Phillip's critics life and death moment gripping

By Carlos Young,2015-09-25 13:58
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Phillip's critics life and death moment gripping

    Phillip's critics: life and death moment gripping

    Flight from "bloody Sunday" to "93" to "the captain phillips," green glass handheld camera become very mature, smooth and more "intangible" but more "powerful".Although the whole movie, you know the end, they would have been very nervous because of the character on the line.Hanks performance (especially in the second half) is the academy level.You don't have any emotional paragraph, only real moves.Annual excellent work!This is my feeling of the film overall.

    Paul green glass film has two characteristics, the first: don't take literature, the second: the lens is very shaking.Literature faults since the beginning of the movie "captain phillips, Tom Hanks (Tom Hanks) to

    drive to the airport during the dialogue is obviously;And lens is shaking the characteristics of the style of the continuation of pirates certification series, mainly in the boat and the scene, the shaking is reasonable, it is to watch the film will need to be familiar with the visual state.

    Deducted from the above two points, when a film into the fighting, you have to admit, this is Paul green glass (Paul Greengrass) alley.Film captain phillips from Somali pirates trying to chase alone the maersk Alabama in the United States are, in quite compact pace, the two sides battle of wits, you come to me to, leading with each other, no ice also boast it literally.Understand the focus of this film, at least in the more than 90 minutes of the length of the focus in the development of events and the leading role in the course of how to save themselves in the face of the hostage, stacked cumulative results high tension of drama was created.As the film "become" (2012) In the House, the Chinese teacher of drama principles, leading role from beginning (the movie) for navigation task to finish (the film hole) as obstacles In the process must be (the film for Somali pirates), when the obstacles to the harder and the higher the truth, the audience into play and identity will be promoted.This is the captain phillips and general movements great differences, it is not a lot of heroism, it's not one-sided god, nor as the three unique video game to kill.Even if I knew before viewing the end of the real events (the media), but is still in the process of viewing with suspense, curious about the

    follow-up will be how to develop the story?How would the hostages were rescued?At the beginning of the movie can be compared to excellent film "to kill osama bin laden" (Zero Dark Thirty, 2012) with the reference, look at the two different types of outstanding directors on a true story, the difference of the demonstration of the seals?Kathryn bigelow on things outside of events/speaks a deeper level, and the green grass is more adept at film rhythm control, make simple plot looks very enjoyable, types.

    Captain phillips in Tom Hanks (Tom Hanks), there is no doubt for movie with a lot of points.Which lays many highway to highlight his experience with a calm, in the face of threats from calm even pity, however, in the face of life-threatening, hanging on by a thread, again how strong people have to collapse.Tom Hanks in the end of the film will be a huge pressure of body and mind, collapse, trauma psychological change, interesting interpretation, let the person admit defeat, also have lifted the performance level of the movie, I think, Tom Hanks is also the most advantageous competition this year.

    Film captain phillips is one part of the subtle key in interpretation advantage transition, usually in hardware and force, also be further bargaining chip.And humanity's second, usually when threatened, eventually will still produce distortion and changes.We from ships and the defense of the boat, pirates invaded into the boat fled to reverse the

    change of the raft, navy to mediate talks with seals perform a task, you can see these subtle changes, advantage, and thus a strong negotiation power, disadvantage is inference, speculation and judging the enemy false or true, or surrender, or knees, or lose yourself in a desperate battle, is the test of thinking and choice.Is also the unarmed people, we can also sit down and reason;But when faced with a disparity of force difference (gunmen or the threat of seals), bargaining chip produced during battle and trust crisis, is quite interesting psychological defense....Film to the Somali pirates are also concerned, may be groups forced the sea pirates is, maybe no normal industrial countries may not every pirate extremely violent, but put no citizens, the bullet is not long eyes, and holding a gun in his hand, namely can distort humanity, our compatriots in Taiwan have victim, even in the strong, the weak is of autophagy in the real world, maybe made again after pretended to shoot first, is the best ending.

    Film captain phillips is excellent commercial movies this year, is not generally cool, but also need not much crowded broken head to think what meaning, just enjoy the movie itself brings tension and rhythm that is enough.This is a suitable for recommended for all people and don't have to worry about being friends abandon the safety of the film, is worthy of your watch.

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