Deep learning and topological data analysis of six big surprises

By Catherine Palmer,2015-09-22 03:54
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Deep learning and topological data analysis of six big surprises

    Deep learning and topological data analysis of six big


    If you have a set of one thousand columns and one million lines of data.No matter from which Angle you look at it - small, medium or large data - you can't see it as a whole.To enlarge or reduce it.Can make it in a screen display fully.Due to the nature of man, if you can see things of global, we will have a better understanding.Is there any way to put the data in one picture, so that you can observe like observation map data?

    The deep learning and topological data analysis together can achieve this purpose, and is more than enough.

    1, it can in a few minutes to create a data graph, in which each point is a data item or a set of similar items of data.

    Based on the correlation of data items and learning mode, the system will be a similar data items together.This will make the representation of data has a unique way, and will make you more clear insight into the data.Visualization of the nodes in the graph consists of one or more data points, and the links between point and point represents high similarity between data items.

    2, it shows the data in the model, it is the use of traditional business intelligence can't identify.

    Below is a case, show the algorithm is how to through the analysis of user behavior only to identify two different groups of people.Distinguish between the typical features, yellow and blue point: women and men.