Global climate agreement reached set two ceiling temperature switch

By Roberta Anderson,2015-09-14 13:13
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Global climate agreement reached set two ceiling temperature switch

    Global climate agreement reached set two ceiling

    "temperature switch"

    Based on December 12, 195 parties reached a new global climate agreement in Paris, the Paris agreement, this is a historic agreement, marked the Copenhagen meeting after the end of "emissions streaking era".

    On December 12 local time, scheduled for early the day before the end of the climate conference in ParisThe FrenchForeign minister Mr Fabius drop after the closing.On that day 195 parties reached a new global climate agreement in Paris, the Paris agreement, this is a historic agreement, marked the Copenhagen meeting after the end of "emissions streaking era".Leaders have said, this is the best opportunity "to" save the earth, human ushered in the "special moment".

    The agreement, the parties will strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change, the global average temperature control from pre-industrial levels within 2 degrees Celsius, and to control the temperature to within 1.5 degrees Celsius.The world will reach the peak, greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible the second half of the century to realize net zero emissions of greenhouse gases.

    As the world's biggest emitter, China's attitude is very important.China's special representative for climate changexieAfter the meeting, said the Paris agreement is a fair and reasonable and comprehensive balance, ambitious, effective and has a lastingThe lawBinding agreement and pass out of the world will implement green low carbon, climate, adaptive and sustainable development of a strong positive signal.

    Although leaders with a "historic", "milestone" evaluation, the Paris agreement but also in the "not perfect".Professor of international relations at Peking UniversityZhang haiMarina said in an interview with reporters, climate conference in Paris and there are many problems unsolved, but agreement clear signal is given, and also provides a path for future negotiations and goals, "Paris is far from the finish line, and is just the beginning."

    Set up inventory mechanism

    "You did it."France's President,Mr HollandeSaid to the representatives are, you have reached a ambitious, and binding, and broad agreement that "you can be proud to stand in front of their children and grandchildren."

    Mr Hollande's position is very perceptual, the climate conference in Paris, and in 12 perceptual he is not just one.Congress President Mr Fabius marks the agreements reached green under type small hammer excitedly said: "let us sit in the Paris agreement head high everyone can head back to the motherland, our common efforts, more rare than their efforts, our contribution to the history is huge."

    "Negotiations atmosphere is very good, is not too much blame each other."13 afternoon just returned to Beijing from Paris hai-bin zhang told reporters.

    Although late for six years, the Paris agreement signed as evaluation by time magazine, "reflects human unprecedented unity".In leaders of speech, "historic" adjective is used most widely.Xie said after the meeting, the Paris agreement passed out of the world will implement green low carbon, climate, adaptive and sustainable development of a strong positive signal.

    Hai-bin zhang believes that the signal of the Paris agreement meaning is very important, clearly tell countries and various industries, in addition to deal with, have no the second way to go.

    The meeting one of the most interesting results is 1.5 degrees Celsius temperature control target is put forward.The Paris agreement not only emphasized the 2 degrees Celsius temperature control goal, but also puts forward the parties will try to control the temperature within 1.5 degrees Celsius.At the same time, the UN's intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) is due to report in 2018, the detail temperature 1.5 degrees on the effects of global warming.

    Is another important achievement, the Paris agreement in order to solve the "contribution" insufficient difficult problem to achieve temperature control, set up the mechanism of inventory, namely, begin from 2023, every five years to a physical count for the overall progress of the global action, to help countries improve the strength, strengthen international cooperation, achieve long-term global response to climate change.

    "The mechanism of China,IndiaIs, of course, is such a big developing country, but for small island states and least developed countries, it is very beneficial."Hai-bin zhang introduces, this meeting reflects the internal differences in developing countries.

    Money problems to be solved

    In addition to China,The United StatesIs the climate conference in the country attracts the most attention.The United States after signed the Kyoto protocol, but through congress blocked out.

    Before signing the Paris agreement, no one can guarantee the United States can join them."The Paris agreement must be in the United States to join."Chinese vice foreign minister, the first deputy head of delegation, liu said in the last day of the negotiations, "is to find a solution acceptable to all parties."

    Hai-bin zhang introduces, writing carefully to avoid the congress of the agreement, the United States is not taking on additional tasks, but rather to reduce emissions, according to the arrangement of domestic "the agreement is not possible to let every country completely happy, this is the result of a compromise."

    At the White House issued a statement, the President of the United StatesPresident barack ObamaWill the Paris agreement referred to as "the best opportunity to save our only earth", but at the same time, he also said the deal "is not perfect.

    "Not perfect" is also one of the evaluation of xie, he thought, there are a lot of places to further perfect the Paris agreement, such as developing countries hope to solve the most pressing is that developed countries should provide financial and technical support for developing countries, but talked about 20 years is not very good.

    "This is a long-term problem, the Paris agreement still has a lot of problems are not solved, but puts forward the goal and direction."Hai-bin zhang stressed that "Paris conference is not the end, is only the beginning."

    On the various climate conference, developing countries and developed countries for the principle of "common but differentiated responsibilities" of different interpretation, is always contradictory focal point.Since the Copenhagen meeting, the international community about whether China should continue to be as there are a lot of controversy in developing countries.

    "On this issue and meaningless."Xie stressed that the "developed countries did not do better because of the camp was placed on the developed countries, although China is a developing country at the same time, but do well in dealing with the issue of climate change."

    China is only a microcosm.Over the past 20 years, rapid growth of developing countries not only economy, emissions are rising as well.In this case, the United Nations framework convention on climate change in the principle of "common but differentiated responsibilities" has been discussed repeatedly, and in the Paris agreement, the principle of "common areas" only appears four times.

    In hai-bin zhang's view, the weakening and blur is expected.The changes of political and economic pattern increased anxiety in the developed countries, the pattern changes in emissions reduced the developed countries of the so-called guilt.Combined with the impact of financial crisis, foreign aid in the developed countries domestic resistance increased.

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