IDC in 2016 in the field of big data and cloud computing seven predictions

By Cathy Bradley,2015-10-02 03:13
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IDC in 2016 in the field of big data and cloud computing seven predictions

    IDC in 2016 in the field of big data and cloud computing

    seven predictions

    Above, IDC released in 2016, the prediction of the top 10, chief analyst Frank Gens urge enterprise transformation or die, and points out that in 2016 the first theme is "digital transformation corresponding to expand."Gens also pointed out that the scale is "compete for the key to the success of digital elements", at the same time warning, "into also size, and scale".

    In the next few years, digital transformation (DX) would promote "all things IT".IDC DX referred to in the economic success is refers to the use, such as mobile devices, cloud computing, big data analytics, Internet of things, such as artificial intelligence and robotics technology to "through new products, new business models, the new relationship between customers, suppliers and distributors to establish competitive advantage".

    The following is the author based on the IT industry, digital transformation and CIO agendaLive webcastIDC predicts 2016 version of the editor.

    To reach large scale digital transformation

    In the next three to five years, the enterprise committed to the digital transformation of large-scale, produce DX economy.That "mass close customer relationship" this seemingly paradox terms, IDC expects this will be the organization must face the biggest and most complex enterprise-wide DX initiative, need a basic cultural transformation and operation.In addition, the company will continue to vigorously develop customer base, and have to launch a more personalized customer service.

    Due to the low pricing of frustrating DX economy, therefore, must expand the scale of the customer.IDC incentive enterprises as the "5 million global customer service".Expanding customer base, and how to interact with them will undoubtedly increase yield, to maintain market share.

    Gens in IDC webcast said: "IT spending driven by doing new things, rather than using new technology to do old things".

    Each company will be a software company

    DX economy (mass) will be mainly driven by the code.Growth and competition ability more and more depends on its digital innovation ability "- they are the size of the software development team and talent. DX economy, code and data are innovation.

    This makes "software engineer" in the 21st century's most attractive work.Companies will compete to hire them to do these very important work, and the key role of software designers is to create new, generate income, improve the productivity of application software;Mining potential of new technology (such as the Internet of things);Embedded data analysis.

    Redefine various CxO roles and activities

    In many companies, the CEO will be directly involved in the digital transformation plan, to ensure that it the major part of the company's overall strategy.CEO will be actively involved in recruiting the best software development engineers, and "must understand that as technology companies need extremely bold statement".Lines of business (LOB) executives will management software development engineers and must be good at technology.

    CIO will have to adapt to them and their organization more and more in the face of the role of the market, but also efforts to develop and maintain the company's internal relations, and the competent business cooperation, and go deep into the software designer working in business department.

    New management position, namely, chief digital officer (CDO) is required, but it can be made of business-savvy CIO to fill in.Cios must have IT transformation plan, from as caretakers of the infrastructure to service providers.When the digital transformation ignores IT, he (and CIO) can be used as "real change agents" and "engine".

    Cloud computing will be a new IT

    "Cloud" priority to as a "cloud computing" is the core of enterprise IT new become the new mantra of enterprise IT, IDC, said of the Gens.The cloud will find the most feature-rich IT products.

    Possess advanced DX plan of enterprises will establish a cloud platform and/or with cooperation, to expand their digital supply and sales network.Public cloud market will have a major consolidation (reduced to 6 "platform"), at the same time, the cloud platform will be rapid development of the industry.As the center of the cloud platform, GE and other construction, build innovation group, to reinvent their industry and how to mass production and the diffusion of innovation is very important.

    Big data become larger

    DX economic success will depend on the ability to establish "data pipeline" robustness, two-way enterprise data flow in the pipeline.New APP embedded in the data analysis (cognitive services), and in the next few years, the top of the latest investment fields appear in the understanding of context and automatically select the next best action function two aspects.Company will look to their own data to make money and to participate in the competition of "data" to promote innovation.

    IDC, said the master "cognitive" is must do, its proposal in 2016, it is imperative that machine learning, because "in the industry's many start-up companies already use it against you".

    Internet of things will is the key of DX economic drivers

    In almost every industry, Internet of things devices and solutions are possible to redefine the industry a competitive advantage.IDC expects the most active development of the Internet of things will manufacture, transportation, retail and healthcare industry.

    The IT industry reshuffle in the future

    Part of today's important IT vendors will be acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions, downsizing or relocation.In this environment, enterprises must constantly monitor and evaluate their solutions provided by suppliers and partners, ready to adjust the relations of these as needed.Perhaps more than any other sector, cruel is that if you play in the IT industry, either change or die.

    In the face of IT industry growth volatility, IDC suggest IT buyers increase investment in supplier/partner management, adherence to the public and multi-source strategy, and find ways to share the risk and return.

    As Gens reminded the audience in this webcast,Last year, IDC predicts"By 2018 years ago, a third of each industry's top 20 companies will be has the digital transformation of rival collapse".At that time, the Gens advise to companies in all industries "amazon" itself, but also predicts "amazon" work will be done by amazon.

    Indeed, amazon and other natural network company (also known as "digital natives"), such as Google and Facebook, don't need a "digital shift", they define "digital".This raises a question: "DX economy" will be controlled by a relatively young company, tell from the business, the company has its development on the road all digital transformation, with "IT" as their business, rather than the "function" or "service"?

    IDC predicts that by 2018, for 67% of the world's top 2000 enterprises, digital shift will be a key strategy, and by 2017, more than 50% of IT budget will take on new technology.According to the survey of the CIO, this means that the IT investment allocation of an unprecedented rapid change.Take just one example, deloitteA recent surveyFound that employed by major companies of the world's more than 1200 senior technology executive, just 15% of CIO is investing in new technology, and only 16% of the IT budget is spent on "innovation" business.The Gens statement in the next few years "IT cost by doing new things to promote" contrast.

    In IDC predictions about DX economic progress of the challenges and obstacles, there is almost no reference.Prophecy mentioned in May slow down the rapid shift as speed bumps) (not to mention the only factors influencing the rebound is privacy and security (the latter only under the background of the Internet of things).

    However, this is the nature of the business.The prophet said not ambiguous, talk about the possibility of situations, or why their predictions may not errors or reality.They expect to provide us with quantitative uncertainty, and warned us, if you don't follow this the only road to the future, we will be "chaos".However, I believe, if their predictions as a great summary of contemporary conventional wisdom, is very valuable, and also can discuss and debate what happened in the past few years as a solid foundation.

    IDC DX in the divination of the crystal ball economy, raises a Garter

    companyProgrammable economic(a lot of technology to the traditional value of the exchange of concept of change, allowing individuals and intelligent machines defined value, and determine how to exchange).

    Industry analysis, inc. (such as IDC and Garter) expect to tell us what it's like to be in the future, and the goods they provide.Tim berners-lee founded such inventors and amazon, Google, Facebook so ambitious entrepreneurs, create the future.However, in most cases, the future is unexpected, no one can predict.

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