After 30 years old women don't wear with 19 thing!

By Christopher White,2015-09-20 19:11
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After 30 years old women don't wear with 19 thing!

    After 30 years old women don't wear with 19 thing!

    1. The leopard grain

    Don't know why someone put the leopard print and sexy associate, the only common is: can't control.

    2. Anger long hair

    Every night to see my a head of long hair woman, automatically imagination: a ghost nocturnal figure.

    3. Low waist jeans

    Unless you can ensure that he has been standing, not sitting squat don't bend over. 4. Great smoky smoke makeup

    Not a bad girl, more like a natural enemies of the seven brothers gourd.If you want to keep the skin well, before you can keep your PG frost, can effectively repair skin, resist the harm that makeup is tasted.

    5. Communicate a T-shirt

    In fact, most don't need to say what you want to come out, what's more, on the chest, there really was not so many people care about you.

    6. Brand imitation

Can not, but you can't pretend to have, or have to pretend.

7. Haunt the runway fashion shoes

Even it is hard to control things model, you why embarrass yourself to try again?

8. The miniskirt (also known as it's X small skirt)

A similar tragedy is the most frequent summer cataclysmic event.

9. The stray big bag bag only

The essence of the so-called stray is wrapped head into miserable and shabby

appearance to take out everything in the bag?

10. Inappropriate underwear

Britney spears can become completely underwear cautionary tale, but is a lot of women

will make these mistakes.

11. All the cheap Bling Bling accessories

    Those who play loud music in the Aiyaya don't again into the roadside shop, similar stores also give it up.

    12. Into the woman in the suit

    Examples of east and west told us that suit to tie his woman is very difficult to let a person feel cheerful and pleasing to the eye.

    13. Poor quality fabric

    Inferior fabric not only has fatal armour-piercing damage to the temperament and aura, serious still can damage health.

    14. The fur

    On behalf of the animal protection organizations to reiterate: no trading, no killing! 15. Fairyfair STYLE

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