How to choose the most suitable Chrome OS devices

By Doris Dunn,2015-09-18 23:29
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How to choose the most suitable Chrome OS devices

    How to choose the most suitable Chrome OS


    At present, more and more consumers are starting to think about buying a computer, Chrome OS as the main equipment, the standby or travel with equipment.Chrome OS will provide you with a simple but high performance computer, handle daily tasks, also the bother of the maintenance and management.Given the current market there are four categories of Chrome OS computer - this notebook, Chromebox mini computer, Chromebit rods and Chromebase all-in-one - how to choose the most suitable type may need to think carefully about consumers.

    If you still can't make a decision, in this paper, the buying guide may allow you to determine.


    This laptop is the most common type of Chrome OS computer, at the same time may also be the best choice.Most of this kind of device screen sizes between 11-13 inches, but is also 15 inch models.Most cheap models for the original 1366 x768 screen resolution, but also provide the high-end models of 1080 p.In addition, the panel type of screen is a factor, you should consider when buying, you should try to choose the IPS panel, rather than cheaper TFT or TN screen, which can provide a better color and visual Angle.

    Most of this configuration is relatively similar, only ARM and Intel processor type is basically two options.ARM processor energy-saving sex stronger and don't need a fan, but the performance is a bit weak;While

    Intel processor performance is stronger, but life slightly smaller, also equipped with a cooling fan.As for memory, the more the better, of course, many models are provides the highest 4 gb of memory.And on the storage space, 16 gb or 32 gb is one of the most common choice, given that many local storage is not much, the content of the 16 gb may also will be enough.If necessary, this also supports the SD card.

    From the price you can roughly judge a this quality, cheap products feels natural where is not good, and high-end model means the life of the equipment could be longer.


    Chromebox is the miniature desktop computers running Chrome OS, they use a lot of configuration and this similar, but the audience is not the same.Compared with ordinary desktop Chromebox obviously much more mini.They look like ordinary set-top boxes, will not take up much space, can easily in the entertainment of the sitting room, or even installed on the back of the display.

    Because Chromebox affected by space and the power supply is not much, are you can choose more higher configuration, interface and function model.Most Chromebox adopted series of Intel core processors, memory is 2 gb, mostly part model also supports easy to upgrade.Such devices running high resolution display completely is not a problem, as long as there are 4 gb or more.

    Chromebox a big advantage in interface and expansibility.This usually only two USB interface, and Chromebox can provide 4-6 USB interface, plus two video output port, some SD card slots.So expanding to connected with rich peripherals, including keyboard, U disk, mobile hard disk, camera and microphone.

    For this type of equipment, set may be need to worry.After buying the Chromebox, you also need to provide a display, keyboard and mouse.If you don't have these, then purchase cost may be a little higher.

    Because the configuration is large, Chromebox gap between the price of each model is higher than this.But most Chromebox starting

    price of $149 (RMB 958), the high-end version can be as high as $599 (RMB 3850).


    Chromebit is a very interesting type of computer, because it has Chromebox most of have a little, at the same time, further reducing the body size, function and price.If Chromebox like set-top boxes, Chromebit like more cabinet TV.As long as the plug it on display or a television set, you can immediately get a larger Chrome OS devices.

    Because of the limitation of size Chromebit doesn't provide much function.They only have one used to connect USB peripherals, and does not support the current models in more than 500 ma.If you need to

    connect many peripherals and then use the USB expansion dock.Like Chromebox, you must bring your own keyboard and mouse to control the system.And because of the limitation of interface on the bluetooth keyboard may be a better choice.

    At present, only asus manufacturer to make Chromebit, its low-end models adopted Rockchip ARM chips, 2 gb of ram and 16 gb of storage space.Other vendors may launch similar equipment in the future, but considering the restrictions on the size of their play space is not big.


    Chromebase is all-in-one type of Chrome OS devices, compared the above two types of equipment, it opened the package can be used, don't need to add extra peripherals, apparently to worry a lot.

    Most Chromebase screen size between 20 to 24 inches, 1080 p is the standard screen resolution, you can also choose whether to join the touch panel.In respect of configuration, this type of equipment and Chromebox difference is not big, you can choose in the Intel or ARM processor, 2/4 gb of memory, 16/32 gb storage space.

    Chromebase products currently on the market is not much, but if it is need to close to the desktop experience, that such devices should be the best choice.

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