The movie royal testimonies reviews

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The movie royal testimonies reviews

    The movie royal testimonies reviews

    Sakamoto said: "this story makes me afraid, so this time I only do music..."

    What kind of movies, can make sakamoto such masters are afraid of?


    Such as flower

    In 1865.

    Kyoto destroy west temple.

    The last and greatest swordsman group in Japanese history "new batch" recruiting new warrior.

    New batch at the head of the kondo (Cui Yang plays) and deputy at the head of the earth (takeshi kitano play) on the side.

    In a series of killing, and the team the best swordsman okita reference later, one of two young warrior is selected, one is the son of Kyoto businessman, warrior after Ghana saburo (matsuda rompin play), is a former bitter mu family low-level Wu Shitian generation puma (tadanobu asano play).

    When meeting new choose samurai, earthwork of woman is beautiful to Ghana appearance and kondo and vague eyes.

    The story unfolds.

    At this point, the leng yan handsome young, blurred eyes, three points indifference, three temptations, a cruel, attracted me from the bed, will continue to watching the film.

    The beautiful flower, smile like mei 18 years old boy, such as flower in full bloom.



    "Royal statutes" is the meaning of "discipline", it includes are strictly forbidden to leave, it is strictly prohibited private dou, fundraising, it is forbidden to violate bushido spirit, etc., in a year before the house of ikeda after a bloody battle even increased such rules: at the head of the dead, subordinates must die.

    The day after the selected to execute a FangSi debt warrior, Ghana selected execution.

    He said a sentence "forgive me", simply and neatly cut off the man's head, body without splashing a drop of blood.

    Kondo applaud his "courage".

    On the sidelines as earth is secretly thinks, it's no concern of courage, "he must have killed people."


    Day envy beauty, the Oriental countries with the same nationality have the habit of gossip, the arrival of the handsome young ghanaian is like a pebble thrown into silent deep pools, inside the "new batch" aroused the ripples.Time, rumors, someone says Ghana was a virgin;Some listed the admirer of Ghana;Someone says Ghana in avoidance tashiro pursuit;Someone says Ghana to the age of 18 had green bang, seems to be homosexual tendencies, and so on.

    One day, earthwork, respectively, with Ghana hotan generation try, Ghana significantly higher than that of tashiro is better.

    But, Ghana and generation of Ghana has lost to the latter, when competition turkmen thus determine two people having an affair.

    , stare at the title and obscene eyes, that is infatuated with Ghana yuzawa.

    In autumn, and over the kondo denounced rebellious people to cheung chau.

    Earthwork staying home, clean up the military discipline, including with the arrival of the Ghana again! The wind blow.

    At this time, it is necessary to mention the "new group", it is the Japanese shogunate natural principle flow in the tide of late fall shogun (fencing) and then went

    kondo led warriors team, in the recruiting outstanding swordsman, stationed in nonyl tuen, with "the statue of king, buzzing, auxiliary screen" for the purpose, is responsible for maintaining public security and Kyoto town down movement.

    Met with in the meantime, Ghana, okita belong to the natural flow of earth sent 6 group captain inoue.

    Rumours say kondo and ruled the three practical new selected groups, but character otherwise inoue, art of using saber is than the other three.

    One day with Ghana inoue, two out of the window into the shogun warrior sent a mockery.

    Earthwork command inoue and Ghana to find two people wash shame.

    Yuzawa at this time, use of Ghana's remorse and unrest, getting the chance to possess him.This lens is processed by a big island quite beautiful, Ghana as a virgin skin even women from sigh climbed.

    "I want to hug you in my arms, listen to the birds in the morning", yuzawa, said I was a quiver in the heart, such a wretched man, could spit out so poetic romance.

    Heart cried at that time, Ghana is done.

    Really don't want to see, such a handsome boy, let this wretched man to flash.

    Open an umbrella, two people walk on the road, Ghana's look, really like a lotus, generally with a pink face flush, gently stir up the corner of his mouth, shy grinned, desire language is not language, a man how can have this kind of expression, how can you are more beautiful than the girls?

    Ghana out two days to track the samurai's whereabouts, the "new batch" is responsible for tracking the eyeliner was slain.

    So that night attack with Ghana inoue samurai nest ogawa pavilion, but an ambush, inoue broke his foot and Ghana was pierced the enemy in the head.Fortunately, okita rescued two people bring reinforcements arrived.

    Along the way tashiro bother to call in a coma for Ghana, caused the yuzawa the villain's jealousy.

    "Ghana, Ghana, wake up!"The night of the injured in Ghana tashiro regardless of suspicion, sincere.

    Kondo returned to Kyoto in winter.

    In a snowy winter night, yuzawa with Ghana happen again after break up with tashiro yuzawa threat to Ghana.

    The lines, though short, but by the high fever: "I will kill...... you."

    Then he was killed.

    Earthwork command team supervisory yamazaki investigation, but no clue, can only do is according to the clues to determine a go-between.

    Kondo earthwork deal with Ghana things.

    Earthwork let yamazaki to Ghana for a prostitute.

    Yamazaki repeatedly invited to Ghana to a brothel, but were refused.

    After a month, showing friendship in Ghana to yamazaki and request the latter take him to the brothels.

    But, Ghana did not touch a prostitute, but on the way back and forth to yamazaki ambiguous said.

    As Ghana of jade fat fingers caught yamazaki that full of calloused hand, my heart is a nervous, that's how a hold?

    Is late, yamazaki night ambush, play the attackers in a hurry and dun, left over from a team at the scene with a knife.

    Yamazaki investigate the knife is tashiro, earthwork and thus conclude that tashiro kill yuzawa, kondo ordered to kill tashiro and performed by the Ghana, under the supervision of earthwork and okita in the dark.

    At this point, yamazaki gunmen mission is over.

    Want to get is a risk-averse turn Ghana - okita played.



    Night, the earth and wait okita bushes on the edge of what.

    Okita hit the nail on the head to point out the close relationship between the earth and the kondo, kondo and earthwork ambiguous attitude of Ghana.

    Then give between earth tells about a man love the story of "the union of chrysanthemum", as he tells earthwork in mind a few scene: the mist in the river, one is that I go to the white of Ghana, the second is okita towards the white Ghana, both scenarios he ruled out, his mouth muttered "not", "not so," his mind in the third scenario is dressed in red, Ghana to okita, four eyes relative to two people.

    At this point, the tandem came over Ghana and generation of will be drawn to them.

    Ghana take knife to tashiro said carried out the death penalty for the team.

    Tashiro said loudly, "is that you kill yamazaki, the knife is you stole from me!" "Even if die, also want to be with you".

    And in the end, tashiro had died in his favorite people in Ghana's hands. Should still with a smile, when he died because of Ghana before his death once said so sweet.

    Wanted initially, Ghana when tashiro neck knife rack, tashiro said this sentence. At this point, the picture is upside down now, by the Ghana speak this sentence, made tashiro thought at the beginning.

    "Forgive me."

    Ghana to start work.

    And this love oneself the most warm and deep person, Ghana is the most hated. From him and killed him, after the death of tashiro is still in his knife, you can see, even yuzawa dies all had no such treatment.


    The destruction of

    It all falls to okita and earthwork, two people all like to think. On the way go back, okita said suddenly occupy, turned down the road go back. Earthwork understand what will happen, but not to stop them.

    He stared at okita figure thought way: not you like Ghana but Ghana like you!

    Okita, still cannot be refused to Ghana.

    In the face of Ghana, only kill him!

    With Ghana a scream, and check for that story.

    Voice-over: earthwork ambivalence activities

    The young ghanaian under the man's teasing, demon possessed...

    At the end of the lens is earthwork flick knife cut down a tree blooming cherry trees, suddenly, the ground out of profusion, fell all the way...

    Like the last picture, bizarre and magnificent.



    Images are very clean, often a few pen, tension is quite rich.

    Such as Ghana kill tashiro evening he sat in the temple on the steps, whereas hongxia rolling out the clouds of the sky overhead, this gorgeous fantastical scene give a person with infinite daydream space, building for the upcoming horror and beautiful atmosphere, also eliminate the necessity of a language.

    Such as tashiro first want to garner the mating that night, the whole picture is tashiro slender hand on the shoulder of the white in Ghana hesitate to stay a long time and slowly withdraw the lens, not a porn features and already in the air is full of desire.

    Such images abound, work wonders.

    This in addition to the big island in the scene when the writers design, also has excellent photographer chestnut Tian Fengtong credit.

    Kurita also able to fade way used as film, the film picture presents a kind of classical and romantic style.Many lens, a slow and steady pace, give a person a kind of ceremony like serious and solemn feeling.In two people avoid using distancing in scene play shake, but use, is make the person feels close to cut clip, also complied with the film composed, rather slow rhythm.Gentle pace and concise and expressive scenes, film calm while, the atmosphere has famous wind model.

    Very clean lines and deal with the narrator.

    Film the lines of the main characters are very few, short sentences, earthwork of

    mental activity is often performed by concise voice-over.

    And rumours voice explanation to the short of subtitles, scene to replace the commonly used blinds open effect and so on, has increased the grave feeling and sense of history, make movies tend to be quieter, the quiet and peaceful actually contains so much evil and entanglements, this creates a great tension between form and content.

    More icing on the cake for this is the master version of the dragon is a soundtrack, with his own words - music is actually a soothing words, this story let me chilling.Once upon a time I appeared in the "merry Christmas on the battlefield, this time I only do music.Because I'm afraid.I don't want to become players.The only slightly sad music, is more of a depression, fear, and comfort.Comfort.I think I am not a cruel songwriter...

    A brilliant film leave the outstanding score, it makes you ignorance without sleep and ubiquitous, actually not a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, but the icing on the cake.Version of the music to make the picture flow up, and suppress or s-curve images perfectly, make in the air as if all filled with the sweet smell of blood...



    It is worth mentioning in the actor matsuda rompin in Ghana, the father is deceased hard niche matsuda optimal (he played in "witness" building in the deeply familiar to Chinese people), he had learned under the condition of his own mortality is still making cooperation with gao cangjian, Michael Douglas film "black rain", in the real performance full of something congenial, as he said goodbye to the curtain call of life, and small matsuda in the real or imagined androgynous good, it's not hard to see how he inherited from their parents, "ghost" gas gene, and rub it into the "demon" of his own composition, lines at least, the heaviest weight but he had just stepped into senior takeshi kitano, Cui Yang a dwarf.

    And wang hui in Japan travel, often recall the beauty of the university of Tokyo cherry blossoms, early spring in April, blossom flowers, the view, it's bright and determined.

    Think of cherry blossoms fell in the evening, think of the end of the film, earthwork that holds the hatred and confused, splitting a knife to the cherry trees, white flowers, like countless luminous stars in night, smashing scattered;Think of Ghana and yuzawa after sex, quiet face with half-naked charming chest;Oda nobunaga's words: think of 50 years, human death is like dream, the world, is there immortality not go out...

    This story, has nothing to do with everything.

    Every dream.

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