The dark clouds behind the line some love can again

By Corey Stephens,2015-09-12 14:16
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The dark clouds behind the line some love can again

    The dark clouds behind the line: some love can again


    tears when it is a

    watch, but is even

    more important than

    tears touched after

    watching the

    movie.Two social

    marginal figures,

    with a wound,

    gradually close to the

    end finally found true

    love, also find

    themselves.Men and

    women protagonist with gump insist, as in guarding their own bottom line, and then gradually find what they really want.They find and insist,

    and fell in love, is the part of the most persuasive.

    Or to the directorDavid o. Russell, this guy is a let a person feel incredible guy and I are currently solo he directed the film, one by one, to him will have a clearer understanding.But in recent years, a "the fighter", let meChristian baleGot the coveted Oscar, and let not the classicalMelissa LeoAlso received an Oscar statuette.Later in theThe dark clouds behind the line"Directly to theJennifer LawrenceOn the Oscar winner's throne, and become the youngest winner, at the same time, the film also made big handsome boy Bradley cooper turn acting method, and also got the Oscar nominations.The film along with theThe United StatesDeception, both times sweep Oscar award nominations, created a lot of miracles.In group play set-up, among the few scenes, each actor will find the best state, the skills of superb, not able to super.

     The dark clouds behind the line"Robert DE nirowithJackie weaverScenes and calculate many, but each time the appearance is good enough, finally both tackled the Oscar nomination for best supporting actor, is a proof of that.Especially Robert DE niro, old man, in the vortex of movies in recent years, in the sense that gives a person shine at the moment in this film, uncle to neighborhood appears and not appear abrupt, slightly nervous father face, between quietly, let a person.

    In"The dark clouds behind the line"Before,Jennifer LawrenceIs only a rising star, at most is one of the rising star, but that "dark clouds" completely changed her.Asymmetric, as after 90 to play a

    weather-beaten coquettish woman, incredibly deduction of let people the slightest don't see a young side, are full of role itself, and forgot about the actor's age.Although, she won the best actress award in that year there are other women acting as a whole is not outstanding, have the suspicion of the lame in selected general, but that year, Lawrence's performance is the best.Properly in the appropriate year, then won awards, it is somewhat an element of luck, but no power, no luck also vain.With her after age 90, Hollywood cinema will be for a long time, belong to Lawrence.

    And impressive also have Bradley cooper, in"The dark clouds behind the line", besides a few pieces such as "endless", although he long handsome enough, but as the first hero, independent headlined by

    chance is not much.Even so, the "dark clouds", he still managed to hold his character, and give a person leave deep impression.He played a pat, is a failure of man, because mental problems have lost their jobs, be locked up in a mental hospital, and divorced, abandoned by the society as a whole.But still, in his mind, his wife, still in his love, he is intent on going to save this affection, so want to do everything you can to and close to his wife.But after he was released from the mental hospital, action is restricted, cannot allow nonsense.

    In order to communicate with his wifeThe letter, pat met tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), she promised to deliver mail for him, so the heart door shutter pat for tiffany opened a little.And tiffany itself is a trouble, her husband died, and she also lost her job, the job because she slept almost every man in the company.After the bad bitch become the eyes of others, she was dumped by his life.And pat, let he saw his ex-wife's heretofore, in addition to his ex-wife, no temptation in the eyes of pat, such a devoted and dedicated men, it is tiffany want to look for, she hopes that is the pat the person I love.To this end, she took pat dance together, go to win the award of a dance performance and plan to in the process, can impress pat.And pat are willing to together with tiffany, just let tiffany to his ex-wifeThe letterInterest rates.He has a heart of forrest gump as pure and persistent.But when he received a letter from his ex-wife, finally realized that he will never back, this letter is tiffany write

    their own.Finally, pat was impressed, and later the tiffany's hand.Two imperfect people and the same desireloveHeart, finally go together.At that moment, see pat chased out to catch up with the tiffany, andGive me your handOnly under the silent, inexplicable moved ruthlessly hit the heart of the movie.

    Love, is not can't again.As long as you seek, what you want, is just around the corner, see how do you go to pursue, and holding the hand of the fate at the appropriate time.Don't believe, don't believe in the clouds, because behind every cloud, are in the sun still shine.A dark day seem bright, seize their own line, that is important.

    David o. RussellThere is no social problem in the us in the film too much irony, and tells the story of a kind of love attentively, seemingly hello hello SuoSuo, but still enough to impress people.Moreover, also with Jennifer Lawrence, that's enough.

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