My girlfriend is a robot love is warm

By Rita Sullivan,2015-09-23 18:54
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My girlfriend is a robot love is warm

    "My girlfriend is a robot" : love is warm

    forloveFilm has not been very cold, because of the touching story about love and hate are often too many sad and helpless, also unconsciously after watching for the inside of the plot.butGuo in capacityLove movies, his works have the sense that gives a person has been relaxed, is sweet, is the hope.This"My girlfriend is a robot"For his previous style of pure and fresh and tender feeling, also blended inScience fictionElements, the audience in the process of fresh pleasant viewing also faintly can touch the kwok real simple sense of love, feel the warmth of love.

    The movieMy girlfriend is a robot"The story of the novel creative, also has a narrative skills.The love story of a female robot and mankind to guo, in the hands of capacity become no longer ordinary, is a completely new feeling.Kojiro's future in order to change some things to

    make life less regret and created a female robot, let this beautiful "she" by the time machine back to the past to save the hapless young kojiro.The female robot when playing in a fight with rogue let the audience a taste of the strength, the upgrade of the savage girl friend guo in, let go of the old way of strong men and women is still weak and strong but the actress is fantastic.As robots can in a moment she was going to be late reports back to the classroom, can also be easily will kojiro anthomaniac classmate dozen fly, drank beer even after confusion leads to the physical components that random swinging mechanical to jump out of the charming dance.More important is that she will be in the little boy is going to be hit by a car fly burst will he rescued, the female student is going to be abnormal condition when the gunman killed appeared about the criminal down in a timely mannerFloor of a building.Everything she has done deeply attracted kojiro, has fascinated kojiro kind for her.With kojiro kojiro dream trip back home is to let I find most beautiful and pure memories as a child and make by Tokyo the apathy of international metropolis edify has long become a bit dull kojiro's got a nice baptism.As the relationship between the two people more and morecloseKojiro, heart is full of contradictions, not when faced with a "she" confide gives her true love, drunk will her away, kojiro awake after can only live in miss and guilt, until the great disaster.Earthquake in Tokyo, the so-called those high urban civilization symbolFloor of a

    buildingAt the same time, the instantaneous collapse of the building, human small weakness can only sadness rejuvenation in the rubble.In this tragic reports in a timely manner to rescue his girlfriend machine confide affection, but huge heavy rubble stone soon took the sacrifice themselves to save the kojiro's girlfriend machine.The love is about to end in tears, but just then guo in let twist gives everyone a warmth, a beautiful ending.phaseThe letterThe audience watching the film also can peep out one silk smile of relief, mostly felt in the heart a soft warm wave.

    Like "my sassy girl", "autumn fairy tale", and this "my girlfriend is a robot", every love story end is warm feeling, strong, and give people hope.Such love is also the most suitable for the presentChinaPeople also

    should take the romance.Of course, this is not the exclusive tragic beauty, because the Chinese underneath the surface has the compassion of type of butterfly lovers.Only Chinese popular now survival pressure is big enough, basically everyone in the busy,family, social, business, pressure from all aspects to let a person tired depressed.The mental condition of Chinese audience isn't suitable for to see what the sad story of Hamlet type, romantic tragedy in their aesthetic works enjoy at the same time, it will taste the distress message to them, was the mood is not particularly easy audience after watching will only sorrow upon sorrow.Movie is art, but also entertainment movie, China now need most is the

    entertainment of the audience, with the way the movies spiritual enlightenment to alleviate the heavy life.So now we need to love movies should be warm, not cruel, guo in capacity that give people hope, director of his wonderful love, the world is always warm.

    At the end of the film, and the robot looks the same human girl inherited the memory of the machine to his girlfriend, and eventually replace kojiro she appeared in a miserable, kojiro to helpless life again hope, also give the audience a beautiful sweet ending.At the edge of the sad, I hope the sun comes up again, we also touch the warmth of love again.

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