How to deal with baby rebellious period

By Louise Rogers,2015-09-18 02:39
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How to deal with baby rebellious period

    How to deal with "baby rebellious period"?

    As children grow older, not obedient, bad tube, tube is not the problem such as followed, the original childlike children increasingly fractious, headache for many parents.Rebellion, was a child growing up in the normal performance, correct understanding of the child's rebellious period characteristics, adopt the correct method education and guidance, is very important to the growth of children.

    Ms neighborhood in Howard Johnson all sea recently for 3 year old son naughty things, worry no less."That would not be honest child at home, you told him to go to the east, he is partial to the west. The kindergarten has always bully other children, don't concentrate in class, the teacher said, he also to argue with the teacher talk back. Sometimes I was so angry I really want to play him two slap, but kindergarten teacher told me, it is wrong to make children education mode, would be counterproductive."The lady tells a reporter, she thought that the child's rebellious period should the adolescence of 15 or 16, I didn't expect their children has been rebellious behaviour at the age of 3.

    Ms and the sea also had the same trouble Mr Public cloud.Mr Cloud's daughter has just two years old this year, he told reporters: "I recently discovered daughter mood fickle. In a new environment after, crying, no only a person close to close to her. Give her the most ridiculous is, in a new dress, she is not happy, crying is not willing to accept."

    This is how to return a responsibility?2 to 3 years old children should belong to the most lovely, obedient, why is this case?

    In this, the reporter interviewed a number of psychological experts, they tell a reporter, this belongs to the baby's first rebellious period.People generally have three rebellious period, 2-3 years of age the rebellious behavior is the first rebellious performance life, known as the "baby rebellious period";At the age of 6-8 a rebellious behavior, is the second rebellion period in life, is called the "children's rebellious period";On 12-18 years old, is the third life rebellious period, this is the most commonly known as "rebellious youth period".Different rebellious period, have different individuality development, psychological, physiological development characteristic, the parents should take the method will be different.

    More than psychology, experts say, in the "baby rebellious period" of children, their psychological is self-centered, likes to do some exaggerated behavior to attract the attention of others, to be confrontational behavior for happy.In this second stage of child suddenly feel oneself grow up, like an adult, so something like to do, don't like others to help him.So, they do not like to be direct, be beck and call, so there will be "east you call him, he will go to the west".

    How to deal with is "baby rebellious period" child?Psychology, experts say, early childhood children often there will be some unexpected behavior, they also don't know much about what is a dangerous thing, and I don't know how to protect their own safety.When

    parents restrict their wishes or stop their actions, but the kids would be parent are not satisfied.In this case, the parents will blame the child "not obedient", etc., it is wrong for children, because this is the wish of children to be independent and exploration in obedience, strong child way is to try to acquire new knowledge, stimulate the novel thing.

    As parents should fully understand, independent performance to children to their own requirements, as far as possible to create more conditions, make the child's requirements properly or fully meet after their rebellious behavior, rebellious psychology nature is gradually reduced.When conflicting views and opinions of the parents, can make use of the characteristics of their attention is easy to transfer, use something else to attract the boy, after waiting for problem solving, then find the right time to persuade education.In addition, more appropriate "ignore" attitude.When a child makes no sense and can't satisfy them, parents can take to temporarily ignore methods, such as the child feel better, can when listening to the truth, then slowly for education.Repeated several times this way, children will naturally know crying, discontent could not meet your unreasonable demands, at the same time in the process of education, to let the children know what is a reasonable request, what is the unreasonable demands.

    For children in "baby rebellious period", parents should actively help and guidance, make the child can learn more at this stage, grow faster.Parents to understand the feelings of children, learn to stand in the position of my children, give the child a certain autonomy, since the child is in the rebellious period, some things just don't hard and fast rules, but there are conditions to let the children enjoy autonomy.At the same time, to communicate more with the child, to treat a rebellious child hard system hard is the failure of education method.

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