Robocop flesh with mechanical tug of war

By Renee Riley,2015-09-12 21:26
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Robocop flesh with mechanical tug of war

    "Robocop" : flesh with mechanical tug of war

    Classic re-interpretation is never an easy job.Neither blindly scripted and become a cliche, nor fully used and sets a new recognition;With less than, it is a big difficult problem of headache.In the era background, computer special effects and photography of a big, how to seize tightly the original center of the spirit, can inject new meaning and at the same time, it became a piece of new/old boot key again.

    Long time spans more than a quarter of a century, although also focuses on pulling wrangling between machine and human, between the new and old "robocop" also have subtly different.

    In 1987, the original film, hero murphy has already unfortunate in street crime have been killed in the attack, sustained the body, and a few broke.Scientists use residual his little brain and organs in the body, with combination of machine parts, creating biochemical people "robocop" ?

    ? a machine part in this is the main body, the human body flesh just as auxiliary, living memory should be already disappeared ? ? and

    robocop how to find back from steel frames of humanity, is the original movie theme in the end.

    In contrast, in 2014 the new "robocop", although detective murphy in the aftermath of the attacks suffered severe burns, mutilation, but still alive.His brain, nerve and cardiopulmonary function is still in good condition, self conscious, even single arm;Rather than the new robocop is combined with the dual structure of mechanical and biological and biochemical people, as the extra mechanical design exquisitely complex body is more like a huge prosthesis, protagonist still supposed to own body action.

    Also as a result, the new film will no longer focus on the mining machine in survival of the human nature, and to explore the protagonist after has experienced the painful experience of dying rebirth, how self-acceptance and coexistence of the new machine, and heavy strange steel body to once again face the familiar with the love of friends and relatives.Movie recently spent a lot of space in details the main calendar

    of the rest of my life the survivors of psychology, gradually to capture him from the resist denying, shame to will face in the heart of the transformation, presents the exquisite emotion description is different from the original.

    Robocop, on the other hand, in the film is both a detective murphy, a man with a wife has a son living humans, as well as arms companies OmniCorp costly to build costly security products.But strong sense of mission, leading role originally detest evil intention to enter the American market with arms enterprises pursue profit nature of the business.If not rely on arms companies from day to day maintenance supplies, he can't live alone;But his movements are enterprise maternal muzzle everywhere, at any time to step in to remote control, also let become both love and hate the fate of the universe.

    Flesh and blood and mechanical parts of coexistence, but their contradictions.Because of character retains self-consciousness, but increasingly highlighted in the arms companies machiavellian, without modification command circuits in the brain of bioethical issues.The new "robocop" subject matter of the dispute is bold, strong antagonism between human emotion and machinery orders, as well as compared with the original.The new film also gives a proper reason, let the change tack is reasonable, in the context of follow the original established at the same time, and to a different approach.

    , in the original 1987 movie launched at a time when American businesses a sharp decline, the unemployment rate steep climb.Film will stage in the industrial city of Detroit for the cars, which there are many old factory failed our depression, poverty and crime, in the capture of contemporary landscape, public sector privatization are discussed in this article, the qing government corruption, capitalism and other serious implications, especially black irony of mock fascism movie ? ? unlike

    most superhero movie, political and economic issue has always been the core of the "robocop" concept.

    Since the new film is injected into the spirit of The Times, since the opening scene and bitter irony the reality of the aggression of the war on terror, stationed overseas coercion, depending on the local people as nothing of human rights.In the arms the embodiment of enterprise OmniCorp is more like a warmonger, business strategy of the war killing selling all over the world, and even made in China, the pin native American multinational production chain, is also accused of globalization good metaphor.

    The film is Brazil director jose sent di where for the first time in the summer of Hollywood.Since the Bus 174, Bus 174 documentary film debut, the breaking local box office record, remove the Berlin film festival's two "elite", he has a realistic cruelty image lesions, pointing to the contemporary society in proves that when it comes to poverty, crime

    and police corruption and abuse of power and other political and economic subjects, in the global film industry except jose sent di xia does not make the second people want to.

    Back despite qualifying examination in Hollywood, holding up the heavy burden of the original di xia jose pie to sneak into life at the same time in a commercial work ethics, media control, political wrangling, excessive police state, no war, law enforcement, enterprise morality, global capitalism, and many other political and economic issues, both gave uncle Sam a loud slap, also challenge the bottom line, Hollywood without flinching severed limbs to see naked show almost the stump of an arm.

    In contrast perhaps is not equal to "elite" are powerful, but in the established under the framework of Hollywood commercial movies can still so to undermine the new "robocop" also estimable.

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