Valkyrie remember a famous losers

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Valkyrie remember a famous losers

    "Valkyrie" : remember a famous losers

    "Valkyrie" is based onhistoryReal events, but not necessarily will be, will be loyal to the starting point of historical thought."Valkyrie" in the history of action although reviews Klaus von feinberg and a group of officers plotted against Hitler's actions, their real purpose is not to have true peace through revolution, the film is largely to beautify the gangGermanyThe officer.

    On July 20, 1944 in Hitler's headquarters in the eastern battlefield conference room (original design is in the bunker "jump") of the bombings, Hitler survived only suffered minor injuries.The plot to borrow the Nordic mythology the god Odin's the name of the maid Valkyrie, named action plan "Valkyrie", in the film, the key to the implementation of the plan is a step must Hitler's signature on a modified version of "Valkyrie" Hitler is very meaningful said 1: "if you don't know, Wagner, wouldn't understand Valkyrie."

    "Valkyrie" Wagner opera "valkyries" theme, in myths and legends, Valkyrie orders from the Odin going back and forth across the battlefield, to collect the dead soul back to the temple.Wagner's opera, Norse mythology is a great minds distorted by Hitler, the plan was to suppress the German internal possible unrest, is an emergency measures, but his feinberg, etc are used to implement the coup was, ready to assassinate occupied Berlin after success, will catch the ss, and then try to exchange for "peace".

    Obviously, the film is wonderful reviews "misreading" feinberg, of course it's creators deliberately.Reviews feinberg turns out to be the nazisThe letterACTS, wounded, disabled after overnight "awakening", he felt only kill Hitler, to the German people the crazy state.The design of the Hollywood although make this story full of BeiZhuangGan, but also from the real, "based on a true story" clearly focus on "adaptation".

    Reviews feinberg just as an army colonel, involved in many positions and leadership is more than his military rebellion, and he is return from Africa battlefield away from Europe to Germany's civilian officers, can say the headquarters in Germany had no how many "influence".This action to succeed depend on him as the core, is almost a "mission

    impossible".He is like a movieFor the first time,A senior generals and German politicians party, said 1: "kill Hitler later?"People simply don't know who is this guy.Obviously, from behind the action, reviews feinberg support wasn't enough, rewriting history to talk easy.

    Film depends largely on the direction of the director and the producer, the film director and producerBryan singerFor him, please go to theTom cruiseStarring, apparently gathered the vision for the film.And Tom to have the role in the direction of the tragic hero of justice "correction", a global audience are able to accept the "adaptation".The directorBryan singerTaken a lot of entertainment qualitieslarge, the "Valkyrie" is not what he is doing challenge historical themes stunt, in fact, he told the story of world war ii are interested in, for example, in 1998 the apt pupil.As to why he directed by this, the idea that began in the 1980 s, as a child he followed his mother to see a widow, husband of the widow is due to assassinate Hitler action which one of those who died.

    Prosperity does not depend on how much the film, Bryan singer more to the story to attract viewers, this history is often only a person familiar with the history of world war ii, many outsiders don't know the German insider, and different versions.Also reviews's feinberg will end up in a few years a source of controversy.

    From a performance point of view,Tom creweThe image of

    temperament is very prominent, international star tends to make people ignore the progress on his performance.It is through Tom cruise film shape completed human interpretation of German soldiers, when they have justice against the Nazi roles.He lost his left hand in the battle of two fingers and the right hand, left eye, right eye is broken completely blind.The warCompletely turn in the thinking of the cruelty of the

    stauffenberg, when he returned home to see the children waving swords, and salute the younger daughter wearing berets, led the family escape the bomb in the basement.Reviews the details suggest feinberg participation assassination side of justice, though he failed, but it is also the history very famous failure.

    After watching "Valkyrie", a lot of people will naturally stand on one side of the support or sympathize with his's feinberg, this is the creator.Has a lot of money in Germany including the German

    government funded "Valkyrie" is a "main melody" German engineering and image.

    But if you finish the so-called historical details in the film, still can understand, the contradiction between story and history.Reviews for example in the end feinberg was executed when Shouting "long live the holy Germany!"(in fact, he said should be a sacred long live the German Reich).Reviews feinberg against should be crazy Hitler a person, rather than deutsche spirit of nationalism.For many years, the study reviews feinberg to assassinate Hitler's reason is tend to he doesn't want really the end of the war, but can realize unilateral and allied peace talks, thus to attack the Soviet union!Further, even if his feinberg assassination plan is successful, those countries occupied by Nazi Germany does not necessarily benefit.Reviews feinberg has said that they will retain boundary to its original state, including according to Hitler's Germany

    and the former Soviet union treaty in 1937 from Poland grab large tracts of land.So, even if the stauffenberg succeeded, Poland will lose most of its territory.

    Over the past 60 years, according to the famous losers of film and television works there have been several times, although the evaluation of treat history has various explanation, but, after all, the story is still guiding the people today don't forget that a human is the most painful lessons of history.Regardless of how the characters in the Angle, are left to our thinking today.

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