Seven girls smart lazy habits will make you more beautiful

By Danny Marshall,2015-09-18 14:29
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Seven girls smart lazy habits will make you more beautiful

    Seven girls smart lazy habits will make you more beautiful

    Let the hair nature airing

    If you want to build an image of a spell able, neat business women a high power blower is necessary - but if messy, fluffy texture is what you want, you probably wouldn't need any heating tool.In her "How to Be Caroline DE Maigret Parisian Wherever You Are," wrote in the book, "in fact, might as well throw in the blower directly."Either straight or curly hair, without too much modelling skills, as long as there is a certain support in wet hair to grasp some of the products such as hair mousse, can be achieved after shampoo natural result of the second day.Of course, you can no longer through the hair dryer to your arms, but at the same time you also saved a lot of time in the morning.

    The bright lipstick on the coating

    Lipstick is winter best deserve to act the role of women.If you got up late, no time to dress well, our technique is coated with some concealer and bright lipstick, then hurriedly blunt go out!Bright, eye-catching color can emphasize the integrity of the model and also can appear you are the kind of person who has no super fashion.Even better: select stub lipstick pens more easy.

    Skip the foundation

    Clear: first we don't allow you to completely abandon can modify the bottom makeup part of skin, because unless you really have flawless skin (but not everyone is l), or you will always be some spots, black rim of the eye, or what other things don't want to let others see you dead.But!A layer of base cream to use - such as Bobbi Brown haun feed isolation xiu yan's SPF35 PA++ + RMB 360/40 (ml), add a layer of concealer and skip the natural foundation will make you look more like a natural good complexion, and farewell card powder.Candice Swanepoel will do the same!

    Say goodbye to the nail polish

    Listening to the strange, but it is true: naked nails, don't wear nail polish.Here is not like chewed by a dog nails, but careful repair good kind, not besmear nail polish nails have seed can't ignore the elegant beauty.If you don't have time to also don't have the patience to do nail care every week, his TuJia oil will be a mess, so naked nails is best for you.If Garance Dore, also say that nail polish is superfluous, we can also.

    Don't put on mascara

    Not long ago, we all can't imagine how can you don't put on mascara is out of the door, but occasionally lazy that we find: mascara as if is not for everyone.If you're looking for is a low profile, not artificial eyes easily, so try not mascara.Marc Jacobs Beauty makeup artist Diane Kendal insisted that don't put on mascara can "make you more fashionable, apply the mascara is bland."

    Give up lip liner

    Correctly apply lipstick lip liner to ensure the perfect need to have both time and technology.Direct lipstick may be inaccurate, but can use cotton swabs dipped in discharge makeup fluid clean easily.Better yet, we are more support with lipstick painted on his lips, with your fingers to form a kind of natural aesthetic feeling, it is easier to dye, still can insist on all day.Boldly go to eating a sandwich!

    Not everyday shampoo

    Although many media advertising or publicity should be everyday shampoo, but that is not the case.If you are not on the hair every day use a lot of product modelling, no need everyday shampoo.For dry scalp, everyday shampoo can make more dry scalp instead.If you use the wrong products, or incorrect, damage of the hair will be more serious.According to the condition of the hair oil, 2 to 3 days can completely washed once, "the night" sense of texture instead more beauty, but also easier to model.

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