The princess of Monaco, who gave Mary Sue a fairy tale

By Ellen Mason,2015-09-22 03:07
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The princess of Monaco, who gave Mary Sue a fairy tale

The princess of Monaco, who gave Mary Sue

a fairy tale

Looking at thePrincess of Monaco"Before, I don't know what the film

specifically, only know that the European critics bristle and the Monaco

    royal family even protest, in a statement.In fact, "la vie en rose" director Mr Levy, the auction is very exquisite heart, costly pictures and European finery like paintings, beautiful, very lively narrative rhythm.Just take a Hollywood star grace kelly between Monaco prince story with Europe's smallest countries do select material, to fabricate route, unofficial history and the willThe FrenchFormer President Charles DE gaulle black out of the xiang, this movie can appear at the cannes film festival in France, is doomed to be a kind of dispute.Just asIn the positiveVersion of "beauty under heaven" was scold, not because of not good, but who all don't like himhistoryWu zetian couple on written like that.The People's Daily also criticized the biography of Zhen Huan disorderly change history, to yongzheng wear is unfaithful.

     After all this too like Monaco's unofficial theme, fromHitchcockTo come to the marnie make a invitationfamilyDispute, the former French President Charles DE gaulle's military threat, the birth of the crisis such as spies to the royal family, let thePrincess of Monaco"Into a feminine woman to rescue the nation's" Mary Sue "story.I'm sorry, because recently read "beauty under heaven", "palace", "biography of Zhen Huan too much reason, to" Mary Sue "extraordinarily sensitive to this style of acting, the princess is like virgin wen wan kind, everywhere for others, also appeared in thePrincess of Monaco".Oscar winner of nearly 50 years oldNicole kidmanNot play can not get, but her from the

    foreverbatman"To" "Australia," to"Princess of Monaco"Interpretation of the" Mary Sue "role too much.Although she looked so elegant and noble, although she weep after the priest went to tears, though she walked on

    stage at the end the declaration of patriotic, honest speech a lot of people think it's no breakthrough.

     And the peoplebiographyFacing extinction, slice to Monaco and the royal internal undercover, completely is only spy drama should appear, and also makes the Monaco princess standing in the forefront.Looking at the old pianist "sea"Tim rothOld, belly belly fat stood there, with "goddess" nicole kidman fast more than 50 years old, still in for this "Mary Sue" film endorsement, take their children to attend the activities of the Red Cross, one side is frequent in the elegant

    dress,ChinaCheongsam, eyes also reveals the tenacity, kindness, generosity, pain.The middle-aged couples solicit the box office, nature is difficult.Ten-fold Hollywood actress once, no longer can't go back, because she is a prominent noble princess, every move is for the sake of countries, and faced the enemy aggression and framed, still have to face the prince husband quarrel and don't understand, this makes her must be lost, the most popular career and ideal of give up once.

    Many fairy tales, the prince and the princess finally all live a happy life together.But no one ever told us, the day of their life together after, how do?The princess of Monaco, tells us the answer.When writing the princess of MonacoFilm critics, the World Cup is picking up, fernando torres, xavi, iniesta, iker casillas led"SpainGolden generation "as the old curtain call, in"Hunger games》、《The twilightThe city of ",

    "divergence","The little time"And so on the young people dominate the market, looking at the"Death squads》、《might》、《Police story of

    2013"And so on in the old colleagues want to continue to fight, nicole kidman is true?Maybe after the princess of Monaco, the baptism of her over the years, I'm afraid it's hard to continue to "Mary Sue" deduce exactly, but the screen is there are a lot of the crisis of bright, for love from vivien Leigh to grace kelly to michelle thin bud, Julia Roberts...Nicole kidman had been truly beautiful, don't like "theme" and "eyes", "moulin rouge" so young and beautiful, the princess of Monaco in prove her heart not old.

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