Baidu's possible next goal review of the masses

By Judy Gonzales,2015-09-17 12:28
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Baidu's possible next goal review of the masses

    Baidu's possible next goal: review of the


    In ali in marriage after sohu, sina, tencent BAT only baidu look very lonely.Baidu is not ordinary people, of course, 91 was proof of that high-profile $1.9 billion offer, but relative to the sina and sohu these "trying", buying 91 wireless sexy enough.And from the perspective of value measure, baidu is ali, tencent and the scale of billions of dollars isn't a body position, core competitive field and qihoo, new sogou HouJinEr so the potential threat (li should rejoice sogou failed and 360).

    At present, baidu accounted for 70% of the search market share in China.Contrast Google accounted for 66.7% of the U.S. search market, baidu in the status of domestic status in the United States seems to see Google also is firm, but calm analysis, baidu is much larger than Google

    variables.And real threat to the baidu, baidu itself, the key is how to improve comprehensive competitiveness around search.

    Predictably, as search into the sogou, including the full support of tencent's new sogou, at present the baidu, between qihoo, sogou. 5:1. 5 share than is likely to eventually become 6:2 in 5 to 1. 5, even 5:3:2.In fact as early as 2012, 360 at the beginning of the layout of the search, I then proposed the following ideas:

    Search development until now, technology already quite mature, in other words, for a large company, enter search there is no technical barriers, so decided to search the success is user barriers and barriers to entry.360 and 360 in the user (powder) and the entrance to the browser (360), there is a huge advantage, both in the same way, top 360 (at home) single product development capabilities and user experience, also lets the user confidence in 360 search.

    Now, holding the tencent thigh sogou, than 360 years ago, one of the user and entry advantages, more so.So, in the search market share is likely to be further, must find other defense or open up a new battlefield.Personally, I was more concerned about baidu's performance on the mobile end.

    From product level, baidu, baidu maps app has stridden "hundred million users" threshold,, after acquisition of 91 wireless application release has also become baidu latest weapon on the mobile end.At this point, to mobile search, maps, LBS application and distribution as the core business of baidu mobile strategy has begun to take shape.In this year's second quarter earnings, baidu mobile revenue has 10% of the gross revenues for the first time.Look, what is happening to the good things.But to return to mobile search that baidu is the most core business itself, is the real worry.

    I think the trend of mobile search mainly has two points:

    A segment search is based on the part of the important

    applications.Such as WeChat can search chats and sweep the street, youdao dictionary search words translation, Scott map, sina weibo search and search information, etc.The short term, this part is not enough to pose a threat to baidu, once the further development of the mobile Internet, however, these become further super APP and APP development to continue to improve on the search, will be no virtually dissolved of baidu's absolute dependence on the mobile end users.

    Second is more local search with characteristics of the service (in fact this is inseparable with segmentation search).Such as travel, baidu maps, 58 city, where network including Momo etc...As we know, mobile

    Internet has had three keywords - mobile, social, localization.The user's most mobile search behavior are based on the local service.Before a Meituan xing-he wang sogou wang xiaochuan also has "the future of the Internet tool attribute of the product and service attributes who more promising?"Intense debate.Wang xiaochuan do search service valued service properties, and we all know that search is strongest tool attribute in the Internet business model, the most pure and most successful.This is also true but not on behalf of the mobile terminal.On the contrary, the mobile end users will be more and more concerned about the service properties of the product, especially in the area of combined with localization.And the current domestic localization do best is a private company called "travel".

    So when tencent sogou finally in hand that moment, I have and colleagues quipped baidu can make public comments?

    As China's most mysterious today is going to be forgotten (mysterious) of giant Internet companies, the public comments on the mobile client accumulative total more than 75 million unique users (as of June 2013), after 10 years of slow fermentation, has become a recognized local domestic life consumption platform, also has in August 2012 by Forbes magazine as "China mobile Internet company 30 strong"

    first.If we can get together with what I said is if, at least for the two sides at least the following benefits:

    1, baidu search tools and public comments on the localization of service attribute will be fully on the mobile end.Among them, the public comments can help baidu promotion on the mobile end viscosity and the penetration of segmentation search, baidu will provide an unprecedented powerful data support for public comment and

    convenient channel.

    2, baidu map and public comments will like sogou and search, complementary advantages and reduce unnecessary vicious

    competition.Look from the current experience, otherwise it is difficult to let the user choose both, installation and how many appear at the same time repetition and waste.

    3, although the foreign similar site yelp value as high as $4 billion, the founder of the public comments on zhang is in addition to the name of "slow", but seek truth from facts, the public comments on the present situation in some extent like jingdong, for ten years, is still not as a result, said don't worry about the listed is impossible.Even if the founder zhang don't want to, is unlikely to don't want to the senior management team.Besides baidu maps, 58 city, market network, Meituan localization life service company, constantly weibo (ali) is behind, WeChat behind

    (tencent) will no doubt in this field.So, the public comments on the prospect of itself is not.Drag a gears again, can not necessarily wait for sogou win-win results.

    4, the most important, baidu still need layout and no shortage of money, and the public comments on zhang like sogou wang xiaochuan, still with big dreams.If we can get the full support of baidu, the public comments are likely to monopolize the localization service market, baidu will also shift from absolute rely on search company before becoming more ability to resist risk comprehensive Internet company, that, for both sides is the best results.

    Any transaction or cooperation, of course, it will not be in a few words can analyze head, not only involves the complementary and compatible product, more critical, the team founder complementary and compatible.All in all, 360 layout since 2012 after the search, relative to the tencent, baidu, ali, always give a person the sense of not so safe, and control the development path of Google is not hard to see, want to be a truly great Internet companies, only the search is not enough, really need leave for a few more hands.

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