Cheap new tesla Model 3 looks may be unusual

By Rodney Bell,2015-09-21 01:20
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Cheap new tesla Model 3 looks may be unusual

    Cheap new tesla Model 3 looks may be


    Golf cart wrapped with a layer of steel plate.

    Mercedes-benz Smart electric version

    The domestic market around 200000 can buy the electric car seems to be so long.In march next year will release the tesla Model 3 May be different on appearance design.

    Recently, close to the tesla Electreck engineering and design team to the science and technology media, in order to reduce the loss for the battery, the wind resistance coefficient of the Model 3 want to close to 0.2.This is a level between between the car and the car.General car wind drag coefficient of 0.15.

    Gm EV1

    Now can reach the technological level of the electric car is not much.Has been criticized for excessive pay attention to the general industrial design of pure electric vehicles EV1 can achieve this level.In addition, in 2013 at the Geneva motor show on the mass production of hybrid XL 1 can also.Their designs are pretty cool.

    Tesla motors CEO elon?Musk revealed in plot 3 appearance also mention the Model, Model 3 "appearance must be very cool, but not so strange, must be a car."

    The mass XL 1

    Let the body covering tire is a powerful way to reduce the wind resistance coefficient.Volkswagen XL 1 design obviously used to this.But the Model 3 as a pure electric vehicle, a closed car tail design will interfere with the battery pack heat dissipation.While 20% smaller than the Model S, may make it harder for the heat dissipation problem is solved.

    In addition, a more than 20 of the electric vehicles, industrial design to be close to the car, it can run faster?The same price level of the 2014 mercedes-benz Smart fortwo top speed of 125 kilometers per hour.Although there is no car fast, but compared with a top speed of 60 km per hour of the electric car instead of walking, or acceptable.

    However, from concept to release announced production time, musk said nothing on Model 3 car performance.Do one of more than 20 mini electric car, whether by spectrum?

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