10 bad habits is injured you your body

By Timothy Dunn,2015-10-02 15:31
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10 bad habits is injured you your body

    10 bad habits is injured you your body

    Everyone must have some not good daily habits, at first glance seem to is a lot of range often do, but these seemingly no little habits, but it would be possible to let your body unknowingly, small make up today about the sorting out of the 10 are often do have hurt bad habits, take a look at what!

    1. The nail biting

    Many people should be a nervous nail biting, but a habit that will harm the nail and the surrounding skin.And there is a saying you, we hand west east touch touch every day, there was a lot of bacteria, nail biting oral bacteria will unload into the skin, the bacteria in the nails will run into your mouth, and throat infection may cause gums.

    2. Pull the hair

    Some people are nervous or depressed will pull a hair, but will often pull hair scalp damage, serious can cause temporary or permanent hair loss.And if often have compulsive hair-pulling, are likely to have mental illness, the need for psychological and medical treatment.