.Y.Y. and ingeniously integration into the design.Combination of various elements out of a beautiful symbol, stack with each other and form the grand solemn like a lion.Phoenix auspicious air entrained by carrying bats (f) to that great and home to many women revitalized, coupled with

    the plain beautiful violet gem, is the only!Having a unique style, exquisite, purple gems and awards night light purple dress photograph echo, all show elegant and dignified.

    And also this brooch is only tu are eligible to wear, is said to be in memory of her discovery of antimalarial drug artemisinin and special design.Our tu grandma is with this purple stones brooch, just make oneself more healthy and energetic.

    A colored silk scarves for years too weak and she sparkled

    Long before the awards, only a high-profile appearance, tu is on 7 December, at Stockholm's karolinska medical school speech: the artemisinin - traditional gift to the world of traditional Chinese medicine.

    The day tu wearing the blue dress, by the Chinese fashion designer Galo tailored for her, clothing biggest bright spot in the chest part with lace knitting pattern of a. annua.Huanghua pole lines interwoven in the beauty of the female body.And that shiny brooch modelling, also is just what she attend the awards yesterday wearing name TYY purple gem brooch on her behalf.Yet on this day we tu grandma the most eye-catching is the neck of the bright yellow scarves.

Yes, this is the silk scarf, the day we tu grandma is wearing a purple silk scarves, purple

is a symbol of an auspicious qi from the east, like the Lao tze out letter of valley, overflow the

    auspicious air, surrounded by gold leaf to the type of a. annua is blended in among them, make whole squares overflow the noble color.This silk scarf can let us tu grandma in the exposure of the camera and energetic ~

    Nobel awards last night, let us tu grandma in the help of the design master Galo, boarded the palace of fashion.A 85 - year - old man in front of the cameras to be healthy and energetic, refreshed, costume design and collocation is important, of course, but an item worn on clothing collocation have played a role in make the finishing point of the pen.Below small make up for said in an ancient and fashion trend in the world never fade in two item!!!!

    Old is one of the most highlight women temperament item: brooch

    Audrey Hepburn and parker's "the 1954 butterfly brooches," the film will brooch set off the beauty of women of acme and classic.So from the 40 s, it has become a highlight of the woman dressed in a elegant thing in the world.

    Every elegant lady suits your style of brooches, to attend important occasions, can be the icing on the cake.Don't say brooch is a washed out former adornment, know the taste, delicate life, you deserve to go up a brooch, is the real woman.Don't assume that only older have the status of women have to wear a brooch, actually you can in your life.

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