Which groups complain about high prices

By Sara Ward,2015-09-13 14:52
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Which groups complain about high prices

Which groups complain about high prices

- who is most in need of housing

    Who is most in need of housing?For those prices soaring on the largest group is what?

    In the front of the article, I mentioned, only in the big cities, prices are the most ferocious, high house prices and the most stunning.And only in the big cities, prices for the biggest impact caused by the local people, the worst influence on people's life.That is to say, the primary victims of rising home prices still concentrated in the most high house prices in big cities.

    But even in these cities, also want to analysis, the opinion of the largest groups of house prices and the class is what?

    Here we don't talk about the rich and powerful.Because, in their houses there never is not a problem, no matter high and low.We only talk about life of ordinary people in the big cities, they are the most concerned about housing prices.And these people, we can simply divided into two categories.One kind is the native city, one kind is foreign workers. First of all, we'll look at these indigenous people in big cities, they need housing?Their opinions on house prices?

    Usually do not, in fact, those who are most of indigenous peoples have their own housing in big cities, and many powerful some way also have many sets.Most of these housing is ago, before the welfare housing distribution points, and then buy new room changes the time to come over, some is the property of the tap then left.

    In this group, of course, there are also may need housing, usually is the need of improving type needs, will be small house into a big house in the past, or to have children in the home, should be prepared to marriage room to the child.However, this demand is relatively weaker, is not so urgent.Also, since many people have more homes, often more won't care about the (on the contrary, many of them became a so-called asset appreciation potential beneficiaries).

    Category is the foreign workers.If more detailed, again in this group can be divided into two kinds, one kind is very lucky allocated units, happened to be the recent Revelations in the newspaper is a low price points house units, such as petrochina and sinopec monopoly state or the central government, so they can at a low price far below the market price of assigned to a good house.So they also for the current high prices and indignation?Certainly not.

    Who was not so lucky again, only to the market price in the market to buy housing pure outside, already has no right to no potential of migrant workers.Rising house prices make them had hoped into their work, and

    in the future also plans to home in the city of dreams shattered, each time saw house prices enough to let them stunned, and dizziness, they have no future, just for the world, close to despair.

    As my previous analysis, in the house prices in big cities, without exception are also foreign's most populous city.In their work for them is a new city life, carrying their hopes and dreams in the city, they are eager to live in the city, and a home.But, at present has risen to sky-high prices make all their dreams are reduced to naught.

    They are our society on a group of people most in need of housing, but also become the current high prices is most the bitterness of a group of people.

    Don't look down on these people.In fact, they have formed the intermediate forces of our society.This is the reason, the population of these people occupying the proportion of our country is not the highest, but they denounce the high housing prices will be so strong, and always can let a person feel a big reason of social response is so strong.Including has been in the city of household register, and those who did not win the household registration, but still the struggle in the city.Household registration in today's society its influence already becomes especially numerous market work units, they rarely consider the household registration problems, therefore, within the household register population is far less than the population of the household registration.

    In Beijing, for example, Beijing household register population is 12 million people, the latest figures, including of the total population of the floating population has reached 22 million people.That is to say, at present in the population of Beijing has a population of 10 million are foreign - actual number must be more, because also contains a lot of have the household registration - Beijing is a city census register population move, almost all the increase of the population is from outside.

    They may be in each big media reporter, or each big web site editor, and each big company at the heart of the grass-roots staff, the stylist of company of design and consulting firm of consultants, planners, trainers, and so on and so on.

    Socially critical fry two limit room has nothing to do with them, because they do not have local registered permanent residence, can not enjoy such treatment.A lot of affordable housing and will only be assigned to the hands of civil servants.

    They are faced with housing prices the most despair of a group of people!They are all fairly quality, many of them are graduated from famous university, in pursuit of a dream in life, to the happiness of the family came to the city, should not be just because the problem of housing prices and let their dreams in life.

    A lot of people always said, "the housing is a fundamental right, protect

    the rights of people's housing is the responsibility of the government."But they know which is the people should be guaranteed a group of people?Have any safeguard measures against them?

    If it is has been focused on my net friend, you know, I'm against the property tax, stir-fry policies focused on strike against the tenant, against yi xianrong, a type of the experts.Think that China's housing problem in the supply of land is not free at all.Hypothesis can let go of the supply of land, the housing of Chinese everyone can live hundreds of square meters room!!

    Also many netizens said the housing vacancy tax and a family room system cannot be implemented, and has a great harm!!!!!

    In addition if you have questions, we can see the article below I with other Internet users to explore the content of the debate, some repetitive problem will not answer one by one.

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