The movie red of red, white and blue trilogy reviews of affirmation of love and hope

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The movie red of red, white and blue trilogy reviews of affirmation of love and hope

    The movie "red of red, white and blue trilogy" :

    reviews of affirmation of love and hope

    Keith rove, once said: "love is the most close to the humanitarian spirit. And we may be philanthropic, because we always in the eyes showing generosity..."Three color, "" deep red" is such a love as the main body of the movie: students and model valentina always be suspicion;Pursue karin auguste law graduates found his lover with other man touching, pure love be trampled.Coincidence of fate will snooping privacy retired judges involved in complex contradiction...Also joined in the film many subplots: old judge dishonorably to monitor telephone, young mark found himself an illegitimate child identity fall after taking drugs, betrayal, ruthless betrayal of family and love and affection, of the drug trade.As the grey tone of film (director in "blue" heavy use of blue color filter, but is not in "red"), the characters are difficult to get rid of the complex conflicts, is so cold lonely life.

    However, red is still an important part of film, almost every field will have a bit of red into eyes."Red" on the light and framing more exquisite, than the other two every scene has far-reaching lens, especially color, almost regarded as a kind of language in use.The lights from a red symbol of danger;Coffee shop symbol on red cherry juice of trauma;Red jacket symbol memory of love.In addition, jeep, shop signs, smashing hitting the book cover page, animal hospital half 1 door, large advertising street view, after the disaster frames on the screen of the reality and the past.These bizarre fusion in the film red from time to time remind us: the film convey the essence of the content is marked "red" in this casual, soulful love red.

    A love and redemption

    The bible says: love our neighbor.

    Keith love, in the film of the continuation of his usual awe to god, and the film is "love" as the core.

    The judge ask a question: a brief film there is real love?When valentina say help shopping can let the lonely mother better, old judge mockery, points out that valentina the aim is to make yourself out of guilt, is to make yourself feel better.Is actually a negative for love - the people of the so-called behavior basically is to love yourself.

    Films in the new and old two generations of the judge is clearly not by accident, he actually play the role of the judge, by the method of phone hacking by the neighbors have do not know the evil of the trial, he is powerless to change anything.Believe in the idea of old judge lives with empty gloomy, but destined to appear red in his life: valentina of this view at the arrival of the question, "after you left I told myself disgusting", he stopped to monitor and to report the case.Along with the further communication with valentina, he finally saw the light.Actually valentina is morally old trial judge, and similar to the old judge young judge auguste and become old judge

    legal trial the third judge.However, is just a trial is far from enough.Remember the last freeze lens of what it is a red?As a lifeguard red survival suit, it implicitly is pointed out that the fundamental purpose of red - "salvation".The charity of red!The red redemption!Men are not born selfish, old love is to let oneself feel to the judge, that is why we love others, love others is to love yourself, save others at the same time also save ourselves.Appear from time to time in the film, the orange light seems to be a symbol of the people's love, there is doubt about the world, the lights went off the battery runs out, and renewed hope of old and the judge said to valentina: "I have installed the battery."

    Life is tough, and will have dark corner of the sun, but we can't go and live in negative dark because it is over, because they can't get love is to deny love.Perhaps the neighbor or accidentally and you brush past people are you looking for love, but - so near.Lens, the beginning of the telephone lines on rail tracks was full of dialogue, the default the phone as a product of the development of science and technology, really brings convenience, yet at the ends of the phone is not divided, too?People from heart and emotion communication on the phone, but for many of the misunderstandings and suspicion: valentina every call and her boyfriend are suspected each other questions.Has become the carrier of the alienation of high-tech, it is this state of survival in the modern world makes more difficult to communication between people, their suffering a cold, barren, loss and despair of love, so the SINS - is the result of love, this may not be able to be tried, but can be going on, as long as we are more open, more inclusive, as long as there is love in our heart, there is hope.As director, said: human comply with a variety of disciplines, is not afraid of god punish, and more important for the needs of humanity, people always try to go beyond yourself, all this is the last purpose of moral education is not to curry favor with the god, or to please people.

    Destiny and rebirth

    Throughout the course of the film consists of soprano and orchestra in the ethereal music tells us that the world is mysterious, inevitable with accident, destiny and choice

    in the film appeared again and again.Story is by as much as I would like to be connected with the accident: books just turn off the exam questions, radio is broken and hit the judge's dog, because buy cigarettes and missed his girlfriend's phone...Recurring slot-machine seemed to herald the all this just a coincidence.However valentina said: I know why would win.So we had to stop and think - these are really just a coincidence?Obviously, the film is actually a grave of fatalism.Valentina said to her boyfriend, but she ran at half-time, they can't recognize.Indeed, in many cases, it is the small can't again small details changed your life.In turn to think of it, but if those are coincidence?If it is meant to be?Books are doomed to break with radio are bound to go wrong, Mr Denier doomed to run at that time, the fate of the old judge and auguste is doomed to the same...This wonderful fate reached its peak when disaster rescue: red background valentina panic early in the face, and her that "a breath of life" poster, as if the invisible had indicated.

    "Rebirth" is another except fate surreal imagery, augustus tester is thirty years old judge after a cycle: reincarnation blonde girlfriend, reincarnation of ground book, reincarnation of betrayal, even cycle of biological, gave birth to a puppy denier, seems to be the next is empty but rebirth - auguste would like old judge lonely life.

    Old and the judge said: "I can choose to listen to or not, you can also choose to say or not say, but the result is the same."We appear to be a kind of the power of god, in the fate of people look vulnerable weakness: fragile fragile love, happiness is always on top of pain, uncertainty, accumulation and dispersion and loss are not master, as originally predicted sunny weather will be a strong wind was blowing.Under the manipulation of destiny, three living in the same time and space of individual independence and cross each other, and derive the different life events, but their fate is intertwined and influence: empathy valentina and old judge was born in different time, repeat the destiny of old judge auguste and valenti that's neighbors are strangers.Too many good things and bad things happen every day, and you may be in them, and most of the things you can do, because you are not god, after all.The old judge then what all don't care, he

    listens glossy dark hidden under clothes, witnessing the ugliness of human nature hypocrisy, laughed at all of the so-called good and happy.He won't change anything, he didn't get anything.

    Old judge tells us that life without completion, god will make mistakes, cause he and valentina missed the thirty years of his life thoroughly disappointed.So valentina told him, and he did everything is wrong, and human nature this evil, but hard to avoid is weak, there are some things you can choose not to give up.The two hearts meet each other, let the audience stay in the thinking of life, and the human nature.The storm will always be someone killed, missing, but there is always someone saved.The end valentina and auguste out side by side, accidentally linked, constant repetition to be changed, does that mean they corrected the mistakes god, finally can together?All in all, the film after shows the destiny of despair although there is no answer, but gave us hope.Even old judge silent heart is looking forward to that a bouquet of sunshine of hope, just one minute of light, it is so beautiful, is also "love" can the reincarnation?

    Three of life aesthetics

    Hold out your hand, the world is not the same, in human destiny as a starting point, the path of human depravity and jump, can change between the read: a read, will step in satan's member history, or from the process of creation god, we may be able to decide.As Keith rove, said: "what is meant to be, we can only grasp today."Valentina and old judges hand in through the window, at the moment, the barriers of time and space disappear, two people's mind meld.

    The trembling in "blue" old woman, always can't reach recycling bins, the glass bottle stopper does not go in, saw the heroine, but turn a blind eye;Actor in "white" also saw, can only be shown sympathy: valentina saw, go up, and without hesitation to help her put the bottle into the recycling bins.In each of life that is full of broken and their sense of paints, chiellini, rove, finally expressed his affirmation of love and hope.Love your neighbor as thyself, in many cases, there was nothing we could do, but we can

always use love to change something, to save others, also save oneself, appeared after

the ramifications, presents a reality - redemption, the beauty of life, maybe this is.

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