The scam phishing anti-corruption, lie to survive

By Cindy Bennett,2015-09-15 07:18
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The scam phishing anti-corruption, lie to survive

    "The scam" : phishing anti-corruption, lie to survive

     Uncle Sam's ethical values, one was schooled by maxim: "honesty is the best policy".It happened in Hollywood movies but particularly love "cheat" and "lies".The screen up and down the strong contrast, it seems that the contradiction, showing clearly howeverThe United StatesPeople eager to know the truth, and refused to know the truth of entangled state of mind.And directed by David o. Russell's"The scam", using an elaborate layout, full of fraud and psychological contest serial fraud, showing a man lies in the social life existence.This absurd mingled with

    the true, the crazy twinkling in the cynicism of ironycomedyThrough the many characters of the real con, reflects the deep social crisis in the 70 s in the United States, that is under the background of economic depression, people become very impetuous, pushing and chasing desires by any means possible.althoughThe plotAbout a thinghistoryThe past, but also can illuminate a complex reality facing the present American society.

     In the late 1970 s, the FBI that named "abreu," fishing enforcement action has sensation in the United States."The scam"Is adapted according to the real case.Story is super professional cheats alvin and dancing girls born lovers con partner, for from jail, forced and FBI agents Ricky con trio, take the way of fishing the law enforcement, revealed a number of successful politics of corruption.In the David o. Russell on historical facts, and not constrained by historical facts, the a political event in the world of fine decoration, while keeping federal agents to cooperate with fraud expert anti-corruption backbone premise, joined the manyloveThe scenes and comedy elements, make its appear close to the life, let the audience film has strong the sense.And in the picture is always the yellow hue, along with his jazz songs rang out from time to time, as well as the characters in the delicate and vintage clothing, with a strong nostalgia.And full of black humor, unhealthy tendencieslines, as

    well as the role chatter quarrels disputes, show a kind of happy feeling of having a unique style.

    To some extent,"The scam"Count onfamilyEthical film, revealing the hypocrisy and deception has penetrated into every aspect of life.From the perspective of the story, in "fraud" is just a cover, zhi dou and emotional struggles between characters is the director to express the point.Elvin with con partner Sidney cordiality, Ivan and his wife's love and hate entanglements rosalind, Sidney and federal police detective richie emotional trap, these three emotional line become an important factor decided the film rhythm, "sting" overall plot and four "emotional deception" parallel between not disorderly, two-way drive the deep development of the plot.Characters are as if no longer Pinocchio nose, with their own reason and purpose to cheat life.Sidney big brush emotional plot, the rich swept off your feet, make the loss of federal agents astute judgment, hopelessly in love with her.Step by step, while utilitarian heart extremely rich to do big hoax, wanted to be famous, he in order to catch the name of corruption, constantly to ask all sorts of cockiness boss, not care to enjoy all kinds of high-grade treatment.Elvin is a "cheat" the word is develops acme, not only for economic difficulties for people to mercilessly loan fraud, also play with the politicians with lies at the palm.While his wife rosalynn IsaacjiaoAs for weapons, with childrenThe bait, the invincible al cheat to completely grasp,

    firmlycontrolThe legerdemain of a husband.And these crooks reveals the core proposition is: life is nothing but survival and camouflage, lie this kind of thing, is the essential skills of human evolution.And the last film, has a rather mild satire, alvin and Sidney end cheat, open gallery in the law rules, and sincere love is the recognition of the cause.This call people see murky societies, still have a glimmer of hope and warmth.

    With David o. Russell, the director of "the fighter","The dark clouds behind the line","The scam"Is still a rely on role, dialogue and act out a story driven.Many Hollywood strength higher-ups in the violent wind acting, absolutely amazing, and each of them leave their acting skills to the best condition, the role has a profound understanding and interpretation."batmanChristian baleChange the past looking image to

    paunchy slovenly image thinning hair, with a nuanced facial expressions accurately conveyed a liar inner contradictions in the scheme."The superman's girl friend"Amy AdamsSexy and charming with deep performance, to a third party that weak and cunning smelt metal stubborn heart, depicting perfectly."Hunger girl"Jennifer LawrenceWith steady and great beyond age will seemingly simple, manners, exaggerated in deep drawing original wife shape

    xingshenjianbei."Hangover" Bradley cooper also agent Ritchie's ambitious, and witty love the character of the boast."New Mr Bowen"Jeremy rennerStayed up funny peng du type large steel, lived in

    for the well-being, but ultimately imprisoned by a corruption scandal of the mayor.Even the guest performancesRobert DE niroUnderstand the casino business, also the gang leader, played with depth and meaning.It is the power of these stars, dedication, we saw a subtle emotions show excellent group of play.

    Taken together,"The scamPerformance is a unique, natural, move feeling, dialogue and emotional, worth going to the cinema to watch, and watch a film that lie tug of morality and conscience.

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