Why kobe Bryant couldn't get into the NBA history before ten

By Loretta Green,2015-10-03 05:59
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Why kobe Bryant couldn't get into the NBA history before ten

    Why kobe Bryant couldn't get into the NBA

    history before ten?

    As the Los Angeles lakers star kobe Bryant, announced that he retired at the end of the season, we should now turn your attention to Bryant's accomplishments.

    Distance of kobe's career ended with only five months, so now seems well suited to discuss his ranking in the strongest players in NBA history to now.And of particular concern is that kobe Bryant can enter the NBA history before ten?

    Through careful analysis of the data from the answer is no.Even if Bryant has so distinguished career, but his resume and those who enter the hall of fame super can recognize nor too.

    Victory contribution value: kobe Bryant ranked 15th place

    Victory contribution value (Win Shares) is also the Reference created by data statistics, and the data can be the most completely provide a measure of NBA players level.This gives us NBA player provides a way to compare different era.

    Although complete statistic until 1977-78 season, when league start statistical error data) to become a reality, also the Reference has already not be recorded before the error is estimated and other data (including before the 1973-74 season steals and blocks of data), which is throughout the contribution to the victory of all the players in league history value provides the approximation can be Reference.

    Now, Bryant's career victory contribution value in all the NBA players 15 (172.5), and even though he improve their performance level, to the end of the season, he was beyond the row in front of his reggie miller (174.4), the possibility is very small.But because his performance in the opening game of this season's so bad, that is, in fact, so far this season, Bryant's career victory contribution value has decreased by 0.6.

    The added value of expected title: kobe Bryant ranked 20th

    Miller high rankings reflect use victory contribution value as historical measure the problems revealed by benchmarking: they tend to value the player's career length rather than performance quality.In order to better reflect the influence of these players in their team, I developed a new model, the statistics of each of the victory of the season first contribution value, and then use these values to judge their generation into a typical team won a championship.

    The model shows that victory is the relevance of the contribution value and the value is exponentially and nonlinear.For example, a victory contribution value of 15 season (such as kobe Bryant in 2005-06 season) and victory contribution value of 10 season (2010-11 season Bryant), compared to the value of the former is almost 3 times of the latter.

    According to this model, according to the preliminary version of the player in NBA history is expected to win the added value of (ECA) (expected championships added) rankings, Bryant was ranked 20th, only between larry bird and Moses - Malone.

    So the question comes, why Bryant ranking is not high in the high order statistics?

    Kobe Bryant's performance in the model to be slightly less, because the god of his real data super season is not much.In terms of victory contribution value statistics, Bryant performance is the best season in 2005-06 season, the 102th most in NBA history data, and like Stephen curry, 2014-15 season ahead of him.

    And this with other higher-order statistics shows the results are quite consistent.Kobe Bryant in 2005-06 season PER value in the history of the NBA can indeed to 56, but according to my WARP value, since the start date of the data of 1977-1977 season, his best season (2002-03 season, WARP value reached 20.4) ranked 72th.

    ESPN's real is negative (RPM) even tougher.Because it requires a detailed statistics of live, so the RPM only in the 2000-01 season began, but in this period, Bryant's best data (2007-08 season, per hundred round + 6.3) ranked 80th.

    Such integration indicators generally indicates that in accordance with the standards of grade history greatest scorers, Bryant's performance is relatively inefficient.According to the real shooting, Bryant is the best season of the 2006-07 season (true shooting percentage of 58%), and other star's career can at least achieve the level of the season, Michael Jordan seven times, lebron James has seven times,

    and Kevin garnett has played seven seasons, there are five seasons to reach this level.

    In view of the fact that kobe Bryant is not a special rebounders or organizer, and also on the defensive statistics is not particularly good, so as a scorer, he needs to make more contribution than similar position players.Kobe Bryant can only do this in your peak season.


    In general, support Bryant's great idea always mention the lakers got five championship during his career.Although the team honor attributed to individual far-fetched, but Bryant's performance in the playoffs for his name.

    His career in the history of the NBA playoff victory contribution value ranks no. 8.If count the value of the contribution to the playoffs in, can make the history of the 20 top go out, but let him directly into the history top 10 is inaccurate, I'm afraid.

    Bryant's peak is not only black by higher-order statistics.During the regular season MVP this honor, because he only get a trophy, so he only has repeatedly won the award of the list of 12 players (including his former teammate Steve Nash).

    Although some would say kobe should have won the 2005-06 season MVP trophy, in that season, he created the usage record in the NBA player, and of the gift co., LTD. The lakers into the playoffs, but in 2007-08 regular season MVP, kobe Bryant to a certain extent also benefit from a "lifetime achievement" the affection factors, thus beat Kevin garnett and Chris Paul got the award.

    Cumulative vote according to his career MVP vote, kobe Bryant ranked 11th in NBA history.

    To sum up, I finally set the kobe Bryant NBA ranking in 15th place.You may go, or push back a few, it depends on how you weigh the playoffs and the achievements of the regular season, how to divide the weight of the peak value and the length of the career, and how to alliance game level changes over the years.

    But Bryant's career is coming to an end, but did not achieve enough achievement to support ten before he entered the NBA history.

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