Scientists successfully developed kidney tissue using stem cells

By Catherine Lawrence,2015-09-12 11:46
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Scientists successfully developed kidney tissue using stem cells

    Scientists successfully developed kidney tissue using stem cells

    [abstract] at present, Japanese scientists use mice as an "incubator", the stem cells in the lab environment is functional kidney tissue.

    Scientists using mice as an "incubator", successfully used stem cells developed kidney tissue, is now in the animal body through the test, but still need a few years time from

    human clinical stage.

    According to media reports, at present, Japanese scientists said the latest animal experiments showed that the distance to realize full function transplant kidney one step closer!We use the mouse as an "incubator" for cultivating embryonic tissue growth.

    Although from human clinical trials still need many years, the study will guide scientists toward the ultimate goal of human organ transplantation.It is understood that the Japanese scientists in the laboratory using stem cells developed kidney, is now the first test to the pig.

    Recently, researchers have successfully grown using human stem cells full function of the kidney, but the kidney can grow to full size, this is because it has no channel micturition, resulting in the phenomenon of hydronephrosis.In order to solve this problem, we would Japan would medical university Takashi Yokoo and colleagues added a urine channel and compatible with bladder, able to connect to an animal's existing bladder tissue, this technique is called "gradually creep urine tube" (SWPU).

    SWPU system can solve the stem cells of a new generation of kidney two important questions, urine excretion of channel structure and the new generation of kidney continue to grow.The latest study published recently in the journal proceedings of the national academy of sciences.

    This method is applied in mouse body cultivation function of kidney, after eight weeks, experiments have been carried out to test, so the researchers to the pig also confirms that this method has high hopes.The next step will lead to more study looked at stem cells - the long-term

    effects of animal body kidney transplantation.Takashi Yokoo and colleagues a potential solution is developed, the embryonic rat kidney transplantation in adult mice with bladder host body.

    Organ transplantation, the researchers say, four weeks later, we connect the host body a root to the ureter has transplanted bladder of rats.This method make the transplanted kidney urine to have transplanted bladder tissues, and then enter the host body bladder, so to avoid the phenomenon of hydronephrosis.

    Transplant done after eight weeks, kidney tissue contains adult body structure characteristics of the kidney.When the animal body tissue to connect to a new kidney, its existing bladder tissue pipe will be connected to the animals.Urine from the kidney transplant to transplant the bladder, and then into the rat bladder.

    To test the clinical feasibility of "peristalsis urine tube system step by step", the researchers used a pig repeated experiments, the results obtained with mice.The stem cells and regenerative medicine at university college London expert Chris Mason (Chris Mason), according to prof but there are still some problems of the scheme, at present the scheme cannot be directly used in human clinical trials, and perhaps a few years time to achieve it.

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