America's top university enrollment system

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America's top university enrollment system

    America's top university enrollment system

    American university entrance exam admission system is very complex, is far from our original thought "comprehensive evaluation" so simple.Complex reason mainly lies in: first, the American higher education system is too complex, multiple levels of the large number and all kinds of, is known.Has both public universities and private universities;Both provide PhD and pay attention to the research of comprehensive university, has focused on undergraduate course of general education in liberal arts college, in addition, there are all kinds of two-year community college, and a large number of features on one area of special school, etc.;Second, the focus of education and based on the state in the United States, the states has its own independent education act, the federal government's influence on education is very limited.50 states of education, fragmented, and lack of unified management of the federal government, showing the natural is varied;Third, the university is very competitive, which is formed by the emphasis on its own characteristics and differentiation are reflected particularly in admissions.Different characteristics of the school to decide each college enrollment system is different, even if is a professional researchers in the field of higher education are not fully clear.Facing the same problem, we often feel confused: why get information from

    different approaches tend to vary greatly, even contradictory, the reason is that we have become accustomed to use a pattern to summary one kind of phenomenon, and the United States education just cannot be unified into a pattern.From this point, attempt to use a model to illustrate the university entrance exam admission system, may be a mission impossible.The more in-depth thinking on the education research, my frustration becomes more intense, more and more because of the problems found;Know, the more unknown more instead.

    It made me realize that, maybe for the recruitment of students and education, originally should not only a kind of model?For a long time, we have formed such a mind-set: put forward an idea, summing up experience through pilot, phased implementation, and form a unified model;Seldom go to reflect, pilot individuality experience can be promoted to general rule?Unified model is effective and valuable?Is there a possibility: no pattern is the best model instead?

    For these problems, and I was not sure of the answer.Along the train of thought that going, however, if we give up the overall summarized the unity of the American college enrollment system model, and focus on each university on the characteristics of different living in the present, perhaps in the future we establish a distinctive Chinese university enrollment system will have more reference value.

    During her time in America, I visited many top universities.Each director of the university's admissions office told me that they will have the characteristics of the students.But this "feature" for each university, its concrete meaning is different.At the university of Chicago, "different" and "different" at Stanford university is a big difference;Harvard University students are required to reach the standard and MIT is different also.As to what the meaning, the schools admissions office operation, only needs not talk, outsiders are confused about.Therefore, the domestic study abroad[microblogging]Intermediaries to help Chinese students apply for the world first-class universities, deliberately pursuing new and change, makes every effort to artificially create a "special" students, in an attempt to cater to the college admissions officer "taste", not only can not meet the goals of the individual, but caused widespread antipathy, bad public event: because he (she) who crossed the line in the college admissions in the United States - honesty.You may not be good, but you can't help but honest.One day, an American colleague asked me seriously, the United States from China some authoritative research institutions as the student's application materials seven chengdu do not believe, is that true?Listen to the words, I felt ashamed, and realized the dangers of patternized thinking deeply how serious!In my opinion, is more than all kinds of intermediary institutions for training in the "manufacturing" the so-called talent, even

    the university, not is also in a dangerous "trap" and don't even know it?For example, many universities in the recruitment of students propaganda to the effect that oneself to develop "talent with innovative spirit and international outlook".The problem is, Peking University and tsinghua university[microblogging]"Innovation" is the same

    thing?fudan[microblogging]And Shanghai jiaotong

    university[microblogging]"International outlook" is the same meaning?In theory, of course, is not the same, otherwise can only a university in China, focus on all the outstanding student, configure all the high quality resources, he (she) are common cultivated the spirit of innovation and the international field of vision.Want to specifically say, however, is not the same as the place where, seem to is a very difficult thing.This shows that for this with a fundamental question, we may not think think through.But some American top universities to think of these problems as early as at the beginning of the school.Recruit students at the university of Chicago, for example, the standard is "interesting".As for what is called "interesting", how to judge a student is "interesting", it has a "secret;For example, Yale university enrolling students "service society" is the standard.As for how to judge whether a student has such qualities, it also has its own set of test evaluation system.Maybe we need to abandon those looks attractive but actually no "big words", literally

    according to their own characteristics of talents cultivation, determine the corresponding talent selection criteria.

    In recent years, with the university entrance

    exam[microblogging]After known points of full-scale application way, China's college entrance examination enrollment at the university of work has been completely reduced to an intelligence investment does not require any programming operation, with only a computer can be completed, almost respect for selecting talents of the university of -- indeed, as long as know the name and number of children can finish university enrollment work on the computer, how can select the really suitable for cultivating the excellent talents?By contrast, American university admissions is a highly specialized work.The professional mainly reflects in:

    First of all, in addition to the admissions office internal staff, outside personnel, including the interviewer and the reader, have little if any knowledge of the core content of admissions.He (she) just by the admissions office or employment or hire or volunteer for the work, and can't decide whether a student can be admitted.As to what is finally decided to admit a student, in addition to the admission committee and other per capita is not clear.In order to prevent the targeted training, training more than China is almost every year - admissions policy

    change.Therefore, although occasionally also can see some people on the Internet experience of the disclosure as a college admissions officer - in the case of a law allowing decryption - but adept person all know, the guidance and advice not only don't have much reference value, sometimes have the opposite effect.

    Second, the decision of the admissions is independent on the part of the admissions committee.In many top universities, the admissions committee is the main composition of the core members of the admissions office.I thought, in the college admissions in the United States, professor group is one of the most important.On the one hand, according to the tradition of American university faculty governance ", in the recruitment of such important matters, of course, should say to calculate by professor, some domestic scholars is just say so;At the university of China in recent years, on the other hand, independent admissions selection, mainly by the professor to organize the proposition and interview, decide whether to a student as early decision candidates, to reflect the selection work is scientific, authoritative and rigour.In fact, this may be a misunderstanding for granted - at least for some university, professor limited role in the undergraduate admissions, even no any influence.Why is this?American colleague told me that in the graduate student recruit students, professor's role is very big, or even the only determining factor;But the undergraduate's general education

    and professional education.Admissions goal is to choose those and can match our values and spirit culture of outstanding students.Professor may be a professional in the field of authority, but this is precisely a professional authority could hurt him (her) based on the recruit students overall judgment to the student, students in a certain field, this field is professor familiar or unfamiliar - the ability to show might cover his (her) eyes.Therefore, in the university, the admissions must be performed by professional recruitment experts, professor is excluded.

    Third, before entering the admissions season, admissions office will organize professional training.For example, America's top public universities every year at the university of California, Berkeley, for up to two weeks of training of readers, aims to reduce the error of the reading assessment as soon as possible.In some university recruitment of students and even a blend of pedagogy, psychology, sociology and statistics, and so on related discipline talents of the interdisciplinary study of science.Based on such a highly specialized university admissions, its precision and accuracy of course are staggering.

    I thought, of America's best universities recruit students is set scientific rigor, even without all the standard quantitative, will not follow at least.This is not the case.For example, one of the top liberal arts colleges across the United States Wells reason women's college -

    renowned the soong sisters and bing xin have graduated from this - admissions no any standard, pure rely on subjective feeling of the admissions committee.Before entering the admissions season, the university will organize the training, but relatively simple, is only a few big principles and legal need to pay special attention to make the necessary instructions.I'm not understand.Wells of the admissions committee chairman step up jump professor told me that the so-called standard, would not necessarily science.If you are able to put forward a standard, theoretically there must be a corresponding to challenge it.I questioned said, what I know about America's best universities recruit students seem to have strict standard.He said with a smile, you visit the university are predominantly male staff?Generally believe that more clear standards are male.But Wells is a girls' school faculty of science, more than 80% of staff are women.Women believe that is the feature of intuition, think invisible intuition more reliable than the visible standards, and more efficient.Top is precisely Wells characteristics and sign of women's college.The diversity of America's top college enrollment system.

    If there is no standard, how to guarantee the fairness and quality of students enrollment?America's best universities answer is alumni interviews.In recent years, due to the flourish of Chinese students to apply for, the United States there are more and more intermediary

    agencies to carry out the work of the guidance of the university application materials packaging lead to the credibility of the application materials at the university of decline - not only for Chinese students - and more dependent on alumni interviews.In fact, the American university with the method of alumni interviews marks, but for why will this way may not be clear.The key question is, how to ensure fairness and honesty of the alumni?Step up step, said professor use alumni interviews because most understand his Alma mater, culture, and thus can be combined with education in school and after graduation work life experience and help schools to find match the culture most of the students.I asked him, what if alumni dishonest?He looked at me for a long time, said slowly, I don't understand why you think so.We believe that our alumni.They are our personally trained students, must be honest.Wells cut more than one hundred years of history is to prove that they are honest.When heard the words, a cool idea straight at my chest, I almost breath away: people have absolute confidence in their own culture, this is what a great education power!Isn't this is the highest state of education and the pursuit of lifelong education workers?

    Today, China's universities are in accordance with the spirit of the third plenary session of the 18, actively explore "comprehensive evaluation" and "multiple admissions" enrollment system.When we do, we must clearly recognize that the so-called "comprehensive evaluation

    system" is not and should not only a kind of mode, especially not to comprehensive evaluation and comprehensive evaluation.Every university should be established according to actual condition has its own characteristics and the specific content of the comprehensive evaluation system ".Otherwise, the ACTS of "comprehensive evaluation" form, may instead bring chaos, even become the target of reformers against examination recruitment system attack.

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