Parature pass Microsoft's $100 million takeover of SaaS service providers

By Todd Bell,2015-09-23 19:48
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Parature pass Microsoft's $100 million takeover of SaaS service providers

    Parature pass Microsoft's $100 million

    takeover of SaaS service providers

    According to a source familiar with the situation said, Microsoft has been bought for $100 million a SaaS (software as a service) service providers Parature.

    Both Microsoft and Parature has not yet comment on the news.Parature selling software, based on cloud services can help companies more efficient management of customer service.Industry insiders pointed out that the acquisition of Parature will make

Microsoft's Microsoft Dynamics CRM (customer relationship

    management (CRM) platform with a world-class self-service knowledge base, to help it through email or social media, Internet, chat tools, and other channels to contact with game players such as users, thereby to Salesforce and oracle and other companies to compete more effectively.

    The industry also said that the deal shows that cloud services based sales, marketing and the importance of service applications are growing.

    Parature origins date back to 2000, in a dormitory at Cornell university.At that time, also in the university attended Parature co-founder Duke zhuang (Duke Chung) developed a called Cyracle with classmates online help chat application;By 2003, the company name from Cyracle changed to Parature, namely "the model of the Future" (a lot of the Future) words here.

    Since its inception, the company has raised $30.2 million, its investors including Valhalla Partners, Sierra Ventures and Accel Partners, etc.At present, the total number of end user Parature has amounted to 70 million people, more than doubling in 2011 in 35 million.

    Before a takeover by Microsoft, Parature with the software giant has set up a partnership between the two sides to jointly develop the contact management Dynamics CRM suite.Industry insiders said that the deal

    will help Microsoft to fill a blank, the reason is that Microsoft has been the lack of a complete way to provide user experience for modern users, the users want to solve the problem, rather than a toll-free customer service hotline.

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform strategy and planning, senior director of Bill Paterson (Bill Patterson) said that Microsoft has a telephone service center in complex transmission of information in the working process of all the "program" ability, but to help it expand the Parature own ability, to make it better able to compete with the current dominant Salesforce.

    Parature is famous for its "customer experience" technology, have Playfirst clients such as, the latter is a game company, relying on the Parature technology to in the case of don't disturb the players to let them keep in the game.

    San Francisco market analysis firm Constellation Research, technology analyst Wang lei (Ray Wang pointed out in an interview yesterday, Parature knowledge base to make its appear stand out, the company has to build the knowledge base, now has the most modern knowledge base on the market.Parature competitors including Moxie Software and Kana Software, etc.Wang lei said, from the point of the overall market, many knowledge base technology is developed in 10 to

    15 years ago, while Parature developed a modern knowledge base, integration of the text, search, foresee and learning content.

    Industry insiders pointed out that Microsoft's acquisition Parature trade show industry consolidation process continues.Verint Systems announced Monday that the company has agreed to buy for $514 million Kana Software;In November, oracle, said it would buy for $1.5 billion marketing Responsys software developers, and oracle two years ago has bought for $1.43 billion customer service software developers RightNow Technologies.

    Last year, Microsoft bought Marketing Pilot in order to improve its Marketing automation business.Wang lei said that after the acquisition of Parature, Microsoft Dynamic service will be added, but still cannot reach the perfect level.He points out, Microsoft also needs to improve and enrich its commercial function, which on the one hand, IBM Websphere service has very excellent performance.

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