Hitchcock the shadow of a doubt the film and television commentary

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Hitchcock the shadow of a doubt the film and television commentary

    Hitchcock "the shadow of a doubt" the film and

    television commentary

    In the United States in 1942, shadow of a doubt.When filming, Hitchcock as far away as London's mother fell ill. Before long, the news always chew a Hitchcock's heart, taken late mother died in London, and a number of reasons such as Hitchcock because the war failed to see mother last side.It Hitchcock in the process of the whole creation has been steeped in the home, miss the past, he could take the memory about the town's memory, about family and love to the film, so we have a group of film portraits of family member's wonderful.Not only that, if knowing Hitchcock's own character, also can be surprised to find that his character to separate number, and then these features in many roles of projected on the film.He seemed to have degrees, and will be two places at once into his role.

    Also because of this, Hitchcock also more than once said in an interview: "I made the film in the United States, [the shadow of a doubt] is my personal favorite."1943 movies, popular, this is the first one has been admitted as a master hand of Hitchcock film.This also let Hitchcock movie from the category of pure genre director, into the deep thinking of the world.

    The best group of characters

    Hitchcock in [the shadow of a doubt] provides the audience with his best portraits of people.Often, his film characters often become the victim of a plot only suspense of assembly parts.And this one, but he let the suspense and sensational plot less aggressive, but to make the film the portrayal of characters of novelists describe the kind of detailed and accurate and sophisticated.Every character in the film are memorable.With the main body, Hitchcock foot height with pen and ink, and that even the most understated in a supporting role, also still can flesh and blood, high light.Hitchcock himself also realize this: "[the shadow of a doubt] provides a rare opportunity for me, the suspense,

    the combination of plot and character so well. People usually is not my top priority, but if we can have a good character, I will feel very happy."

    The charm of uncle Charlie: dis-guised

    In 1942, the district KeKeGang made unsuccessful capture fierce] [cape, preparing for next movie.Producer David Selma, g under one tube play writing letters director Margaret tapping Neil.Margaret's husband at a dinner party to Hitchcock provides a theme.This is a real news: in 1928, named el Leonard nelson killer in the United States was sentenced to hang, the man in the mid - 1920 - s killed 22 consecutive wealthy widow, known as "the merry widow killer" of terror.Hitchcock was very interested, tapping Neil couple did for him to write the story of a nine - page paper outline, and also to "uncle Charlie."The protagonist of the film, the cold-blooded killer uncle Charlie, namely is determined.

    In the film, uncle Charlie, after killing a few wealthy widow returned to his native town sister home from hunting, and expect to here.Sister, the daughter of his niece, also called Charlie, is a youth is the beautiful girl.Little Charlie very admire my uncle, this fantasy adventure outside tall man can bring her ordinary to boring day a chance.But in the process of two people close to, uncle Charlie's face has been uncovered.In the process of revealing the truth, small Charlie's spirit to the brink of collapse continuously, and uncle Charlie's image in front of the audience constantly fullness.

    Film at first, uncle Charlie will show their own understanding and alert, he get rid of the process of two detectives hunting, calm don't panic.He disguised as a serious patients, on the train turned in the root, walking difficult, avoid, that the person finds everything new and fresh.

    When he arrived at the town, for all show a charming gentleman.In the script of Hitchcock, for his appearance is very neat, and finicky.He with successful people smile, articulate, compliment my sister is the most beautiful girl.At the dinner table talk about his travels the world sailing of the bar.Bring a gift for every family, to a wrist watch brother-in-law, mink collar around for his sister, niece little Charlie a turquoise ring, nature of these people do not know these things belong to dead widows.Collect himself in the many years of home sister family photos, show their is a deep love for the family.He is full of a sense of humor, even when saving on the bank to the brother-in-law, intentionally joke about brother-in-law, although called brother-in-law is a little embarrassed in front of colleagues and bosses.Women make a speech to town, won praise of celebrities in the town.

    Just little Charlie soon discovered the secret of hidden after the perfect image, uncle Charlie is afraid of his own secret, so cunning side began to emerge.He found that there is about pursuing their own news in the newspaper, then get the newspaper to the elder sister is young daughter and son play the game of the house, with the cunning methods reported off into his pocket, avoid call family found.

    When little Charlie found uncle Charlie is "the merry widow killer," uncle Charlie cold side to show it, he will kill his niece.In order not to reveal himself, he first put on the wooden ladder to the second floor of a block floor saw outside to will break, small Charlie stepping down, almost down the stairs.This plan failed, he took advantage of little Charlie will go to the garage with a car, the car to start the state beforehand, pulled out the key, the exhaust pipe began to row of exhaust gas, small Charlie into the garage, he was outside the door jammed, exhaust soon be full of the garage.But the meter or failure, he finally forced to leave town, he asked Charlie to send him on a train, on the train, various, finally out of the insidious way to deal with the merry widow, pinching niece's neck, and I will put the niece launch a speeding train.

    Uncle Charlie, all the charm, humor, a bit, cunning, cold-blooded and ruthless "quality", both in the film from beginning to end "dis-guised" be together, and this "dis-guised" very successful, in addition to the detective and small Charlie, everyone thinks he is a perfect embodiment.Die in the end, the people of the town for his funeral, eulogy said he is a small town "proud child, brave, generous, kind..."

    Hitchcock had, after all with this than woven plot is used to describe a leading role, rarely described a villain role again so touching.We like little Charlie hate him, but not as the small town of people to be sympathetic, hard to resist the charm of the mixed with poison.

    The back of the niece Charlie: evil

    Another film contains rich personality character is inseparable with uncle Charlie's niece little Charlie.She and my uncle's sinister character exactly the opposite.Her frank and pure, lie in bed all day want to own life is too boring, and to care about their father admitted this boring: "our family life broken... every day is like this, dull, inflexible boring life, I was so upset recently. Our future will be how?"His father told him that the future will not bad, he just up.Little Charlie angry: "money! I said in my soul, you say money. We only eat sleep, never to talk about serious."

    The girl frank dissatisfaction with the status quo and indulge in fantasy, although is very cute, but it is also the beginning of her nightmare.She felt outside make uncle Charlie, there will be a fantastic magic can scoop up her life from sediment flood at the bottom of the, hold up to a piece of brilliant sunshine.The train just from my uncle that moment, she has found some catch in it somewhere.Small uncle Charlie character and the like, is intelligent and perceptive wit.When she found out that my uncle off the train first stumbling on crutches, when the train, but immediately the pace is quick to take;Uncle send her gift, she is observant and immediately see the ring ring groove surname and memorials of others;She found her uncle and children play games to get the newspaper is to hide some newspaper pages.She keep these details together step by step to find "the merry widow killer" of the truth.

    But she could not reveal the truth, because she is too kind - this is superior in small Charlie character weakness, she knew she if alarm, mother will despair by brother depravity, the family will be completely broken, so she can think of fighting method, just try to secretly persecuted the terrorist's uncle left town.

    Small to expose uncle Charlie, Charlie and explain clearly between she and my uncle was a kind of love, she also to have to ask my uncle to do the electric chair.Between the love between the family and love, and there is a kind of "telepathy" phase.At the beginning of the film, uncle telegraph said to go back home, find little Charlie was also thought of my uncle to "save" his boring life, she told the telegraph the waiter said it was "waves" soul.Jiu nephews two people meet, she was very affectionate to my uncle said: "mom feel we are like, name it using your name for me, I also feel we are much alike... we're not just my uncle nephews relationship, there is another kind of relationship, I know you."And uncle referred to as "the merry widow killer" in the newspaper, little Charlie would be gratuitously constant hum poem named "the merry widow" waltz, it is deliberately set mind waves.

    To this, Hitchcock such interpretation in an interview: "my idea is: the young girl will love her whole life's uncle Charlie."Says from the Angle of creation, such as if the

    world will never split open of black and white on both sides of "love", bonding was Hitchcock inner evil thoughts relationship with the natural goodness of two sides.Size of confrontation in the film, Charlie is the complete combination of heart.

    One of bush's biography "the genius of the dark side," cites montaigne's words to explain/shadow of a doubt that some split personality in this type of Settings: "we are double self, so we can believe that we do not believe, but failed to get rid of what we condemned."

    In a supporting role: the director

    [while forcing] in a supporting role in the play are not much, but for these little people, Hitchcock are also a few lens can replacement very vividly.And the biggest characteristic of these figures, all from the director's own or internal memory.

    Little Charlie's father and friend Herbert, both some town residents of the matter, but the two men to detective stories have a common interest, they are of the greatest

    pleasures in life, is to explore how to kill each other.Dad said way of killing is usually directly, he said he would take a hammer die Herbert.While Herbert like to kill the little Charlie's father, by carefully set with poisoned arrows, poisonous mushroom, poison, for example, he even put soda water to simulate the process of poison in the coffee.Two people, called "relaxing" after work.These lovely and terrible discussion, apparently Hitchcock projecting your greatest interest in the role, but looks very interesting.

    Uncle Charlie's sister, the little Charlie's mother, the role of a loving mother, with her little Charlie as pure, goodness, and shy, somewhat pedantic.She likes loud on the phone, for this little daughter Annie always laugh at her: "it's embarrassing, others will think mother have never seen a phone call, she doesn't understand science, think loudly to far."She make the cake must comply with the order, the detective as family investigators want to give mom take pictures of the dozen eggs when making the cake, the mother is very stubborn: "are you going to take my egg, must wait me blend the butter and sugar first!"

    This role is Hitchcock to his mother as the prototype, these little habits, is the habit of Hitchcock mother, Hitchcock even the name of the mother "Emma" in the movie together.Hitchcock's mother ill news came when filming, then talk about filming mood, he said: "I must admit, I was thinking about mother in London. The danger of war, her health is regressed. She was always appear in my mind. I think, if we want to create the mother's role in the movie, naturally think of her mother. You can think of in the shadow of a doubt mother comes from a memory I fiction."This kind of memory, is the foundation of mother role and moving extremely.

    In the film, Charlie's family is the most lovely in the two kids.Younger son is sensitive to digital, from home every day for a total of how many steps to go to the bakery.And he likes taking the break in on adults' conversation, strange question, that is full of curiosity of young Hitchcock.Love reading little daughter Annie wear glasses, hand all day from the book, the phone rang, and she was holding a book, and slowly took the chair, walked over to one of the telephones and stepped on the stool to answer

    the phone, to talk, or staring at the book.She likes to use written language, speak and learn to drop book bag.Her interest in the book from the director himself, she hates father who can't read the book, but like to watch "ivanhoe" such a romantic stories of heroes.

    "Social scientists" Hitchcock

    Starting from the film, Hitchcock is no longer a simple type of player.He will be into the plot observation and thinking to the society.

    Hitchcock repeatedly in the film in this paper, the uncle Charlie for the pessimistic view, he did not consider himself to kill those who lives by her husband heritage "the merry widow" what is wrong, because those people "flocking into the most luxurious hotel, beer and skittles, spend money like water, with their money, everywhere to show off jewelry, by the fact that is disgusting! Aged color declines, obesity, greedy woman... they are brain full of intestine animal."This very vicious, one of the social moral judgment is quite arbitrary, as a reason to kill, like [imperius line] the strong should kill the theory of the weak seem absurd.However, Hitchcock apparently expected to express their critical attitude towards this dirty world.

    Hitchcock also to some typical American middle-class life, thinking of breakthrough point is little Charlie so carefree, life's simple small town girl.After exposure, uncle Charlie in a dimly lit bar called out to the little Charlie said: "what do you think you know the world, isn't it? Do you think you are a smart girl to understand the world. But there are too many things you don't understand at all. To be honest, do you know? You are a live in ordinary ordinary little girl in a small town. Each ordinary morning you wake up, know this world nothing can make you upset. You live a ordinary life, just like that. Every day you ordinary you sleep at night, do some peace and stupid dream. Then I came back, bring you a nightmare, is there?"But the irony is the end of the Hitchcock arrangement, he clearly to laugh at the of the world.They gave

    him uncle Charlie as a brick laid to rest, the magnificent eulogy, and the truth is little Charlie hidden.The world is bound to the ugly things hidden, can really run down.

    The sociologist type of thinking on life is Hitchcock movies to see, therefore, [the shadow of a doubt] had been nominated for the academy award for best screenplay, original screenplay.In 1991, the film is the library of congress elected to the national collection list, because the movie "are very important in the humanities, history, aesthetics".

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