American college of eccentric corporate inventory

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American college of eccentric corporate inventory

    American college of eccentric corporate


    At the end of September, students should have gradually adapted to the new life environment to study abroad, one of the best way to make friends is to participate in various kinds of communities.Small make up recommend a netizen recently finishing today's "wonderful work" of the American university club.Perhaps, you will have a favorite oh ~

    Massachusetts institute of technology - underwater hockey club

    Those who play hockey on ice doesn't satisfy the can try this club.According to community organizer Martin Jia Sibo, participants holding a short stick, hitting the pool floor hockey (pictured above orange ball), puts it into the other's orbit, scoring.People play can wear a breathing tube, also can to surface to breathe air.

    He said: "play fair, underwater because it doesn't matter if you're a high is short, is always young, can play. We attracted a lot of people, some of them are athletes and swimmers, but most people are very common. Even though some people feel uncomfortable under water, but I still want to try. Play this needs certain physical quality. This is to exercise, improve social skills and competitiveness together three-dimensional sports. And a large group of people playing underwater enlightening, a lot of people to play how foolish is actually want to have a look at this club, but they have to stay. Because they think is fun and challenging."

    Society open to the public at the same time, there are some members are responsible for teaching members from the greater Boston area and abroad.

    University of Michigan - squirrel society

    At the university of Michigan, if someone CARES about campus squirrel, they can come to the squirrels club on Sunday, feed the squirrels peanuts.According to served as club President a sophomore Matthew wiseman, squirrel community is one of the largest community school, founded in 2002, currently has about 50 members.

    "We sincerely hope that people have good experience of feed the squirrels. The squirrels are very friendly, when they run into your hand took the peanut, really special sprout."

    "It is not just an environmental group, or a community of friends. At first everyone thought we were crazy, but it was found that this is a community of people can sit down to chat, and feed the squirrels. In this case no pressure to make friends."

    Wiseman said he hold some fresh activities for the club, for example with squirrel watching a movie or something.

    Northern Michigan university musketeers - the tree

    Like squirrels community, the community also is environmental protection oriented, just a little adventure.

    Club chairman, a junior at Vito gian Nora said: "in the winter, we like to climb to the top of the tree, when broken branches, will fall into a very thick snow. Or from one branch to another branch."

    Vito said don't play with the tree, they are environmentally friendly outdoor club."I want you to go outside to go to the waterfall, go to the lake camping, let everybody really into the outdoors, also make many friends. We are pursuing is the ' 'principle does not harm the environment, just enjoy the wonderful scenery around."

    In the first week of school, vittorio said he has received 300 people sign up, easily become the first big club of the school.

    Baylor university - association of driving

    Driving is also a community of educational association, just use the fuel.Vice chairman of the association of michelle Murray said carter, community help members to understand the potential of their vehicles and defect, so as to let them know how to drive in what circumstances.

    "I once attended a motocross, also like to play with cars. My stepfather buy ferraris and transform them, so I like to play cars. When I joined the league 08, open atmosphere is one of my favorite club. You can come to learn some technology, can also be modified cars, with others in the competition. It doesn't matter what kind of transportation do you have, even if you have a car."

    Community has a ford mustang, to teach you how to change the oil, how to drive, also participated in the local car race.Now society is being transform a 96 Mazda, to promote community, they are going to organize a car show in the school.

    North Carolina state university - a clown nose association

    At first glance, seem to after graduation to the members of the association as a clown.However, members just want to be friendly to other students.

    "We called it a" positive and optional friendly activities ", "association President, senior student, raul gonzales, rice said," we encourage our members and the students in the school, including our own made any positive and friendly interaction. This let us break their own barriers, so as to make the campus become a friendly place."

    But what are they doing these actions, wearing a big red nose.

    "If you see us on the street, is sure to laugh. It makes members relax, but also make us more easy to accept a stranger and a new taste. But you don't have to in order to participate in the activity and deliberately become outgoing."

    "Community inside and outside to and introverted people have. Some people want to here to try new things, and some people just want to be a little outgoing."

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