Flu on the national integrity in the Korean movie film comments

By Carl Wallace,2015-10-01 18:45
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Flu on the national integrity in the Korean movie film comments

    "Flu" on the national integrity in the Korean movie

    film comments

     Chinese fans see "flu" pretty shocked, because China does not allow this, repressed is broken.Especially the modern theme of disaster movie, "super typhoon" aftershock may appear was forced to listen to the instructions of the people's

    liberation army to kill the suffering people?Dark side can reveal the government?Answer is NO!That cursed to pieces the laundry list of the main theme of "the founding of" while disorderly shouted "long live long live the revolution! Labor" slogan, but "the may fourth movement" the play was remarkable, because people see a reaction and rebellious.We are not not good work, but did not dare to criticize the authorities and officials, afraid to expose bloody slaughter, has become China's movie deadly BUG.Feng xiaogang "1942" is actually want to alluding to 1962, it's a pity that he can only put gas in the kuomintang and the Japanese head, that lead to take seriously, so many people look down upon him."Flu" from the Angle of the film, is absolutely worthy of "large" "blockbuster" Titanic ", although a bit zombie world wars that lousy tail, but looking at a few moments.

     Fire brigade rescue workers Jiang Zhijiu accident rescue the beautiful female doctor Jin Renhai, but due to the loss of important papers by boss strictures.And a group of southeast Asia into after disasters came to South Korea, natural plague and virus.Below, dead bodies became virus causes the container, the government was forced to blockade the region, and even generate conflicts of mass destruction, until the American fighter behind hits, the suffering of people on the brink of death.Although there are many fun details too old, BUG without more scrutiny, but excellent mother and daughter, brother, such as the family are well.Such as a soldier was shot and killed his son, fall in sick mother bosom, dismal sad;Again after such as little girls have antibody, mother can't find her panic, suddenly found that his daughter will run through the yellow line (in the government who crossed the yellow line shoot-to-kill), also desperately blunt go out, cause everyone around me surprised, that kind of true human nature side to get incisively and vividly.

     Especially the "flu" in the last 30 minutes, the U.S. imperialism and the south Korean government outside the coke in soft, black foreigners' incredibly dare devil out in front of President rod, force him to kill the infected people, and even called the aircraft bombing, that on the south Korean leaders lording exorbitant flavor, is endure which cannot endure?But this also explains why the mass graves, why have forced isolation, why the country's economy will take off, with the americans in the back.Again as the officer holding a pistol to his head, forcing his shooting unarmed people and children, his panic in the volley, only cause outbreaks of South Korea's President, had a cow, with the devil break, many fans feel oppressed or say banned detonation.Because this kind of bitter political satire, rebellious, ultra, ultra bold to


     Has directed "samurai" of cheng-zhu jin director, following the "totally conquer English manual" after ten years of "flu", do come through.Although still stick to the family and the love as the main line, but the flu shot is abnormal, of thrilling, domineering, compared to last year that sucks the wireworm invasion many times stronger.Love back to you in the distance, the heroine show sad affliction, but the beginning was torn dress, the little girl's unique, surprising.Artist jang hyuk dust and scars, but difficult to melody hero, played with the milk of human kindness.That followed artist jang hyuk melee villain officer, as well as feats, fierce, is simply astounding.Out of the north to escape cha inpyo, this play South Korea's President, is also vital qi LingRan reviled the U.S. imperialism, especially national integrity.

     Films, a small virus to South Korea and the United Nations, no peace, is full of bizarre fantasy color.And the government all the people infected are burned, cause people's uprising is really shocking.As a disaster movies, "flu" is not just show breathtaking, display technology, reveals the human nature, more contains spicy political satire, so after a period of landscape in an instant, from pure contagion the disaster has risen to national affairs, demonstrations, riots, group of play, such as shooting big condition but also for shock.Disadvantage to say is that the end is too positive energy, small girl found a virus antibody, American bombers were South Korea's President, has scared away, so relaxed and harmonious lousy tail end, did not rise to the magnificent holiday "tai chi flag flying" the shock strength, only a step short of the classic.

     From "skyscraper", "band-aid", "the room seven gift", "I am a murderer", "seize the guy", "the watchdog", "Berlin", "terrorist live", "snow country train" and "flu", and then sohn ye jin "accomplice" pirates "and so on, Korean movie from a certain level in the last two years, content rich variety, good quality, able to bear or endure look to take off and grow is obvious to all, to some extent, reached the second level in

the world.Hope this trend could continue, of course people think South Korea is also a

lot of movies, but they go to a movie, so big respect people's safety, is highly praised.

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