Mediatek war high-end market, eight nuclear cell phone CPU at the end of the year

By Brenda Wagner,2015-10-01 11:30
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Mediatek war high-end market, eight nuclear cell phone CPU at the end of the year

    Mediatek war high-end market: eight nuclear cell phone CPU at the end of the year

    Once swept cheaply low-end mobile phone market in Taiwan mediatek chip companies, are now battle with the high-end smartphone market.Mediatek's ", "the banner of the looming above reads two words: technology.

    "Eight nuclear smartphone is the trend of The Times. In the fourth quarter of this year, our eight core chip products can be achieved."Mediatek says ZhangWeiLi, general manager of the new China, mediatek chips products from low-end to high-end market, there is only one way to go, that is "technology follow" change the past.

    It's hard to use a word to evaluate or forecast mediatek changes might happen in the future.In very long period of time in the past,

    mediatek is almost synonymous with cheap phones, but on the other hand, the company relies on its unique mode of "turnkey" almost unify low-end machine market, and this kind of commercial pattern later imitated by its competitors, including mobile phone chip industry overlord qualcomm.

    "If mediatek has achieved some success in the past, that is" turnkey "success of the business model. Now, mediatek hope the technology can also lead."ZhangWeiLi said.

    On the brand, however, is not the dominant mediatek, if you want to play "technology" brand, in the high-end market validation from customer (terminal manufacturers), is not easy.ZhangWeiLi acknowledges that company's brand of this transformation, take some time.

    "Nuclear war did not take.

    In the industry to "stress on mobile phone the number isn't it a misleading" at loggerheads, mediatek proudly announced, using its eight nuclear chip smart phones will be in production at the end of this year.

    In mediatek, a white paper, "it's eight nuclear" three word has attracted the attention of outsiders.According to mediatek, with the existing eight nuclear solutions on the market "can only run half the CPU

    core", mediatek's eight nuclear technology can run all the eight core chip at the same time.

    Learned, mediatek rivals is not cannot achieve eight cores run at the same time, but for reasons of power consumption, to adopt the corresponding configuration, make part of the core on unnecessary when asleep.Different is, mediatek claims to be able to solve the problem of "balance of efficiency and power consumption".

    "Smartphone is more and more emphasis on" multitasking ", so, multi-core processing capacity has become an integral part of the mobile chips."ZhangWeiLi said multitasking equipment for the requirement of high performance and low power consumption, can be done by optimizing technology.

    Unlike mediatek, qualcomm thinks "smartphone processors need is high quality, rather than more nuclear".

    "To boost capacity, a method is simple and crude on the single chip accumulation more nuclear."Qualcomm mobile computing marketing vice President Tim McDonough says, the focus should be on building the world's most powerful core, rather than simply increasing the number of core chip.

    Tim McDonough take their chips, for instance, qualcomm launched last year Xiao dragon S4 Pro processors, and the latest Xiao dragon series 800 processors, the two are quad-core processors, number of CPU

    cores did not change, but the latter in terms of performance is improved by 170%.

    To high-end market

    "Four popular now, not very mature eight core chip, mediatek at this time to emphasize its eight nuclear technology, perhaps for reasons of strategic transformation."A declined to be named industry observers point out that in a long time in the past, mediatek "slow half racket" market movements had let it difficulties, market share by spreadtrum, willing to rivals such as Ericsson to encroach on, mediatek to maintain the interests of the original or want greater development, only in some way for the lead.

    "Mediatek and strong competitor's technology gap is

    shrinking."ZhangWeiLi said, "in function machine to smartphones, 2 g to 3 g, the footsteps of mediatek slower than competitors for a few years time. But now its different, mediatek 28 nm process exactly ten five frequency of LTE 4 g chip will be officially launched at the end of this year, can realize the terminal production to the first quarter of next year."

    Mediatek don't deny that it is holding the "technology", the banner to qualcomm unconquerable in high-end smart phones a declaration of war.However, mediatek in to high-end smartphones in the process of chip market, will inevitably encounter obstacles brand.

    An obvious example is that even if mediatek produced compared with high performance, the price is quite a difference for the high-end mobile phone chips, the terminal manufacturers may be more willing to choose qualcomm instead of mediatek.Unless mediatek in high-end market price, but it will lose to the meaning of the high-end market.

    "So, mediatek only provide different from competitors products, can not be left behind."ZhangWeiLi thinks, mediatek to an extension of the high-end market not only need to shorten the technology gap, more need to become a technology leader in some respects, if has been in technology following state, can't really entered the field of high gross profit margin.

    Even so, mediatek or will be affected by the competition on marketing position.Like qualcomm CEO Paul jacobs, the signals to the market: the current mobile phone chip market this emphasis on the number of nuclear trend, won't last long, both consumers and terminal manufacturers, they eventually will be the end user experience, rather than several nuclear.

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