10 bad habits is injured you your body

By Timothy Dunn,2015-10-02 15:31
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10 bad habits is injured you your body

    10 bad habits is injured you your body

    Everyone must have some not good daily habits, at first glance seem to is a lot of range often do, but these seemingly no little habits, but it would be possible to let your body unknowingly, small make up today about the sorting out of the 10 are often do have hurt bad habits, take a look at what!

    1. The nail biting

    Many people should be a nervous nail biting, but a habit that will harm the nail and the surrounding skin.And there is a saying you, we hand west east touch touch every day, there was a lot of bacteria, nail biting oral bacteria will unload into the skin, the bacteria in the nails will run into your mouth, and throat infection may cause gums.

    2. Pull the hair

    Some people are nervous or depressed will pull a hair, but will often pull hair scalp damage, serious can cause temporary or permanent hair loss.And if often have compulsive hair-pulling, are likely to have mental illness, the need for psychological and medical treatment.

    3. The twisted my neck

    When some stretches the physique, the neck to the left and right sides bending force, send out the voice of raise price, make the behavior of the super cool, but often this can let neck ligament damage, for a long time can cause arthritis, even as the neck injury lead to stroke.

    4. Nothing to touch your face or pick face with her hands

    Because the facial skin is very thin, often go to touch your face or pick my hand is out of control acne and acne words will hurt the skin.And if pick blain blain to dig into the blood or wound scar, is not to my hand is out of control to get it, because always pick not only can let the wound slowly is good, can also lead to melanin precipitation a scar, this time will be the darling with medicine is the best solution.

    5. Molar

    Many people will subconsciously when pressure grinding, but the grinding mill too serious damage of oral health, cause the teeth to break, or fracture, severe dental crowns or root canal would need to repair, may also damage in temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

    6. Eat hard candy

    When eat hard candy, touch on the teeth sugar can lead to tooth decay, bite hard hard candy may also cause tooth damage.So if you want to eat candy, had better eat less hard, or it is to eat jelly, sugar candy.

    7. Licking their lips or bite lips skin

    Some people have the behavior of licking my lips, but often do so will lead to the touch on the form, bacteria cause inflammation lips, even dry cracked.If it is bite lips skin, may lead to fibroids, serious may need an operation to remove.

    8 bit oral cavity wall

    Sometimes people will bite your oral cavity wall with anxiety, but often do so would make the bitten place swollen, easier accidentally bites, and if the same place often mouth broken, may result in the oral cavity.

    9. Chewing gum

    Occasionally can eat chewing gum, but excess of chewing gum may cause excessive use, jaw muscles and jaw joints caused by flipping showing the situation of the child, may also because at the time of chew eat too much air cause bilge gas.And many people eat sugar-free gum, there are a lot of artificial sweeteners and sorbitol, for the person with bad intestines and stomach may cause diarrhea.

    10. Bit written

    Many a nervous will bite pencil or pen head, but it just like nail biting is a bad habit, because the mouth of the bacteria and the bacteria in the air will fall on the written, so it's easy to you.And bites pen, can be sprayed a mouthful of ink, and even on the teeth, gums and other soft tissue damage in the mouth.

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