Database vendors platform for the colleges and universities

By Willie Roberts,2015-09-14 02:35
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Database vendors platform for the colleges and universities

    Database vendors "platform" for the colleges

    and universities

    Giants with the beginning of the new semester, database at the start of "sun" myself with some famous university of "close", whether it is a commercial database industry or open source database, and even some small database vendors are trying to do similar things.Database vendors with colleges and universities "gossip", most of the three categories:

    1. A university and choose the solution of the data manufacturers, for the

    construction of campus informatization, provides students with a difference

    of learning experiences, students get high praise.

    2. Some colleges and universities use the database product in innovation,

    creativity, put forward the very market and technology effect "golden idea".

    3. A university to the database as an object of new technology curriculum for

    students employment, scientific research has opened more suited to the

    market need of the new curriculum.

    The first may be more pratt &whitney with all students, regardless of;The second and the third is more oriented to the future may use the database technology of certain students.While from the point of the manufacturer, here are the obvious intention of marketing, but for students in colleges and universities, these measures can yet be regarded as more positive significance, after all, the university itself is the last leg of the vast majority of the students into the society, even to enter college is itself into the society.Although there are a number of commentators to different stages of education of students in colleges and universities set up specific learning goals (preliminary skill, project practice, science and technology management...)Once, but it is undeniable that leave school, these students face is the competition of the market.Although there are a few of the top technology companies could focus on basic courses for students, intelligence, but this kind of "elite" selected, the relief way, after all, only a small part of the job market is recruiting graduates more institutions is the actual project personnel.Under the background of the current flow quickly, rather than waiting for a database only learned theory courses of students to be skilled use a database (or any) tools, the process of the less direct

    recruiting skilled or semi-skilled workers, it also has the obtain employment of personnel of experience of advantages, new graduates disadvantages.So many of these "hot" database technology through the platform of colleges and universities value is mainly manifested in where?

    First of all, the university is the place that system to learn some knowledge, although students can through the network, such as "strategies" quick start the ORACLE 12 c, directing, Hadoop, column type database and other new products.But using a specific function and the actual meet need to complete a function, stand the test operations of the system are two different things at the same time, this often requires a systematic study of a technology or product, especially for those who can stand out from the crowd of students in information competition, often in terms of the investment of time more.

    Second, the database technology is essentially a tool technology, combined with knowledge industries of colleges and universities in favor of the view of the students to use their own unique found that the content of the innovation, creativity.Business ideas, after all, not only need some "bright spot", also need to be "traditional" knowledge of business and technical support, economics has stressed "dry middle

    school" with the utility of appreciation, but "dry" can yet be regarded as a means of better knowledge spillover.

    Then, many students are willing to take the initiative to learn these courses, they after graduation in time can become the main some institutions, for manufacturers of these marketing activities is a "false start" on the commercial market, better at a lower cost of get a more loyal users.So once you have these channels, universities and database vendors, especially the well-known colleges and universities and the database giant interaction between tend to more closely together, students will be more direct beneficiaries, Stanford achievement of "silicon valley" the myth has been verified it.

    Database of this industry in the IT industry, although not young, but is in the ascendant in the business environment, is the result of its marketing activities.How can combine their products with the user's technical career, at present very few reports, whether to go further, do like Disney, after some years when the father drove sent her children to college, told him to continue to learn a course database

    products.Because it will be more conducive to develop their own career path, believe that time database industry also went into maturity.

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