Traditional mobile phone manufacturer nokia why electric field into the pen

By Norman Rodriguez,2015-09-15 16:36
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Traditional mobile phone manufacturer nokia why electric field into the pen

    Traditional mobile phone manufacturer

    nokia why electric field into the pen?

    Recently, nokia announced on October 22nd "nokia world

    conference poster."Posters show that nokia released in the conference, perhaps is not only a mobile phone and has been widely touted tablet, even will still have a laptop computer.

    At the same time, market research firm IDC also released the latest data: in the third quarter of 2013, global PC shipments for 81.6 million, fell by nearly 8%, and it is also a global PC shipments sixth consecutive quarter year-on-year decline.

    In the case of global PC encounter cold, the traditional mobile phone manufacturer nokia why entering this field?

    Nokia released a laptop or Microsoft acquiescence

    After sells mobile phone business to Microsoft, nokia and then there were three departments: network equipment, nokia maps business departments, and advanced technology division, none of this department is engaged in the r&d, design, production of notebook computer.In addition, in 2009, nokia has just released a laptop, called the Booklet but finally ended in failure, accumulate experience, therefore, be stripped of nokia special department for a laptop and a new possibility is not big.

    From another point, nokia announced to sell mobile phone business to Microsoft's time is on September 5.From September 5th to October 22, less than 50 days, it is difficult to complete the notebook project, design, development, production, testing, etc. A set of processes.So you can determine, before Microsoft acquisition, nokia has already begun to start the project.But in Microsoft's acquisition, nokia's this product but have not stopped by Microsoft, can infer from this, the strategy of nokia, maybe got the acquiescence of Microsoft.

    Why Microsoft support nokia to launch a laptop?

    Before the launch of Surface tablet computer, the localization is a software to the outside world, mainly services technology companies.But

    as tablets, smart phones are increasingly popular, Microsoft has seen hardware market is big business.Microsoft CEO Steve ballmer has repeatedly stressed that Microsoft is undergoing a comprehensive transformation, continue to adhere to Windows as the core, on the basis of the direction to the equipment and services company.Therefore, Microsoft released the own-brand Surface tablet, and bought a nokia mobile phone business.

    But Microsoft's ambitions seem not just satisfied with this, from Mr. Ballmer said can vaguely feel that Microsoft is to layout the consumer electronics industry, although traditional PC is experiencing the winter, but it is a important link in the industry.As can be seen from the results of HP, dell, laptops for these traditional PC makers still bring billions of dollars in revenue each quarter, and that for Microsoft, has a huge attraction.

    In addition, while it is still in the market at present the highest share of the operating system, but it was already fell momentum.In September, the Windows of the market share of 90.83%, down 0.36% from August, at the end of the year fell by nearly one percent year on year, and Microsoft in the past such as lenovo, dell, HP, Allies, slowly to Google (weibo), development with Android notebook computers.

    Perhaps Microsoft already feel crisis gradually approaching, so to develop independent brand notebook computer, want to with Windows for many years accumulated reputation and nokia in the traditional advantages in the field of hardware, hold the market share of Windows.After all, Microsoft advantage has not been established in the field of mobile devices, the traditional natural missing PCS field.

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